Michelle Reis Will Be Having a Boy!

Currently several months pregnant, Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan sported a significant abdominal bulge. However, the mother-to-be wore four-inch high heels at a promotional event. Michelle gained a dozen pounds of weight. Although her appetite has changed drastically, fortunately she did not vomit.

Michelle plans to deliver the baby via Caesarean section, with husband, Julian Hui Chun Hung, in the hospital room.  Did Michelle intend to buy a lot of things to prepare for the arrival of the baby? Since Michelle’s elder sister just gave birth to a baby boy, Michelle will be using her nephew’s outgrown items. This will be more environmentally friendly and save money.

Michelle noted that she already found out the gender of the baby. Borrowing her nephew’s items indicated that Michelle may also be having a boy. Michelle said, “Many of the baby items are neutral in color, such as yellow and white. But there will not be any pink articles.”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Michelle’s arms are still so thin. All the weight gain has been in her abdomen. She looks great though!

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  1. Woah, she’s getting big! And she never learns. Still wearing those 4 inch heels.

  2. Congrats to Michelle on her upcoming baby. But am I missing something here or can someone please tell me why celebrities prefer C-section over natural births?

  3. Trang, C-section would mean less pain and quicker delivery of the baby. Or maybe HK doctors prefer C-section….

  4. Another reason for C-section might be parents want to choose and auspicious date for their child to be delivered.

  5. C-section is usual in Asia because it is more expensive so good for drs and like you all said can control the birth. But also more dangerous for anyone to be under is it general Anesthesi? The one that knocks you out? Which is why western drs prefer natural birth until and unless a c section is warranted. By the way forceps should be banned. If a baby is stuck down there drs should more to Csection immediately.

  6. I can’t believe that she is still wearing high heels and will never learn will she??

    As Jayne and Kidd have mentioned, C-sections are chosen because the mothers are afraid of labor pain. Also, they want to their child to be born at a specific time hoping that it will give them good fortune in the future.
    I personally don’t like C-sections and would have them if I had no choice. But it seems that they are getting more popular these days, especially in the east. Just the thought of it scares me…

  7. C-section is also more suitable for women who are having their first when they are over 40. It is dangerous to go for them to go for natural birth. My autie who was 42 gave birth by C-section at the advice of the doctor.

  8. She’s a celeb with modern taste and probably modern thinking, so why is she borrowing her nephew’s stuff?

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