Husband Chen Yufan Defends Bai Baihe in Cheating Scandal, Admits Divorce

On April 12, Chinese paparazzi exposed actress Bai Baihe (白百合) and her cheating scandal with young model, Zhang Aipeng (张爱朋). Chinese netizens intensely criticized Bai, while offering sympathies to her husband Chen Yufan (陈羽凡), who she has a 9-year-old son with.

Chen, one half of the Chinese music duo Yu Quan (·), dropped an ambiguous comment on his Sina Weibo soon after the scandal broke. He did not elaborate, but his comment appeared to be supportive of Bai, telling her to go home for the holidays.

Two days later, Chen left a message on his WeChat account, which seemed to be a direct response to Bai’s cheating scandal. The message, which was shared online in the form of a screenshot, read, “I know what you’ve planned, and I promise I will return [the favor]. You will be destroyed for ruining my family!”

Chen didn’t clarify who he was talking to, but it was speculated that he was talking to the person who had leaked Bai’s photos with Zhang.

The singer finally uploaded an official statement on Sunday, giving his response to his wife’s scandal. Chen, in casual wear, spoke to the public through a video recording he uploaded to social media.

In the video, Chen revealed that he and Bai had already divorced, and have been separate since 2015. To protect their son, they decided to not publicize the divorce.

Chen apologized to the public for wasting their resources on “family matters” and thanked his family and friends for their support.

“After this incident happened, my family and child suffered a great deal of hurt,” said Chen. “This has also hurt Bai Baihe. This is why I’m making a statement now to clarify with the truth.”

Chen then dropped the suprise announcement that he’s retiring from the industry. He said, “Please give us more space and more of your understanding. I hope we can all treat each other with kindness and love. I will be indefinitely leaving the entertainment industry, so I can spend more time with my family, and to see my son grow. Thank you all for your support and love. Hope you are all well.”

Chen and Bai married in 2006. They share custody of their son Metal, who was born in 2008.


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  1. that’s good, the man’s got guts to come out and admin to the public about the divorce.

  2. A member name Dude commented in Jan.2014, predicting a divorce in two years. Boy, he/she was right about that.

    1. @maymay I predict that 50% of Americans will be divorced, every single year.

      The chance that any celebrity couple will stay together for more then 5 years is very slim. Anyone could of predicted this. Especially the guy is not very good looking and she’s very good looking.

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