Xiao Zhan’s Fans Oppose His Romance with Bai Baihe in “Sunshine With Me”

Sean Xiao Zhan (肖戰) and Bai Baihe (白百何) star as a couple in iQiyi’s slice-of-life romance Sunshine With Me <驕陽伴我>. The casting stirred controversy, as Xiao Zhan’s fans expressed their displeasure that the actor’s image will be sullied by Baihe’s cheating scandal and divorce history.

Sunshine With Me revolves around an office romance between well-recognized advertising director Jian Bing (Bai Baihe) and rookie employee Shen Yang (Xiao Zhan). After encountering each other for the first time at a restaurant, the two grow closer as they work on projects together. As Shen Yang helps the divorced Jian Bing regain her confidence, she also supports him in navigating the workplace and building his professional identity.

Due to their differences in age and status, they inevitably face disapproval from their families. While the challenges lead to a painful separation, they fatefully find their way back together again three years later.

Since its announcement, Sunshine With Me was faced with opposition from fans who pointed out Baihe’s past cheating scandal and divorce. They were concerned Bai Baihe’s past would impact Xiao Zhan’s success.

Despite her recognized acting skills, there are still die-hard Xiao Zhan fans protesting, “Baihe is already 38 years old; she and Xiao Zhan are not compatible!”; “Why are these two forced to pair up when there is no chemistry at all?”; and “Baihe’s current temperament really does not suit working with idol actors. She would be better off acting with mature middle-aged veterans.”

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Other fandoms have the same overbearing attitudes. Tong Liya was forced by her fans to decline a role in Something Like 30.

      1. Exactly and XZ had to stay low profile for months because his fans complained about the BL fanfictions.
        Fans make demand on anything and everything while artists need them for financial gains.

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