“Go Away Mr. Tumor” Breaks Box Office Records

Starring  Baihe Bai (白百何) and Daniel Wu (吳彥祖), the recently released romantic-comedy film Go Away Mr. Tumor <滾蛋吧!腫瘤君> has been highly related and has achieved phenomenal box office success, raking in more than $30 million USD in its opening weekend. Go Away Mr. Tumor is so successful that it has broken the all-time box office record for all Chinese films released in August.

Adapted from a web comic, Go Away Mr. Tumor is different from the usual romantic comedy and deals with the existentialist issues that surface when one goes through a life-threatening chronic illness. This has perhaps allowed the film to stand out from the crop of romantic films released in time for the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival), such as the Mainland Chinese remake of Bride Wars <新娘大作戰>, and Cities in Love <戀愛中的城市>.

Go Away Mr. Tumor conveys the theme that although it takes courage to be optimistic and love in the face of setbacks, optimism and love are the most important values in life. Baihe, who plays the character in the film suffering from the tumor, commented, “There once lived such a beautiful girl who continued to bring beauty to the world even after she left the world.”

The theme remained evident in a short bonus clip released by the production team behind the film to celebrate its box office success. In the clip, the character played by Baihe is hosting her own wake and cheerfully greets the audience with a wave before saying, “By the time you see this video, I would be peacefully asleep….” A film industry insider remarked that this was a very creative way of engaging with the audience and said, “Everyone dies eventually and everyone will have their own way of coping with it. But it is rare for anyone to have to face imminent death before the age of 30, and it is even rarer to have someone cope with death as beautifully as the character did in Go Away Mr. Tumor.

Source: Starsyes.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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