Director Peter Chan Regularly Laughs at Plastic Surgery Victims

Two years ago, Peter Chan (陳可辛) started work as the director for American Dreams in China <中國合夥人>. Around the same time, he also served as the executive producer for The Truth About Beauty <整容日記>, a romantic comedy about plastic surgery.

American Dreams, which was released in 2013, was hailed as a bona fide success, winning critical acclaim and the approval of many businessmen. On the other hand, The Truth About Beauty seemed to be nothing more than a blip on Chan’s radar. The day after the movie’s news conference, he immediately headed to Beijing to begin his next film, Dear Child <親愛的小孩>.

As a result, it may be no surprise that Chan comes across as extremely laid-back when asked in a recent interview about The Truth About Beauty, particularly regarding its system of values. Leading up to its release, the film sparked much debate about plastic surgery in the Chinese entertainment industry, a hot-button issue that many celebrities remain hesitant to address.

However, Chan directly stated that The Truth About Beauty is not meant to instruct viewers on what is right and wrong, and thus the film neither criticizes nor encourages plastic surgery. “Mainland Chinese culture loves to add on a ‘system of values’ to everything, and I don’t really like this,” he said. “A movie reflects society and humanity. You really think of [a movie] too highly if you force it to be used for educational purposes.

“I’m a person as well. I’m not perfect,” he went on. “I won’t pretend like I speak extremely properly and then go teach others. As for plastic surgery, if you can shoulder this decision and have the courage to do it, it’s actually quite harmless.”

Despite his neutral attitude toward plastic surgery, Chan freely admitted that most of the plastic surgery results he has seen are subpar. Moreover, he shared that he and his partner, Sandra Ng (吳君如), frequently laugh at people who have made unfortunate changes to their looks by going under the knife: “We will often look at people in the newspaper and comment on how awful they look after plastic surgery. They won’t be able to act anymore, because the skin on their face is stretched taut.”

Nevertheless, Chan emphasized that he would never film a movie for the purpose of condemning plastic surgery.

The Truth About Beauty, which stars Bai Baihe (白百何) and Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) and is helmed by screenwriter-turned-director Aubrey Lam (林愛華), opened in theaters on April 4.


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  1. What gives Sandra Ng the right to laugh at people who’s PS went wrong? She herself has done PS and she should thank The Lord that her PS was successful. Because we all know how ugly she looked back in the early 80’s before she went under the knife.

    1. I don’t think Sandra went under the knife. She has the same facial features as her younger self. The different look is most probably due to age, slimming and make up.

      1. Sandra ng had plastic surgeries more than 10x thru out her careers just like what 99.9% of all chinese celebrities do to their face…..Nothing surprised at all.

      2. Sandra did not go under the knife. She just lost weight.

    2. Sandra Ng can go under the knife a few more times but don’t know if it will fix her ugliness……hard to fix her type of species.

  2. Peter Chan and Sandra Ng are very despicable for openly stating that they make fun of people with botched plastic surgery. These two are ugly both inside and out. Where is the empathy?

    Doesn’t his publicist tell him that certain thoughts are better kept to himself?

    1. What they did is inconsiderate to the feelings of others. But, it can hardly be called despicable. Many of us has criticized bad surgery done on artist before (read all those comments on Angelababy, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung). If what they did is despicable, many people are despicable.

      I also don’t think ‘unfortunate changes’ refers to botched surgery. It refers to unwise surgery decision like Tavia’s nose. It’s not a botches surgery. But, the result is not very appealing to many.

      1. Agree with @Kidd. I may not like looking at the couple but I do not think they deserve to be labelled as despicable for Peter Chan’s remark.
        I think most would only joke about people who look good before their ‘botched’ ps. Most would have empathy for those who had to resort to ps to correct very obvious imperfections which affects their self-esteem.

      2. He was just being truthful lol. It’s not wise as he’s of a celebrity status. But many of us shake head/laugh at foolish celebrity that has PS gone wrong, or unnecessary PS.
        So yea, I wouldn’t label him as despicable

    2. Obviously, you must have missed websites like and numerous Chinese and HK articles critical of botched surgeries of Asian entertainers. There’s plenty of ‘despicable’ comments by netizens on these threads about plastic faces.

  3. Uhh they’re honest ppl. How many ppl online frequently voice comments like them? It’s just that theyre brash enough to do it.

    And they may be average in terms of looks, but theyre also all natural.

    Im not advocating what theyre doing is right but i give them props for being honest.

  4. Listen people!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. DONT HATE Peter Chan and Sandra Ng for speaking the truth about the plastic surgery. People don’t like hearing the truth, but the truth is the truth.

    1. And they are damn right about some plastic surgeries’ outcomes being complete failures. One really needs to stab himself blind if he cannot see it. LOL!

  5. everyone in this world is entitled to their own opinion if u dont like what people say just ignore it dont start a fight

  6. Would he laugh at the Barbie doll character in American Mary?

    I think that film is an indictment of plastic surgeons who take money and do things that are not in the patient’s best interest.

  7. PS is a choice and those who have done it must face the consequences of not being satisfied with their God-given looks. Peter & Sandra is just being honest.

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