Eddie Peng’s “A Wedding Invitation” Opens April 12

A Wedding Invitation <分手合约>, directed by Korean romantic comedy master Oh Ki Hwan, will open in mainland Chinese theaters nationwide on April 12, 2013. The romantic film stars Eddie Peng (彭于晏) and Bai Baihe (白百何), a young couple who reunite and get married after five years of pursuing different careers and lives.

The film is supported by rising stars Pace Wu (吳佩慈) and Jiang Jinfu (蒋劲夫), playing as the couple’s best friends.

In the film, Eddie portrays Lixing, the childhood friend and first love of Qiaoqiao (portrayed by Bai Baihe). Lixing decisively breaks up with Qiaoqiao in order to pursue his dream as a chef. Qiaoqiao also leaves Lixing to pursue her dream as a successful industrial designer. They come to an agreement that if neither of them will be married in five years, they will get back together again.

Five years later, Qiaoqiao gets a wedding invitation from Lixing. Jealous and unable to forget Lixing, Qiaoqiao rushes back to Lixing to disrupt his nuptial, only it turns out that the entire wedding was just a gig set by Lixing to get Qiaoqiao to return to him. The couple argue, reconcile, and argue again, and when they finally reach the point of acceptance, a new obstacle gets in their way.

Crying Without Tears

Yesterday, Eddie Peng, Jiang Jinfu, and Oh Ki Hwan attended a promotional event for A Wedding Invitation in Beijing. On recalling his deepest memories of shooting the film, Eddie immediately said, “Definitely the part where I had to cry without tears!”

Eddie revealed that although he had three crying scenes in the film, all three had to be done differently due to the context of the story. “Director Oh only gave me three attempts at each scene. It is a huge acting challenge.”

Eddie further said, “Usually when we feel bad, we will either yell it out or cry out our emotions, but there is one scene in the film in which I had to multitask – cook and feel bad and hide my emotions from the other person. It is very complicated.”

“A Wedding Invitation” Trailer

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Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sometimes I think it’s a shame Eddie Peng’s always doing these romcom roles when he’s awesome at doing serious stuff like “Cold War”, but if I looked as good as him then I’d probably go around and twirl every Taiwanese girl’s heart around my fingertips.

  2. Loved him in Love You You, with JJ Lin’s beautiful song.

  3. huh? the storyplot sounds childish and too unrealistic in my opinion.. I wouldn’t watch it for sure.

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