Bai Baihe Cozies Up with Another Man

Another cheating scandal has gotten into the mix, and this time, the lead is Chinese actress Bai Baihe (白百合).

33-year-old Baihe and her husband, 41-year-old Chen Yufan (陈羽凡), has been married since 2006. Yufan is one half of the Chinese pop duo, Yu Quan (·). The couple have a 9-year-old son. Rumors of infidelity and divorce between the couple have been circulating for some time, but with no follow-ups.

zhang aipeng
Zhang Aipeng

A few days ago, a Chinese media outlet published a report about Baihe vacationing with a younger man in Thailand last February. A short clip featuring Baihe with the young man then surfaced online, showing the pair acting intimate. The video, most likely taken by paparazzi, showed Baihe and the young man by their swimming pool in their hotel. Netizens later identified the man as the model Zhang Aipeng (张爱朋).

Yesterday, a second clip of the pair in Thailand surfaced. It showed Baihe and Aipeng with a group of friends, perhaps waiting for their ride. Baihe and Aipeng were giggling and laughing, and at one point, Baihe playfully slapped Aipeng on the chest, pushing him away. Aipeng grabbed her hands and pulled her into an embrace. After their playful banter, Aipeng slipped his hands into Baihe’s overall jeans, massaging her buttocks. Baihe also had her arms on Aipeng’s chest.

baibaihe chenyufan
Bai Baihe and Chen Yufan

When the clips leaked, there were rumors that Baihe’s endorsers have dropped her. The Chinese singing show Singer 2017 <歌手2017>, which originally had Baihe sing a duet with contestant Zhang Bichen (张碧晨), is said to have replaced Baihe with Aska Yang (楊宗緯). There’s also been talk that dramas starring Baihe are being indefinitely shelved.

Interestingly, Baihe’s husband is also going through a cheating scandal of his own. There was a report claiming that Yufan took his son, Metal, to meet up with several women at a karaoke bar. A photo of two women kissing Yufan leaked online. One of the women has already clarified that she is only a friend of his.

After Baihe’s cheating scandal erupted, Yufan left one simple message on his social media, “[Don’t know what to say]. Let’s go home to celebrate the holiday.” He also shared a picture of himself shushing his lips.

Source: Oriental Daily, Sohu

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  1. It seems Baihe and husband already seperated, although not legally seperated. But the man Aipeng was famous for beating his old girlfriend in 3 years

  2. the women’s beautiful and her lover’s handsome. her husband, nah.

    anyway, could be the issue of marrying too early. they live in a world full of temptations

  3. This is so sad. Some people said that they don’t have a good marriage and her husband was cheating on her also. The person who is getting hurt the most is their son. They should have just divorced each other and move on instead.
    Her new drama “Surgeons” with Jin Dong will starting airing on 4/17/17 and I was looking forward to it. Will they stop airing it because of this scandal? 🙁

  4. Here is the comment about her husband’s cheating from the link below:

    I usually don’t speculate on affairs and I don’t know how reliable my news is, but a friend of mine told me around a year ago that a relative of hers was sleeping with Bai Bai He’s husband. If her husband was actually messing around, then I can’t really condemn her for this, especially since this isn’t really indisputable proof. And celebrity couples operate differently so maybe they have an open relationship or just married for the pr?

  5. Please go to Google to search for “avirtualvoyage” to view the link. Jaynestars won’t let me post it.

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