Pregnant Michelle Reis Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival With Husband

Michelle Reis had an early Mid-Autumn Festival dinner with husband, Julian Hui Chun Hung and his family. As there were rumors circulating that Michelle was pregnant, Julian was very protective of his wife.

As soon as Michelle, who was wearing three-inch heels and a black dress, stepped out of the car, Julian was there to hold her hand. When reporters asked if she was pregnant and whether the baby was a girl, Michelle responded with just a smile. Although she was wearing a black dress, a slightly rounded belly was seen.

Written by Julie

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  1. If she is indeed pregnant, then why is she wearing 3 inch heels? Sorry, but that is not a wise thing to do. One of my family friends tripped during her pregnancy and had to give birth to her son prematurely. Luckily, she was 8 months pregnant so the baby was ok if it had to be born prematurely. But she had to have a C section and the baby had a big bruise on his knee… Also, she was wearing flat shoes too so if she was really wearing high heels, I really question what would have happened to her baby…

  2. That is normal with celebrities. Some even wear 6 inches whilst still pregnant. Beauty before sense I suppose.

  3. She’s wearing 3 inch wedges. Wedges are honestly pretty much similar to heels imo. its not that bad.

  4. I think I read somewhere that she did confirm that she is 3 months pregnant. So congrats to her! But yeah, what the heck is she doing in those heels? I think even Gigi Lai, who is known for being vain, didn’t wear heels during her pregnancy. She needs to take care of herself and the baby first! Put those heels away!

  5. All eyes will be on Michelle’s pregnancy. She still looks extremely thin though.

  6. Michelle and her husband, Julian, decided to remain in Hong Kong during her pregnancy. Michelle gives me the impression that she enjoys being in the spotlight very much, flaunting her wealth, marriage and pregnancy. Some women like to tell the world very much that they are married well and she comes across as one of them.

  7. That is vain, heels while pregnant and especially at such a tender stage. Hope she does not trip because at her age, having a baby is not that easy. Well, she does have the mula, so invitro will work.

  8. I think Michele is really vain and honestly really wants to show off that she married a rich guy, is wealthy and is enjoying her life. For her to wear heels like that is honestly not a bright thing to do at all. The next thing you know, she get jinxed and something happens to her and her baby. She is also pretty old too so getting pregnant is not easy. She is taking it for granted that her husband has money and she can buy anything with it. Sadly, not everything can be bought with money.. I wonder if she realizes that or not…

    It is true that wearing wedges isn’t as bad as wearing actual heels. But it is nothing like flats at all. Believe me, I have worn both of them and wearing flats is the most comfortable and makes it easy to walk around. Wedges are pretty much like heels except that the bottom is completely flat, but you can still trip just like you do when you wear heels. It does not make that much difference…

  9. man – is her make up artist the ones that drag queen uses? geez …

    she’s beautiful w/o that pile of make up!

  10. Maybe she is just very happy she married the guy in the end? I mean it could be she waited for years and his parents objected and when everybody dies he finally could marry her and so she is just very happy she is someone rich’s wife?

  11. No one can deny that Michelle is vain – she once quoted that she think the world is going to end when she hit 30 years old (can’t accept herself getting old).

    However, I also believe that if you have it – Flaunt it. I don’t have problem with that, it’s not that she’s hurting anyone else (maybe some fellow female pride).

  12. Kelly Chen also wore heels during her pregnancy and she’s not that young either. She hid from cameras during her pregnancy because she said something like pregnant women can’t look pretty or something like that, but dolled up and wore heels when she needed to attend functions. She’s also very vain and stayed really thin during her whole pregnancy. For her release from the hospital, she put on makeup, wore shades and added pony tail extensions to her hair for the photo op outside the hospital. She claims she misses her baby, but she went back to work almost right after he was born.

  13. ‘No one can deny that Michelle is vain – she once quoted that she think the world is going to end when she hit 30 years old (can’t accept herself getting old).”

    At least she is honest on the whole getting old thing. I never quite like her, especially after hearing all those rumours/facts about her being rather foul mouthed. I thought she lacked class. Pretty yes, classy no.

    Who is the classiest Miss HK in your opinion?

  14. Elaine, Kelly is a star and so she has an image to keep. Can’t imagine her looking dowdy. I thought she looked better now than before she gave birth! All stars are like that. I mean some supermodels and actresses and all go jogging within days of giving birth. They are contractually obliged to look good, especially with cosmetics ads and all. That is why they’re paid millions, unlike us poor minions. And I expect them to look good because they’re so disgustingly well paid. The work part is understandable. Again she may be contractually bound.

    Remember long time ago Jamie Chik had to go back to work at ATV shortly after giving birth? She looked huge in the poster (still beautiful though).

  15. I actually don’t mind her flaunting cause it mean I can get more news of her. However Gigi seems more subtle and means I see less of her 🙁

  16. Funn, I agree with you. I have always heard how foul mouthed she was. I never thought that she was that great looking compared to other Ms. Hks. She is so overrated in my opinion. My mom also does not think highly of her and wonders why everyone says she is the prettiest Ms. Hk ever. She surely lacks class. In my opinion, the classiest Ms. Hks are Pauline Yeung(Ms. Hk 1987) and Angie Chiu(3rd runner up during the Ms. Hk 1973).

    I guess it is ok for her to flaunt her wealth, but to me in this time when the economy is bad, that is kind of inconsiderate of her. Is she trying to show that she is enjoying her life and living in riches while others are so poor and are suffering to eat and pay their rent?? What is her point for doing that?? Is she just trying to show that she is better than others?? Just because you are rich does not mean that have to show off and flaunt it. My friend married into a rich family but is very humble and low key about it. Therefore, just because you are rich or married into a rich family doesn’t mean that you need to flaunt it in order to make yourself look good.

  17. Funn Lim, I know Kelly is a star and may e obligated to look good at all times. What I’m trying to say is that she can do whatever she wants, but don’t make stupid comments. Please see link: This is what she said “How can a pregnant woman be pretty!” I mean come on, she’s pregnant. No one will judge her for having a off day. However, pregnancy is a great time in a person’s life and here is this star telling reporters pregnant women can’t be pretty. It just seems a little over the top and rude to all the beautiful pregnant women out there. Just because she doesn’t feel pretty does not mean other people don’t feel pretty.

  18. Both are just thoughts. Why one can say a pregnant woman is beautiful but cannot say a pregnant woman is ugly?

    She obviously is talking about herself and maybe even jesting since reporters are like ‘Kelly, Kelly, you look pretty pregnant, let us take your picture’ and Kelly not wanting to be pictured reply ‘How can a pregnant woman be pretty!’.

  19. Elaine, I see! I am sorry to hear her say that, as if equating being pregnant=being fat=being ugly. Granted I have seen pregnant women looking ugly but then sharing food resources with a tiny “parasite” in your belly can be exhausting. BUT I have seen pregnant lady glowing. Let’s see who… ermm.. Gigi looked good, Cecilia looked good and if Leila Tong is pregnant, she looks good too.

  20. Funn and Kidd, the classiest Miss Hong Kong winners and contestants in my opinion are as follows:

    -Pauline Yeung has a lot of class and elegance.
    -Elizabeth Lee has a classic elegant beauty
    -Selena Li has a certain grace off camera
    -Noel Leung Siu Bing is ultra-feminine but also classy
    -Emily Lo Suk Yee very underrated, but carries a certain elegance
    -Tiffany Lam is also quite pretty and elegant
    -Anne Heung is also a soft-spoken lady
    -Charmaine Sheh, even when playing a tomboy, she is quite elegant

    There are other beautiful Miss Hong Kong winners such as Michelle Reis, Sonija Kwok, Lee San San, Anita Yuen Wing Yee that are beautiful, but do not necessary carry themselves with class. Anita is quite blunt and Sonija and Lee San San are not that eloquent and seem to fumble for the right words with the media.

    There are also a crop of Miss Hong Kong that I find to be resembling like young little girls: Shirley Yeung, Mandy Cho, Myolie Wu, Halina Tam, and Kate Tsui that in my opinion, while cute, do not really fit the grace and image of Miss Hong Kong.

  21. And don’t forget “chu Ling Ling” – she is very pretty too. Not sure if she won the top title but some title in Miss HK. I think Amy Kwok is very pretty too but very down to earth and married the right man.

  22. Chu Ling ling won the crown. My favourite Miss HK though is Rowena Lam for her very unrehearsed and totally from the heart reaction when her name was announced. That was a unique moment in Miss HK crowning in my opinion. When you see her crowning moment and her overall look and petite body, you might be curious how she can win Ms HK. But, watching the actual show, you will be able to see her poise and her intelligence.

    Olivia Cheng is also a very notable Miss HK in my opinion. I think she very beautiful and elegant.

  23. “There are also a crop of Miss Hong Kong that I find to be resembling like young little girls: Shirley Yeung, Mandy Cho, Myolie Wu, Halina Tam, and Kate Tsui that in my opinion, while cute, do not really fit the grace and image of Miss Hong Kong.”

    They to me don’t have the graceful qualities of Miss HK. Kate is more of a tomboy who likes to dress sexily. Has anyone noticed that Kate’s most natural scenes and roles are of her being a tomboyish/unladylike/rough? She strikes me as one in real life so it’s easier to be herself. This is why she’s horrible when acting in another roles.

  24. “Kate is more of a tomboy who likes to dress sexily. “

    I don’t think she especially likes dressing sexily. She didn’t dress sexily before she became a singer. I think it’s the image she need to keep because that’s the image created for her. Or, maybe she only now find her sexiness and now exploring it :P. I remember she said that she was surprised when the dance choreographer told her she’s sexy when she dance. She never thought so before. She also admitted to being tomboyish.

    I like her personality when she first came out. I find her frank and unpretentious. But, she got burnt from it. So, I think she’s more careful with her words now. (She was reported to be frozen because she was a little too frank on the sexual health talkshow that she, Michael Tse, Cindy Au and the producer of LFD attended. I find it so unfair at that time, because she’s the only one who got frozen when the other guests were equally honest. I guess it’s because she has a title to carry at that time.

    I also think she deserved to win in the pageant. She stood out because of the individuality. She give an impression that says ‘this girl has character’.

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