Is Leila Tong Pregnant?

Leila Tong Ning started acting when she was only nine years-old. In the blink of an eye, she has been in the entertainment industry for twenty-one years. Three years ago, she starred in theatrical production <爆谷杀人狂> and fell in love with the director, Desmond Tang Wai Kit. The normally low-profile actress announced on September 11th that she will be getting married. Appearing with a protruding belly recently, rumors of Leila’s pregnancy started circulating quickly.
Leila is currently filming television series, <有房出租>. On September 19th, she appeared in a loose black dress and possessed a fuller figure. Asked about the preparations for her November wedding, Leila smiled, “We will keep the wedding simple! Both of us do not feel it is an issue to register in Hong Kong .”

Although her fiancé, Desmond, was not a romantic man, he was very detail-oriented, which complimented Leila’s tendency to overlook details. Forty-two year-old Desmond is thirteen years older than Leila. Attracted by Desmond’s creative talent, Leila moved into his independent village house shortly after the pair started dating.

According to Leila’s close friend, she may even be pregnant! “Leila said that she was getting married to account to her family and friends. Normally, she follows her own whims, unless she is pregnant! We asked Leila whether she was pregnant, but she did not answer directly. [Perhaps she is still in her first trimester and did not want to respond.] However, she has gained weight recently.” Leila’s good friend, Pakho Chao also commented earlier that he wished to give baby clothes as a wedding gift, reinforcing the pregnancy rumors.

Appearing at a function yesterday, MC Joey Leung Wing Chung teased Leila, “You’re not admitting that you’re pregnant?” Leila responded awkwardly, “Am I pregnant? Let me go home and check first! I’ll let you know what I find!” After the function was over, the normally friendly Leila quickly left the scene and avoided reporters’ questions.

Source: and the Sun

Jayne: Although it’s still early, Leila’s pregnancy rumors may indeed turn out to be true, due to the quick wedding and Pakho Chao’s intention to give baby clothes.

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  1. Is that her husband? Maybe she looks youthful but that man next to her looks like her old uncle!

  2. Well, that man was 42 years old. He looks like a normal 42 year old man, but, Leila is very youthful looking. That makes the age gap look even wider.

  3. Eh Kidd, some 42 year olds look very good. This one like Ah Pek! Maybe it’s the hair or the posture.

  4. I agree wit Funn that he looks like Ah Pek. or it could be the glasses..look like 70’s

  5. Well, there is way more than looks when you love and want to marry someone. These days, it has to do with money as well. I am guessing he is rich and well off so that is what a lot of women go for these days rather than just physical attraction.Physical attraction dies down over time too so it has to be more than that if you want a marriage or relationship to last. But then again, we don’t know her husband at all so I guess all see are his looks and that is the only way for us to judge him. However, I hope you all realize that it is more than looks and physical attraction.

  6. Yeah, he does look a lot more mature than her because she is very youthful looking and for a 42 year old, he looks quite mature because of his receding hairline. I’m sure she is attracted to either his talent or sense of security that he can give her, whether it’s because he’s more mature or well-off financially.

  7. “Well, there is way more than looks when you love and want to marry someone. These days, it has to do with money as well.”

    When I read the first sentence, I go ‘Yes, finally there is someone who see beyond the look. There is more to look when you love someone. There are other factors like personality, talent, conduct or just plain compatibility and chemistry.’ Then I read the second line. So, anti-climax. So, ‘love = look + money’ or just ‘love = money’.

    “But then again, we don’t know her husband at all so I guess all see are his looks and that is the only way for us to judge him. “

    And if he’s not good-looking and young, he must be rich.

    No one even notice the following sentence which explain a bit why Leila loves him

    “Although her fiancé, Desmond, was not a romantic man, he was very detail-oriented, which complimented Leila’s tendency to overlook details. Forty-two year-old Desmond is thirteen years older than Leila. Attracted by Desmond’s creative talent, Leila moved into his independent village house shortly after the pair started dating.”

  8. Well Kidd, having money is a huge bonus. Will she marry him if he was dirt poor? Just so happens he is creative and all which may be one that attracted her, but money does in the end help. Not to say she is gold digger, I doubt he is THAT rich but women generally do tend to marry security.

  9. What I am trying to say is what I do believe. It’s a quid pro quo thing. If a man expects his wife to be pretty, skilled in kitchen, skilled outside the kitchen, slim and what nots, the very least to expect from the man by the wife is a comfortable life. It is not much to ask for.

  10. Well Funn,

    I don’t deny that the ability for a man to provide for the woman is attractive. I just disagree with the ‘either look or money’ mentality that people here have. Money is a bonus. But, all I see here is
    ‘He’s so old’
    ‘It must be the money’

    No in between.

    From what I read here. People either criticise him for his look/age or assuming that Leila married him because he’s rich.
    That’s what I disagree.

    I see readers here always see the man that actresses marry as either all look or a walking $$$. The man can’t have other qualities that will attract women to him.

    “Well Kidd, having money is a huge bonus. Will she marry him if he was dirt poor?”

    Why is it has to be dirt poor instead of average income? A sensible attractive woman may not marry a man that is dirt poor that you have to maintain him back. But, many women will be willing to settle for average income guy. Many couples worked together to prepare money to build a family.

    So, to answer your question. For Leila, I think that she will still date him if he’s poor. But, they will work towards having enough money before starting a family.

  11. Why all the speculation of marrying him for money? Yes that guy is older, but he doesn’t look like a Frankenstein. He look like any regular bloke in his forties.

    He’s just a stage theater director, not a millionaire.

    And regarding the dirt poor comment, honestly I would not marry the guy even if he is the reincarnation of Poon Onn. Financial stability is a basic requirement for any woman (or at least myself and those I knew).

  12. @Kidd,
    Well, I am not trying to say that she is marrying him only for money, but I can say that that is definately a part of it. I can honestly say that through all of my years of liking actresses that I have never really seen any of them marry someone that isn’t in the circle or is rich/well off. I guess in Leila’s case, he is a director so she is marrying in the circle. I have gone through the list of many actresses that are married and I have not seen many(if any at all) that married someone that is either not rich or isn’t from the circle. Some examples off the top of my head:
    Gigi Lai-married a rich millionaire
    Michele Reis-married into a rich family
    Jamie Chik-married Micheal Miu, a fellow actor
    Shui Ling-married an actor/director that fans were complaining was old and bad looking too
    Fann Wong-married Christopher Lee, a fellow actor
    and many more but of course I can’t say that all of the actresses are like that. But I honestly must say that I don’t really remember seeing any actress marry just a normal citizen that isn’t rich or isn’t from the circle.

    With actors, I have seen them marry normal citizens since I guess it is more pressure on the guy to be the breadwinner. Actresses generally live a high maintenance life, so if they didn’t marry someone that is at least well off, then how can he be able to afford her type of lifestyle?? Therefore, I don’t think it is wrong of Leila or any actress to marry partially for money. However, is that the only reason they marrying them??

  13. I must correct you on this;

    Fann Wong-married Christopher Lee, a fellow actor

    Fann Wong is far richer and far more successful than Christopher Lee. So that is the exception where it comes to female actresses.

    I don’t suppose as actors you get to meet people out of your circle. Some do end up marrying their hairdresser or make up artiste.

    Shui Ling is married?!

  14. Wait! What about Gong Li? She married someone not rich and not from the circle right? Albeit divorced but from what I know the guy isn’t rich. She probably earns more than him.

  15. Kitty Lai Mei Han married outside of circle and not a business man. He’s a pilot

  16. Kelly Chen married a surveyor and she’s supposed to be the richer one. So, people start saying that her husband ‘eat soft rice’ even though he himself as a job (read the comments in the article about Kelly’s husband wanting her to stay home more for their baby).

  17. @Funn,
    I am not sure if Fann is richer or not, but Fann still married within the circle which was the point that I was trying to make. Yes, Shui Ling is married and has a son. Her husband is an actor and director. His name is Chen Jian Ban(I think?? I sort of forgot the last part of his name). She has been married for years now.

    I heard that Kitty Lai’s husband is rich/ well off as well. That is why she is able to not have to work but still enjoy her life.

  18. @Kidd,
    Yea, I read about Kelly Chan. I agree that there are exceptions, but don’t you generally see actresses marrying in the circle or someone well off?? Of course, it is not true in every single case, however, that is the general trend that I see with actresses.

    Not sure about Gong Li… I don’t follow her news but maybe she is one the exceptions of an actress that did not marry within the circle or someone rich??

  19. In Fann’s case, her previous boyfriend was a businessman before she met and fell for Christopher Lee. She worked with him numerous time. Like I said I suppose stars’ social circle during their free time is rather limited. And yes Fann IS richer and far more successful than her husband but being a gentleman I read he insisted on paying for the wedding which though sponsored wouldn’t come cheap.

    I want to marry rich too. Or in Isabella Leong’s case, I don’t care whether I am married or not with all those “perks”.

  20. Leila doesn’t come across as that materialistic. I think she had qualities to become a bigger star, but she seems to want to be an actress for the long haul and devoted to her profession.

    As a theater director, I don’t think Desmond makes that much money, unless his family is wealthy. She may even make more money than him, depending on her filming engagements! I think Leila chose Desmond because of their compatiablity and he can provide a sense of security.

    Since Leila was a child actor, she probably saw a lot and heard a lot as a kid while filming on set. That’s the price most child actors pay, an early loss of innocence in their childhood. As a result, Leila is probably more mature than most women her age and interested in older men.

  21. Q_Q leila :< does she really love that dude? i mean he looks way older than her (I kno age doesn't matter in love but…) and is she really pregnant? she doesn't seem like the kind to marry guys for money -.-

  22. Jayne, you read my mind. In general, actresses chose the easy road out, which is to marry rich but in Leila’s case, I think she truly love him for him. I don’t think he is that rich but it’s his talen that she is attracted to. Leila is more mature than her age and much more experienced in her field. After being in this business for so many years, she knows better what is best for her. And I don’t dout that she is pregnant. Look at the first pic in the black dress with her head cut-off, the rounding in the middle is quite obvious, she does not even have a waist.

  23. He’s not photogenic I’ll give you that. Not sure his age, but a chance of a Seven Star Kid is very likely

  24. I dont think Leila is the type of person to just marry into the rich so she doesnt have to work anymore. Shes very very mature for her age and smart! And Leila might even be richer then him since she started acting at a very young age and shes really popular in Mainland, China. Leila actually picks which dramas she wants to be in. And if Leila really wanted lots of money she could have signed a contract with TVB to get promoted and stuff and win awards. (Im not saying that all actresses are like that im just saying most are) I bet if TVB didnt rigg the awards i think Leila would have won a award by now.

  25. Well, we all don’t know Leila personally so we can all just guess. Regardless of why she is marrying him, I wish her the best.

    TVB does not pay that well so if she really wanted to make more money, she should find a way to leave TVB and go to CHina or somewhere else. I am not sure if winning an award will raise her salary, so even if TVB did give her some awards, I don’t think it will make that much difference since TVB is cheap.

  26. Just read the news about Leila in local papers and she is quoted as saying she will work until she’s 80 (meaning until she drops dead) for as long as she can find roles to act in, despite marrying and the paper did said that comparing her to Karena Lam, so in a way praising her dedication to her passion in acting. She also did not confirm her pregnancy, saying leaving it to fate or as I interprete it, “I AM PREGNANT DAMMIT!”

    Interesting another local paper wrote a short article on Kevin Cheng (since TV is showing Burning Flame III) and apparently he was interviewed by phone and was speaking mandarin and I swear the interviewer said he was jovial happy sort of person and very chatty. Strange! On TV he didn’t seem that way at all. Maybe the phone helped a bit. As usual he didn’t deny dating a model or somebody although he did say he likes “pleasant looking girls” and when asked about Charmaine he laughed and again the famous quote of all quotes; “leaving it to fate”.

    So basically he didn’t admit to anything nor he denied anything. But he did mentioned his acting improved in that.. what’s the kung fu series recently?? He said he took a great take but had to reshoot due to some background problem and the director chose the 2nd take which wasn’t his best. So I suppose in Burning Flame III and every recent series the director(s) must have chosen the worse take instead of the better ones.

    Ok ok I just couldn’t help with the snide remark. BUT he was very gracious (and I do think of him as a gentleman) when he said he thought Wayne Lai would win yet again and his performance was beyond exceptional.

    And why am I posing Kevin’s news in here? Because darn it! Can’t find his personal page which is buried under many articles. Blame Jayne for her efficiency or rather blame me for my laziness.

  27. @Funn Lim
    But he did mentioned his acting improved in that.. what’s the kung fu series recently??

    I think that series was A Fistful of Stances that came out in the beginning of the year..

  28. CY, yup that’s the one! Seems like good reviews for that generally.

  29. LOL, Funn. I’m sure you can find Kevin Cheng’s articles. Just click on any Charmaine’s articles and viola…. :p

  30. Yea, that series got some pretty good reviews i believe.. So far I’ve only watched the 1st episode properly because it was free from AOD.. hehe.. but I’ve sort of skimmed through a few episodes online and it looks quite good.. I haven’t had the mood to really sit through it yet but will put it on my to watch list..haha. so i’m not sure how good it really is.. from what i’ve heard though, it starts out quite slow but picks up after a few episodes and it had a pretty decent script (well better than what TVB has been pushing out lately, er hum* CBML anyone?)

  31. Funn, if you type Kevin’s name in the search box, you will be able to find Kevin’s articles. Maybe I should add back the Google search button to the site to have a more efficient search feature.

  32. I believe the former husband of Gong Li is a rich businessman from Singapore.

  33. @HeTieShou but you do know that once you win a TVB award you automatically become well known and more job opportunities right?So winning an award gives you more advantages even if she wins the award but her salary doesnt go up lots of endorsements, advertisements deals will be offered which = more money =)

    But who knows i might be wrong either way all of the people that has won an award in the past become more well off. =)

  34. TVB award is a popularity or rather TVB recognising as someone either worth promoting or will continue to promote or veterans well promoted. That doesn’t mean TVB didn’t get it right sometimes but it is what it is. Some never won any award in TVB and still got job opportunities. It is not mutually exclusive but doesn’t mean it is just that.

  35. @Lacey, I think what you are saying is true to an extent, but I am not sure if it applies to everyone. Also, it will depend on each artist and their luck. Don’t think that once you win an award that you will immediately get special treatment and get everything. Sure, it will boost up your reputation and all which may equal more opportunities and all. However, it will still vary from person to person based on their timing, luck and other factors. Therefore, an award does not necessarily equal more money and fame all the time, especially if the public does not feel if the artist that won that award truly deserves it or not. You know the talk about how TVB seems to fix and sabotage the awards??

    @Borninhk, Thanks for the info! If your info is correct, once again, another actress who married someone rich.

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