Gaile Lok is Divorced for the Second Time

Divorcing Leon Lai (黎明) in 2012, model Gaile Lok’s (樂基兒) still wanted to have a family.  Marrying organic food entrepreneur Ian Chu in 2017, Gaile gave birth to their first child one year later. However, the couple could not work out their lifestyle differences and are said to have already separated.

Six months ago, Gaile reportedly got divorced and discreetly moved back to Hong Kong to revive her career as a model. The rumors began when Gaile posted a photo of her and her son, Hunter, and captioned, “Time is precious when you co-parent.” As co-parenting is a term typically used to describe divorced parents who both agree to continue to equally participate in their children’s upbringing, it is believed that Gaile and Ian may have ended their relationship.

Separating on peaceful terms, they agreed to remain equally involved in caring for and raising their son. Although residing in the United States while married to Ian, Gaile moved back to Hong Kong and started modeling again.

Her management company remained vague and stated, “Please ask Gaile directly if you have any questions.” However, Gaile has not responded to any media inquiries yet.

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  1. Maybe she was too Western for Leon Lai but to Eastern for Ian. I thought she was sympathetic and diplomatic with her response towards Shu Qi, when Shu Qi was being questioned for still having lingering feelings towards Leon by the press. Gaile’s response to the press: “If it is true, I think it’s normal because girls like having memories.” Galie has her own office/studio so maybe just too bosslady for most males, but I think she should be proud of it.

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