Adia Chan Reflects Working with Leon Lai in Classic Drama, “Song Bird”

In a recent interview with Hong Kong Footpath <舊日的足跡> Adia Chan (陳松伶) reflected on her experience filming with Leon Lai (黎明) in the classic drama, Song Bird  <天涯歌女>.

Started Filming after Injury Recovery

Adia revealed that she was hospitalized and rested at home for a month prior to filming the drama. While Adia was making soup after school, she accidentally knocked it over and burned her feet. Due to the spilled oil on the ground, Adia also fell on her behind. To this day, Adia still has the scar on her feet from the accident.

Filming with Leon

After recovery, Adia filmed her first drama, Song Bird. Despite not having any experience or training, Adia acted as a 30-year-old songstress in the drama. Although filming was hard, Adia was thankful that Leon was the main lead. With Leon’s good looks, Adia found it easy to get into character.

Because of their on-screen chemistry, there were many rumors surrounding the two stars while filming. As Adia was only 17 years old while Leon was 23 at the time of filming, Adia was asked if she ever felt awestruck. Adia replied, “Actually other than Leon, there were Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Gordon Lam (林家棟) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) [in the drama]. They all taught me how to act. Now they are all very popular and they are truly very talented actors.”

Adia didn’t shy away from admitting that it was easy to fall in love with Leon in the drama, “I was very infatuated when I saw him. He was very handsome. However, the sweet feeling only flashed by. This was because I was too busy. In addition to reciting the script, I also had homework. Back then I was studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For convenience, I drove myself to school. My classmates had different opinions of me. They either thought I was a show-off, or they understood my situation.”

Source: East Week

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    1. @angeltien
      It’s amazing! We used to have types of Song Bird when a child and rewatch all over and over again. I even now still remember the storyline perfectly. It’s crazy that Nadia was 17 and could portray a sweet poor singing girl then a mature star with mental problems. I never really thought she was so young at the time because she carried the sweet girl and annoying woman with ease. Leon was as bland as they could be in the series. Aaron has charisma but is short and only had a few scenes…

      1. @jimmyszeto I would watch this series on VHS over and over again just to listen to her sing. When I was that age, I wasn’t allowed to buy cassette tape.

  1. Cant imagine TVB casting a 17 and 23 year old as leads these days lol

    My mum used to play the songbird cassette so much. Not a fan of the music, personally. The drama did have a big impact on me at the time even though I was too young to understand much. Very tragic storyline.

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