Gigi Lai Enters Hospital Ready to Give Birth

Allegedly, Gigi Lai Chi may have entered the hospital, awaiting the birth of her boy-girl twins. Gigi checked in a VIP room at a rate of $20,000 (HKD) per night to enjoy the exclusive comforts of the hospital available to its most exclusive customers.

Since announcing that she was pregnant with boy-girl twins, 39-year-old Gigi’s figure has tripled in size. Her weight may have increased to 85 kg.  An inside source revealed that Gigi’s husband, Ma Ting Keung, has reduced his work load to spend more time with her.

Several days ago, the media spotted Gigi and her maid carrying numerous bags and entering the hospital. On the second floor of the hospital, there was a noticeable increase in staff in attendance.  Reporters spoke with the nursing staff at the hospital, but were unable to confirm whether Gigi had already checked in the hospital. Meanwhile, the paparazzi waited outside Mr. Ma’s house and there was no sign of Gigi leaving the house for several days either.


Jayne: Whether Gigi truly checked in the hospital, she is likely very close to her delivery date. Looking forward to additional updates on the twins’ birth.

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Gigi Lai Checks Out of Hospital After Giving Birth

After giving birth to twin girls on July 24th, Gigi Lai Chi checked out of Canossa Hospital yesterday. Gigi was accompanied by TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling and ten security guards. Wearing a low-cut white dress and slippers, Gigi waved happily to reporters. She revealed that her older twin daughter had already returned home, while her younger daughter will be discharged later [due to her low birth weight].


  1. I am a fan of her. She still looks so beautiful despite being heavily pregnant. I am also looking forward to updates on the twin’s birth. Wish her a safe delivery!

  2. Why is it everytime I read news about Gigi and her pregnancy there is always an amount quoted? Like how much are the rooms, the treatments, etc? She married rich so naturally she will be given first class treatment. The mention of money just makes her seem like that’s all that matters to her.

  3. Yes, I also notice that reports like to do that when reporting about Gigi’s pregnancy. I’m kinda disgusted with the way reporters reported her news.

  4. Totally agree with you Funn. I was wondering the same thing. Why do they always mention money whenever there are reports about her?? They make it seem like money is all that she cares for. We all know that she married a millionaire so she will of course get great treatment compared to a normal citizen. Therefore, I don’t feel they need to always mention it.

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