Artists Mourn Victims of Zhouqu Mudslide

On August 8th, a deadly mudslide hit China in Zhouqu county of Gansu province. The death toll has risen to 1,248 people, with 496 people still missing as reported on Sunday. Recovery efforts are currently under way in sending supplies to the victims and locating the missing people. August 15th was declared a national mourning day in China for the victims.

While in Shanghai for the charitable All-Star racing tournament, Chilam Cheung read the latest updates regarding the recovery efforts in Zhouqu. “I read about a lot of the victims stories online, such as the six year-old boy recovering his one-year-old brother from the garbage pile. The image is unforgettable. This was a tragedy. Natural disasters are unavoidable, but some situations are preventable and people have to take responsibility. Perhaps the people did not take care of the environment [cutting down too many trees, eroding the soil and leading to the mudslide]. There could be many reasons, but we need to reflect on why it happened.”

Huang Xiao Ming commented in his blog, “Human life can be very fragile, but the inner strength of people gets stronger in the face of disaster. More strength to Zhouqu! More strength to China !” Huang Xiao Ming’s rumored girlfriend, Angelababy, wrote in her blog, “The instinctive reaction of people shows their true spirits. Hopefully everyone’s condolences will allow the victims to rest in peace.”

Steven Ma Chun Wai wrote, “I send my best wishes to the brothers and sisters in Zhouqu. Many thanks to the disaster relief workers in Zhouqu. At 12 noon, let’s have a three minute silence!”

Barbie Hsu wrote, “I pray for the deceased souls of the Zhouqu victims. God loves us and we love Him.”

Jet Li, who is the founder of the charitable Jet Li One Foundation, said that he is one with the Zhouqu victims right now.

Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan wrote, “I saw images of the Zhouqu victims at the Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square today. Our compatriots were shedding tears of sadness while bearing the flag. Natural disasters are relentless. May the victims rest in peace! Let us all pray!”

Charlene Choi wrote, “Today, the skies poured their tears in mourning of Zhouqu. More strength to Zhouqu and the disaster relief workers there! I will be thinking about you!”

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: May the Zhouqu victims rest in peace…I found Chilam’s reflections to be very correct. People need to take more responsibility of the environment to avoid certain man-made disasters. The loss is devastating and the photos only capture a fraction of the chaos and suffering.

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  1. Now is the time for China to stop worrying about competing in the financial market and pay more attention on keeping its people safe. Controls need to be implemented where there are periodic inspections on evacuation routes for residents in mudslide-prone areas.

    Wake up China. Can’t keep sacrificing people to realize a mistake. It will always be about the quality of work! A fast emerging economy will not sustain if it has no resources to maintain the growth.

    Disappointed in the Chinese government.

  2. May all of the victims rest in peace. I totally agree with you pandamao. I just feel so saddened that CHina seems to care more about other factors rather than keeping their people safe. I think they believe that since they have so many people then it does not matter how many people die. They just do not know how to value human life at all.

    It seems like they want to compete for economic growth and that’s it. I heard that they are now the number 2 economy in the world after the US. Japan was once #2, but has fallen to third place behind them. I think it is sad that they sacrifice the quality of their products, human life and other things just to make their economy grow at a faster rate. I just find that really sad…

    I feel so sad for these victims and all of our prayers are with them. I hope that these disasters will not happen again.

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