Gigi Lai’s Weight Balloons to 140 lbs While Chasing Baby Boy!

During the Lunar New Year holiday, Gigi Lai Chi was spotted shopping at a mall in Causeway Bay for for her twin daughters. Since marrying wealthy businessman, Ma Ting Keung, Gigi rarely left her home. With her weight ballooning to 140 pounds and face and figure packing on significant weight, reporters almost could not recognize Gigi Lai!
Last year in July, Gigi gave birth to twin daughters. Although her husband, Mr. Ma, was very pleased, Gigi wanted to chase a son. As a result, Gigi did not attempt to lose weight after giving birth last year. Apparently, she was trying to maintain her health and be prepared to become a mother again. Allegedly, Mr. Ma instructed his staff to prepare ginseng, cordyceps, and chicken soup for Gigi to drink each day. This diet caused Gigi’s weight to increase by 20 pounds!

Gigi allegedly consulted with socialite, Cathy Tsui Chi Kei, who recently became pregnant with a baby boy after bearing two daughters in earlier pregnancies. Married to the wealthy Martin Lee, Cathy was known to have been chasing a son.  Cathy advised Gigi of a diet to increase her chances in conceiving a boy and advised Gigi’s husband to eat more meat in his diet.

Although focusing on being a good wife and mother, Gigi was also responsible for managing her younger brother, Lai Ying’s skincare clinic, Cosmax  Beauty Centre.

Excerpt from Face Magazine

Jayne: Drinking chicken and ginseng soup shouldn’t increase Gigi’s weight so much. However, it appears that she never lost her baby weight because her focus was on staying healthy and not losing excessive weight by following crazy diets. Her figure is more full-figured now and her face did change a lot….

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After giving birth to twin girls on July 24th, Gigi Lai Chi checked out of Canossa Hospital yesterday. Gigi was accompanied by TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling and ten security guards. Wearing a low-cut white dress and slippers, Gigi waved happily to reporters. She revealed that her older twin daughter had already returned home, while her younger daughter will be discharged later [due to her low birth weight].

Gigi Lai Pregnant with Twins!

Since marrying 53 year-old businessman, Ma Ting Keung, the 39 year-old Gigi Lai Chi has been trying to get pregnant. Finally, in January 2010, it was exposed that Gigi Lai was pregnant. Since she was spotted at her brother, Lai Ying’s, dermatology clinic earlier in February, Gigi has not made a public appearance afterward.


  1. I was very confused with the title until I read the article. I thought how can anyone gain weight when they’re chasing after children as in physically running after children?

    All these nonsensical talk about ginseng, etc. Don’t anyone read biology? The sex of the child is determined on the man’s side, nothing to do with women. Maybe the man should drink more ginseng or tongkat ali or whatever. Or since he is so rich, he can afford a designer baby?

  2. I think she looks great! Yeah she put on some pounds, but I think the HK media always exagerates and makes it seem like a big deal. HK’s defintion of “fat” is actually “healthy” in most other places. She’s very healthy now. With her rounder face, she does look younger like back in the days when she still had some baby fat.
    And yes, the baby’s gender depends on the man’s diet, not the woman. I’m sure she just wants to eat healthy to get her body ready for the next pregnancy.

  3. I think the ginseng, cordyceps, and chicken soup are to make Gigi healthy, not for gender selection.

    It is true that sex of the child is determine by the man’s side. But, the woman’s body condition also has determining factor. So, the woman’s diet also counts. The PH level of the womb affect the chances of getting a specific gender.

    1. Kidd, thanks for pointing out the theory behind diet affecting the PH of the womb. Advances in technology have really made conception into a science.

      The rich have even more options to select the sex of their babies. The Microsort method uses dyes to filter sperm that contains X versus Y chromosomes to create a sample of sperm that is more concentrated with the prefered chromosome. A genetic diagnosis can be performed on the embryo to make sure it is healthy and find out the sex of the baby before implantation in the uterus via in vitro fertilization.

      These procedures are costly to the average woman, but if anyone is chasing a certain baby gender, it is certainly possible.

  4. how do they know how much she weighs? she certainly looks pretty good for weighing 140, if that is true! I think Gigi looks quite cute. Even with the weight gain she still looks better than 99% of all the female tvb actresses!

  5. HK reporters are so harsh. You don’t need to look skin and bone to be skinny. She looks skinny to me, granted her face is rounder but look at her legs, they are so slim still. Exaggerated, that is not 140lbs.

  6. Her face looks rounder and she looks cuter and younger lol. In fact, 140lbs for someone as tall as Gigi is not very much at all. If she took off her puffy jacket and wore a smaller shirt, judging by the looks of her legs, she’s still quite slim.

    In Asia, you just have to be slimmer, I guess. For celebrities, ditto on top of that.

    @kidd, wow that’s so enlightening!

  7. What the he’ll is wrong with hongers and their obsessions with being skelators?!?! Gigi looks great, she looks like real and healthy woman unlike most of the female hk stars that has bodies of 13 year old boys lol.

  8. Boys come from men. Doesn’t matter what she eats or looks if hubby there can’t provide a y chromosome!

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