7 Month Pregnant Gigi Lai Goes Shopping

Gigi Lai pregnant with twins

At the end of last year, 39-year-old Gigi Lai Chi became pregnant after marrying tycoon, Ma Ting Keung.  Splurging $300,000 (HKD), Gigi had embryos implanted successfully inside her.

When it was revealed that Gigi was pregnant with boy-girl twins last month, her relatives and friends were ecstatic. Gigi’s husband was especially joyous after receiving the news.

Displaying his love for Gigi and to prepare for the July birth of the twins, Mr. Ma reserved a VIP room within a private hospital. This way, Gigi and the twins will receive comprehensive care. Since Gigi knew that Mr. Ma loves children, she intends to get pregnant for a second time to have another child. Gigi’s decision moved Mr. Ma.

Gigi Lai pregnant Gigi Lai pregnant Gigi Lai pregnant

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Although many people say that Gigi married Mr. Ma for money, I do sense there to be a deep level of caring between the two. Gigi looks glowing and happy in all her photos ever since she got married.

I find it silly that celebrities wear a face mask when going out in public. I think it attracts more attention that way. Since Mr. Ma is not wearing a mask when they go out together, reporters can easily spot them.

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  1. Jayne,

    I agreed with you. I don’t think Gigi married her husband for money. Yes, many people criticize her acting but regardless of her talent as an actress, she’s well-known and popular. And when you’re well-known and popular in the entertainment industry, it also mean that you can make your own money. Therefore, Gigi has money (not as much as her husband) but still enough that I believe she truly care about her husband. I don’t think Gigi is that materialistic in the first place. She worked since she was young and you can see her devotion, love, support, respect, and dedication to her family (especially her brother). And if her husband was one of those “older and richer guys who chase after young and pretty things” then he wouldn’t marry Gigi. Why? Yes, Gigi is pretty but she’s not considered “young” by today’s standards. Older/richer guys chasing after young/pretty things usually get bored with their conquest fast and that’s not case for Gigi and her husband…they’ve been together for a couple of years. Besides, older/richer guys chasing after younger/pretty things might be “greedy” and “horny” but they’re not that stupid…he wouldn’t marry Gigi and have kids with her so he can split 50% with her if there’s a divorce in the future (pre-nuptials still mean he’ll have to giver her money when they part).

    So please people, you can judge, criticize, and even “hate” an actress’ acting but please don’t judge her character and integrity…especially if you don’t know her personally. Gigi deserves to be happy with her husband after what she went through (her brother’s accident). I wish you all the luck, happiness, and love in the world Gigi!

  2. I sort of agree with you guys(Trang and Jayne)but honestly, I think Gigi did marry Mr. Ma partly because of money. But then again, who in this society doesn’t marry for money to a certain extent?? However, is that the ONLY thing she went for?? It is true that Gigi did work for many years and has some money herself, who ever said that money was too much?? Even someone like Zhang Zi Yi who is one of most successful Asian actresses ever married(or will marry, not sure) someone really rich. Zhang Zi Yi has even more money than Gigi but even she will marry/married a rich person so of course Gigi would. Mr. Ma and Gigi do care for each other, but does that equate to “love”?? Honestly, I felt that besides money, she probably married him out of “Qing Yi” since he was always there for her when her brother had that accident and paid for all of his medical expenses. Also, in most of the pictures that I see them in, they never walk hand in hand.Gigi always walks away from him, in front of him or behind him. Honestly, if a couple were so much in love, wouldn’t they want to display their love even in public? What more do they have to hide since everyone knows that they are now married? I am not blaming Gigi for going for money if that is all she went for because many actresses enter the circle so that they have a great life and not have any financial worries. It is nice to life a rich life without having to worry about money constantly… Anyways, whatever the reasons are, I wish Gigi and her husband the best…Congrats on her upcoming twins!

  3. Gigi may not married Mr. Ma for money. It might not be love. For all the things that Mr. Ma had done for GiGi and her family is worth more than words can say. So Gigi might want to repay respects by marrying him. Who knows? And You can’t compared GiGi to Zhang Zi Yi. They are 2 complete different people with different life styles.

  4. Married for money!! He helped her family out with his money.

    Sure she made some money with movies or whatever. But like every great actors/actresses, they got their time! Once they grow old and beauty fade, what’s left? I think she honestly married him for money and of course the fact that that this man is absolutely in love with her. Those two combo is hard to find with the bonus that he is smitten by her, and would do anything for her. Anyhow, you have to ask yourself this question could you see yourself marrying to his for love? Or for the above reasons?

  5. I think whether Gigi married Mr. Ma for money or for love or both. It does not really matter because they are both happy. If Gigi married Mr. Ma for money, she probably has a reason and remember she has to take care of her brother’s and his business so Mr. Ma probably helped her. Who knows? On the other, maybe they both love each other wholeheartedly. If so, that is good! So there is no reason to think if Gigi is right when she married for money or love. It is her choice and since she is happy with her life, let it be :D!

  6. Why is it so hard for people to believe that Gigi can actually love Mr.Ma and not only for money or ‘qing yi’? I mean, just because he’s crippled and kinda old means no one would be able to love him? We don’t know the man. Maybe he has a likable personality? Maybe he’s witty, intelligent and caring? Also, couldn’t ‘qing yi’ turn to love in the long run? If a man is willing to do everything for you and you are touched by his love, wouldn’t your initial ‘qing yi’ change to love? Because he’s old and crippled, it wouldn’t be possible for ‘qing yi’ to turn to love?

    As for those photos of them not walking hand in hand. What photo to publish depends on the reporters. Photos are carefully chosen to meet the theme. And the recent theme is not how much they love each other, but, how much Gigi will get for giving birth to his kids.

    Jayne, the face mask maybe it’s for Gigi to block away potential harmful germs. I mean, H1N1 still on and every time I listen to HK news, they talk about ‘kam lau gam’. Maybe she felt that she need to take care of her health more because she’s with child.

    Lastly, I do agree that financial security contribute to the decision for marriage. But, nothing’s wrong with it. It’s a norm for women to look for a stable partner that they can rely on. That’s the traditional thought that has been instilled in kids since centuries ago. Women married a good husband who can take care of her while man should take care of his family.

  7. i don’t get it..
    so you mean Gigi is not naturally pregnant??

  8. as we all know, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14 because of financial problems at home and all..and i think that this had taught her that money is really imp.

  9. i feel she married the man for money maybe not so much for herself but for her brother. please don’t forget her brother’s conditions will need a lot of money to support. we can’t blame her even though if she were to marry someone for his money, if i were her i would probably do the same. it’s a big sacrifice to marry a handicapped man.

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