In the Midst of a Divorce? Leon Lai Gave Gaile Lok Over $100 Million of Gifts

It was reported earlier this month that 45-year-old “Heavenly King” Leon Lai (黎明) and his 32-year-old wife of four years, Gaile Lok(樂基兒), are going through a divorce. Both parties neither denied nor confirmed the rumor, but recent evidence suggests that the rumor may be true.

After getting married in Las Vegas in 2008, Leon’s workload increased. Tabloids suggested that it is their lack of time together which has caused the couple to grow farther apart throughout the years. Earlier this year, Leon and Gaile spent a few weeks in San Francisco, hoping for a chance to salvage their dying marriage. Leon also gifted Gaile with three houses in San Francisco, costing over $110 million HKD. However, the couple still decided to file for divorce.

An American friend of Gaile said, “They are basically from two different worlds. Their lifestyle is completely different! Leon is materialistic and enjoys the luxuries of life. After all, he did buy his own yacht and personal jet. He likes to eat at high-class restaurants, while Gaile likes to live a simpler life. Even if she had to eat McDonald’s her entire life, she would be fine with it. Gaile tried to convince Leon to change, but he wouldn’t, so that’s why they have separated.”

Gaile’s Divorce Assets

According to the divorce law of the United States, assets acquired before marriage are considered to be individual. As a result, assets in their divorce will not be divided equally. It was also alleged that Gaile was not interested in having Leon to provide for her every month. The price in Gaile’s “divorce agreement” is set firm, which is $50 million HKD in cash and three houses. Currently, Gaile owns six houses that cost over $200 million HKD.

Above: Leon Lai purchased the above mansion in Ruby Hill, California in the United States for Gaile Lok.

Leon and Gaile Remain Quiet

On September 19, Gaile attended a function in Hong Kong. When the media asked if she is still “Mrs. Lai,” Gaile laughed a few times and avoided to comment.

On the other hand, Leon was absent at the function he was invited to yesterday. Regarding his rumored divorce, Leon’s manager stepped up and said, “We have nothing to comment.”


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  1. Such a bad piv of Leon. He looks like a tiger who is keeping the meat.

    1. i know, he does not age really well. His face look so meaty. From 4 heavenly kings he looks the oldest. Didn’t he suppose to be the youngest?.

  2. Leon Lai needs to be more like Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng…don’t get marry

  3. She married him so that she could live a simple lifestyle… sorry, not buying that.

    1. Agree, if she really wants a simple life, then don’t accept his luxury gifts. Go work at McDonald’s if she likes to eat it so much, it allows her the simple life and cheap food!

    2. we never know, she might like simple life.
      she did not grow up in Asia,
      I know some girls who grow up in usa or canada, they like simple life, their mind are not complicated.

      for example,
      linda chung, she did not stay with a guy base on money.She stay with a guy because she is in love.

      very simple, very real

      1. I know a lot of girls who would love to have the luxury lifestyle in California. Actually, they strive to have that lifestyle. I can even think of girls I know who attempted to marry rich. One girl I know succeeded finally at age 30 to a San Francisco guy who’s family owns many apartments in the city. Another snatched up a 2nd generation rich, fu er dai, from Taiwan at age 26. Both girls are born in the US. The third that I know is the unlucky one. Haven’t done anything with her life, been studying for masters, and phD while trying to find a rich man. Is now in her mid 30s. Doesn’t work and lives with parents. Hoping to marry rich…. Perhaps, she would love to have Leon! haha

      2. Those girls are probably exceptions to the rule. One other possibility that just occurred to me is that Gaile persisted in the marriage so as to win a greater bargaining position during the divorce proceedings (i.e. acquiring more assets from him).

      3. @ Pinky, it’s a tough world for unmarried women in their mid 30s. The younger guys don’t want them and neither do their peers 🙁

      4. Lee, you’re very right! Gaile probably persisted on the marriage so she can gain better bargaining power when it is time to cash out. $$$$$$! Or else, Leon would probably end up like Aaron, still a bachelor.

  4. She married him because she is in love. She doesnt want to be poor but she wants to be simple and live life not everything in life has to be over the top…I could understand that.

    1. agree 100%,
      lived in usa for years,
      found that there are some women who
      like simple life style, and they are not greedy. some of them like camping,…
      some of them like arts, some of them like sports, so there are so many things we could enjoy our life, not all women like expansive food or clothings…luxuries life style

      1. yeah most of us here prefers love over money , but we definitely dont want to settle for love with no money either. LOL but i think here we want a career and family at the same time and most of us dont stop working when we have a family… mortgage is a huge pain in behind and now of days two white collar jobs people need to work to get all the bills paid.

        but definitely like every where else in the world there are girls who want an easy way out and that is in hope somehow they will find a rich husband that will take care of their needs for the rest of their lives.

      2. Of course who would want to marry a person that has nothing?? However, I think if you are self sufficient and more independent then it should not matter if the guy is rich or not. One of my cousins married a great guy who has pretty much nothing, but is a great guy and she is the breadwinner and they are happy. I honestly find it sad that some women dream of marrying a rich guy so that they can do nothing for the rest of their lives. That is so meaningless to me…

      3. I also want to add that there is no guarantee in life since the unexpected can happen at anytime… The guy can divorce or leave you or sadly, what he passed away suddenly?? what would you do if you had nothing to support yourself and your kids with?? It is always better for women to be more independent and not rely so much on anyone…

    2. Yea,it is great to fall in love and marry for love, but it is really sad when you fall out of love too. Love is one of the most important aspects of a marriage/relationship, however, sadly in many cases, it takes much much more than just love in order to make your marriage/relationship happy and lasting…

  5. Can’t judge their marriage as an outsider. Was she even famous before she met Leon? Must be the fluffy lips that attracted Leon. He dated Shu Qi and she has a fluffy floating device as well.

  6. awww Ruby Hill is the area where I got married at, in the winery and vineyards nearby!

    1. Anna,
      Would you have happened to seen Leon Lai’s huge mansion while driving by? Or it would be too large a gated property to be on view from the road?

      1. if they are talking about ruby hill in the pleasanton, livermore area then the home shown in the picture is around 2 millions dollar or more. that sounds like a lot of money for a home, but for the more prominent areas in silicon valley that is consider a pretty good buy for 2 million dollars. ruby hill is a newer community which im assuming is new money (a term people here use for money that have been made recently) which some time can translate to instability. im definitely not referring to leon because im sure he got tons of zeros in his bank account.

        i think a home like that in saratoga, palo alto or the city (which we call san francisco here) well probably run you in double digits of the millions. its a nice area, but i think if most people in the bay have a choice they will prefer the city life or silicon valley in versus to pleasanton/livermore area.

        yeah housing market here sucks big time… an old home in a good neighborhood in the bay area can run you at the cheap end of 800-900k up till the millions. for a near price tag tag of that home you can probably get a normal looking home like this in palo alto…

      1. Ekin,
        Ruby Hill must be exclusive and you are claiming you are loaded with money? So Leon Lai is your neighbor?

  7. Every time I see that pic of Gaile I think “collagen injection”

    1. Hmm. I can no longer tell whether or not she’s pouting.

      Anyway, sad to see a relationship come to an end, but sometimes it’s better to let go.

  8. “They are basically from two different worlds. Their lifestyle is completely different! Leon is materialistic and enjoys the luxuries of life. After all, he did buy his own yacht and personal jet. He likes to eat at high-class restaurants, while Gaile likes to live a simpler life. Even if she had to eat McDonald’s her entire life, she would be fine with it. Gaile tried to convince Leon to change, but he wouldn’t, so that’s why they have separated.”

    shouldn’t that be other way around?

    1. Of course a friend of Gaile will speak up for her.. Not a surprising comment. 🙂

  9. It is sad to hear that they may be divorcing but I guess if things don’t work out,then they have no choice.

    I have heard that Gaile is thrifty and all,so she may like to live a simple lifestyle. However, I am not sure if that would cause a couple to divorce. I have seen couples that live different lifestyles but are happy together. I have a feeling it is much more than that. Anyways, if they have to divorce then hopefully it is peaceful and that they can still be friends which is hard in some cases…

  10. I don’t think the above pic is really their house. Come on it looks like there is a golf course in the back. It is more like a golf club house. Too big to be a “vacation house”.

  11. I’m pretty sure Leon can find someone else who doesn’t want to live on McDonald’s for the rest of her life..yeah just get lost Gaile hahaha

  12. i can see how she can eat mcdonald for whole year, is that why she look so plump for a model?. Both of them look so old for their age, or is it just a photo?

  13. If she likes simple,why did she come to Hong Kong and why is she a model?o_O
    just wondering

  14. “Even if she had to eat McDonald’s her entire life, she would be fine with it.”

    I’m a simple girl, and I don’t think I would be fine with it if I had to eat Mcdonald’s in my entire life. Too unhealthy.

  15. i think she didn’t get enough from him that s why she wants a divoice

  16. never though she was pretty.. huge lips and small eyes… look like she man.. when love is gone, better to just get a divorce when both still young.

  17. I think it’s pretty obvious that she and her mom are gold diggers

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