Fans Upset With Xiao Zhan’s New Drama Starring Bai Baihe

Xiao Zhan (肖戰) is set to star in an upcoming older-woman, younger-man romance, Scorching Sun with Me <驕陽伴我>. While  Shu Qi (舒淇) was originally rumored to lead, Chinese actress Bai Baihe (白百何) is said to step in for the role instead.

A remake of Taiwanese idol drama My Dear Boy <我的男孩> starring Ruby Lin (林心如) and Derek Chang (張軒睿), Scorching Sun with Me features Jian Bing – a successful advertising director, who falls in love with young new grad, Sheng Yang. Despite the age difference and the stigma associated with an “older-woman-younger-man” relationship, they find comfort and trust in each other’s company and slowly fall in love.

While official casting announcements are yet to be made, many of Xiao Zhan’s fans are already criticizing casting Bai Baihe. Although she has starred in a large number of dramas and movies, Bai Baihe’s career has been on the decline since her marriage infidelity surfaced.

Instead, many fans wish the lead actress is Shu Qi, who had mentored Xiao Zhan in 2015 when he competed in talent show X FIRE <燃燒吧少年>. Shu Qi was a big help in improving Xiao Zhan’s abilities. Fans hope to see the pair work together again on a project.

Amid the outcries against the casting choices, Bai Baihe’s fans quickly came to her defense  and said she is far more experienced than Xiao Zhan. “If we’re comparing acting abilities, anyone with eyes can see that Xiao Zhan doesn’t even come close to Bai Baihe.”

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Bai Baihe Cozies Up with Another Man

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  1. Xiao Zhan is a wrong casting choice for this. My dear boy’s male lead was dorky looking, he did not look good in any sense lol (I didn’t know who he was, and it was my first time watching him), but he was endearing and sweet, you really buy it as a guy who is down to earth, decent at art, and gullible enough (yet keeper of his words), to be con into doing weird YouTube video with him xD I just don’t see the commoner, down to earth, warm hearted boy in Xiao zhan :/ he is like very very very normal looking, you would not pay much attention to him kinda guy :/ moreover, ruby managed to make the drama feel very grounded. The ML feels like any undergraduate student. The only thing a bit far fetched/odd about the drama is her house lawl. The supporting cast, especially the male lead’s mother was really the gem of that drama. Overall, I wouldn’t bother with the cdrama remake lol, I’ll just watch the original lawl

  2. controlling fans are at it again. Their only creating bad PR for XiaoZhan, who’s probably embarassed by their criticism of Bai Baihe.

  3. I really enjoy a number of Bai Baihe’s projects…she is a good actress…as for her personal life.. her husband is no innocent angel too… and his infidelity was exposed even earlier.. I bet they were separated and she found a new man…they just did not tell the media.
    Goodness, Xiao Zhan’s fans are super annoying… his fans cost so much damage to his career already..

  4. If XZ knew about BBH’s participation and still decides to take on or stay on the project, shouldn’t the fans respect their idols’ decision?
    The fandoms in general are so toxic. Idols who treat their fans like banks and fans who only earn a small friction of their idols’ earnings, willingly spend on their idols unnecessarily and idols who may not be what they seem to be but fans blindly accept all flaws and even wrongs. The fans in return stalk their idols, put demand and control their idols.
    I was young once too but don’t recall being so extreme.

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