Actresses Who May Have Had Breast Implants

Michelle Reis plastic surgery breast implants


Not as common as in Hollywood nor Japan, breast enlargement among Hong Kong and Taiwanese celebrities are often more discrete. While slim figures are equally admired in Asian cultures, some female celebrities have sought to enhance their curves by going under the knife.

Slimming products may promise chest enhancement (as touted by many actresses who endorse them), but honestly, would such a miracle product really exist? So female celebrities who want a permanent enhancement have gone through the old route of breast implants.

Take a look at the photos and decide if it is miracle underwear or something else?

Michelle Reis aka Lee Ka Yan

Michelle has always had a beautiful face and willowly figure. In the above photo, if you compare the before and after effects, there is a noticeable difference in her cup size. Many of Michelle’s recent photos show off her new cleavage…hey if it cost that much money to get it, might as well flaunt it.

Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok plastic surgery breast implants

Leon Lai Ming’s wife, model Gaile Lok, is among the very few celebrities who has openly admitted to getting implants. Gaile had the operation done in 2005.

Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi

Cecilia Cheung plastic surgery breast implants

Cecilia is a tricky case; she started in the industry with a very healthy and fit body. But around 2002, Cecilia lost a lot of weight and much of her prior curves. She wore a lot of layers and thick clothing during that time-frame to make her weight loss less apparent, so there are not many clear photos of her figure. But soon after, without gaining back too much additional weight, her curves came back. I found the above photos, but if I am mistaken about Cecilia in putting her in this feature, then I apologize.

Nina Li Chi

Nina Li Chi plastic surgery breast implants

Nina was a famous actress in the late 1980’s. The above left photo is of her during ATV’s Miss Asia contest. While she had a very fit figure back then, a few years after the contest, there seems to be a visible enhancement. Nina was a budding actress, often playing the siren, in her movies. I guess she got the enhancement to further her career. But it was rumored that Nina made some poor investment decisions and lost a lot of her money. She met Jet Li around the same time and they fell in love deeply, with Jet filming movies to help Nina pay back her debts. After Jet and his first wife divorced, he and Nina married in Los Angeles, USA and Nina retired from acting. Her curves these days seem to have gone back to her prior size before the implants.

Coco Lee Man

Coco Lee plastic surgery breast implants

Coco has always claimed that her current assets are natural. But there are just as many rumors that she allegedly had a lot of cosmetic surgery on her body and face. If you search for old photos of Coco, you will notice the difference. In the above left photo, while Coco had a nice figure back then, her curves are more pronounced these days.

Teresa Zhang Siu Wai aka Mrs. Ex Kenny Chung Chun To

Teresa Zhang plastic surgery breast implants

Teresa and her ex-husband, Kenny “B” Chung Chun To divorced on very bad terms. Allegedly, Teresa was cheating on Kenny at the time and was caught by the media meeting up with another man in a hotel. Despite filing for bankruptcy (as Kenny had done due to poor real estate investments), Teresa has been quoted that even if she has no money to buy food, she will still need to buy her designer clothing. Teresa is once again a gossip magnet when she got implants and at 42 years old, appeared in a category III film in 2005 in full nudity. Nevertheless, the film did poorly at the box office.

Chiling Lam– Taiwan’s Top Model

Chiling Lam plastic surgery breast implants

Before Chiling Lam underwent various “enhancements” on her face and body, not many people have heard of her name. She gained widespread recognition after endorsing a slimming product. Chiling is rumored to be dating F4 member, Jerry Yan. Also in 2005, Chiling fell from a horse while filming an ad. She was hospitalized for a lengthy period, allegedly because her saline breast implants had burst during her accident. Now Chiling has “recovered” and in 2005 pulled in the 3rd highest income among Taiwanese celebrities.

Pace Wu

Pace Wu plastic surgery breast implants

Another top model in Taiwan, Pace has been getting a lot more public attention lately because of her curvier figure. Following Lam Chiling, Pace is another model who has enhanced her curves.

Amy Yip

Amy Yip plastic surgery breast implants

Amy Yip started her career in ATV and wishing to reach greater heights, chose to get breast implants. Her Dolly-Parton like body led her to become a highly sought after actress in the 1990’s. Amy acted in several of Stephen Chow’s old movies.

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  1. in my opinion, actresses ungoing boob jobs may well feel they have more to offer and more confident, lol
    its unnatural to viewers a but a scene for shock… is it profit over brest, or fame over brest, or profit over fame, or little brest for a big brest!?

    1. Huh?

      Maybe it’s a poor translation but what you wrote doesn’t make any sense… fame, profits or big over small breasts? What does that mean?

      They wouldn’t get the enhancements if it didn’t mean some sort of gain for themselves. Very few women get implants because they had nothing better to do. Instances where mastectomy has taken their breast(s) and reconstructive surgery is desired to return themselves to some sense of normalcy is one of the few examples one can find for undergoing the knife for something other than profit or notoriety.

      The flip side is a psychological feeling of inadequacy due to having smaller natural assets driving the need to have ones chest enhanced but going to an unnaturally large size would only be done to draw attention directly to the enlargement.

      Whatever the reason, it wouldn’t be as prevalent if it wasn’t deemed as desirable by a majority of the populace who buys the products sold by those with voluptuous figures.

      I prefer women who are confident enough in their appearance to avoid unnecessary surgical procedures but that’s just me…

  2. I still dislike the idea of adding foreign object into you body unnecessarily. But, I have to admit some of the actresses featured above do look better with the enhancement.

    But, some like Nina Li Chi doesn’t really need it while I think Pace Wu looks better before the enhancement.

    1. Some may just need a really good bra. Asians generally are flat chested.

      1. I know Asian (and Caucasian as well) women with figures that cover all ranges of size with very few being truly “flat”. Many aren’t big but most look well proportioned enough to not have to consider enhancement in order to look like a woman…

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