Pace Wu’s Boyfriend is Billions in Debt

By on May 19, 2020 in NEWS

Pace Wu’s Boyfriend is Billions in Debt

In 2013, Taiwanese model-actress Pace Wu (吳佩慈) took her leave from the industry after giving birth to her first child with Hong Kong businessman, Ji Xiaobo (紀曉波). While Pace and Ji are not married, the couple welcomed four children over the past seven years. The couple’s fourth child, a daughter, was born in January 2020. Pace hosted four baby showers for her, making headlines.  

It goes without saying that Ji is very rich. The billionaire businessman, who has roots in Heilongjiang, would gift Pace random houses and properties like they are tangible. Thanks to Ji, it has been said that Pace herself is now worth over $5.9 billion Hong Kong dollars.

But according to rumors that have been ongoing since last year, Ji is currently in a financial slump. Poor business operations has led him to be over HK$6.4 billion in debt. To support Ji, it was said that Pace had to sell her HK$330 million Mid-levels home for cash. Ji even appeared in court earlier this year after being sued for an additional HK$342 million, unrelated to his past debts.

Surprisingly, Pace maintained her wealthy image on social media, with her baby shower party being the key to quell down rumors of financial troubles.

According to Hong Kong reports, Ji’s mother failed to pay rent for her three properties located in Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong Island. The owners have already took the case to court, asking for HK$1.81 million in unpaid rent and utilities. The owners are also looking to ask Ji and his mother to pay up an additional HK$3.6 million which was owed from last year, totaling HK$5.41 million.


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  • 8 comments to Pace Wu’s Boyfriend is Billions in Debt

    1. hohliu says:

      For some people, it is never easy to live in the realistic world…..

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Exactly just like in this case. They were living in a fake and unrealistic world until reality strikes them and now they must face the real world like the rest of us.

        Login or Register before you can reply to hetieshou
        • hohliu replied:

          @hetieshou I agree, many just declared bankrupt…. I know many that lives forgetting credit cards limits are actually not their own money…. The limits are actually pre-agreed loans from card providers. The more cards they have and use, the more they owe…

          Login or Register before you can reply to hohliu
        • hetieshou replied:

          Yes and people forget that credit cards are loan money that we must pay back. My teacher said we should only have one or 2 at most but no more than that. They can easily get us into debt if we are not careful.

          Login or Register before you can reply to hetieshou
    2. cutie777 says:

      Hopefully all these spoiled brats will learn their lesson because they should know money is not easy to earn but easy to blow them away. I wonder if he’s that rich like the rest such as Patrick Ma? Martin Lee? Richard Lee? Stanley Ho? Alvin Chau?

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    3. tatsumakijim says:

      Ah, the Paradox of being a billionaire AND billions in debt.

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      • m0m0 replied:

        that’s our president too. didn’t he go bankrupt multiple times yet still have big real estates in the most expensive places. it’s more about playing the financial game than actually having money.

        Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0
      • coralie replied:

        @tatsumakijim lol that paradox made me laugh, because of how true that is.

        Recently read how Elon Musk had to borrow money from friends at one point because even though he was sitting on billions of dollars in assets and stocks, he can’t sell any of his shares. But in order to actually consider selling his shares, he actually needed millions of dollars to do so. After his loans, alimony payments and everything else, he is cash-strapped. He has intangible wealth – most of it is tied to his companies and these companies aren’t valuable until he sells…but he can’t sell if he wants to keep a controlling stake. Vicious cycle.

        But I feel a lot of very wealthy Chinese people aren’t the same. They tend to be cash-rich and buy everything in cash. No credit. My company’s the same – started with no loans and still loan-free now.

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