Bai Baihe Back to TV After Divorce Controversy

Bai Baihe (白百合) suffered an image blow when her cheating scandal with model Zhang Aipeng (张爱朋) was revealed one year ago, which resulted in her ex-husband Chen Yufan (陈羽凡) to make an official apology video about their divorce. The actress laid low for the rest of the year.

Only Side by Side With You <南方有乔木> is Bai’s first television drama appearance since the scandal. Co-starring William Chan (陳偉霆), the drama premiered on March 25 on Zhejiang TV and Jiangsu TV. As it was shot during Bai’s controversy, the drama received a lot of attention during filming. Many netizens at the time found it unfit for Bai to appear on the show, and many expressed that they would not watch the show if Bai stayed on it.

A week ago, during a press conference to promote the show, Producer Xu Xiao’ou (徐晓鸥) was asked why she insisted on keeping Bai on the show despite the controversy. She shared, “It came out of nowhere, and it definitely affected the film crew. At one point, it affected the filming progress.”

She then explained that dropping Bai from the show would be unprofessional, and it would cost even more time and effort to find a new actress to replace her. “Whether you see it in a professional standpoint or in Bai Baihe’s shoes, it wouldn’t make sense to replace her,” she said. “That period was also a very trying time in her life.” William also agreed with Xu’s stance.


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  1. I saw the trailer and it was like omg… how old are those women or this dude just looks young in general? haha…Esp the other lead, omg looks like a mom than a love interest. China is catching up w/noona brother pairings like in Korea huh? 😀 TVB – all we see are older men/younger women? haha lol…damn

    1. @wm2017 Bai Baihe is a year older than William. I think with proper hair style and makeup, she’ll look younger than her age for sure. The other female lead from the trailer is in her late thirties or early forties, old enough to be his big sister or sugar mama…haha

  2. She doesn’t look old to me. Why is it always harder for women to bounce back after matrimonial/cheating allegations? Did anyone ‘punish’ badminton legend Lin Dan when he was found frolicking with another woman? I think there is still this cultural and societal attitude that women are expected to behave more appropriately whilst men get away with it.

  3. Good for producer Xu Xiao’ou for keeping Bai Baihe on the series. Dropping BBH during that period will be like kicking a dog when it’s down. I wonder if the producer is a man he will make the same decision. Maybe being a woman herself, Xu Xiao’ou is more compassionate and sympathetic towards BBH.

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