Adia Chan Gets Emotional Recalling Tragic Past

Hong Kong artiste Adia Chan’s (陳松伶) recent appearances on Chinese variety shows Feng Bo Lang de Jie Jie <乘風破浪的姐姐> and King Cross <跨界歌王> impressed viewers with her singing and dancing talents. However, it was Adia’s revelation about her heartbreaking past on King Cross that made viewers truly sit up and admire the 49-year-old’s courage to face life’s challenges.

Debuting when she was only 14 years old, Adia quickly ascended to become one of TVB’s most popular leading actresses and worked with a variety of prominent actors, including Leon Lai (黎明) in Song Bird <天涯歌女> and Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) in Instinct <笑看風雲>. Adia’s career was fairly successful until 2005 when her manager, and best friend at the time, tricked her out of nearly $100 million Hong Kong dollars. Aside from losing her fortune, Adia was also evicted from her own apartment. After her father’s tragic death, Adia had to undergo surgery for an ovarian cyst – one of the reasons as to why she remained childless. The compounded effect of these unfortunate events eventually crumbled Adia’s mental health and she fell into a long depression.

Thanking her husband for taking care of her during her darkest times, Adia said that Zhang Duo (張鐸), who is nine years her junior, was her ultimate savior. The actor spent years trying to help Adia get out of her depression. During those years, Adia took a hiatus from her entertainment career and stayed home to rest while Zhang Duo took care of everything financially. As she was sharing her story on King Cross, Adia grew teary-eyed and very emotional when Zhang Duo came onto the show as a surprise guest.

Source: HK01

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  1. it was not easy to go through what she went through. overall she was too naive in her early years she didn’t have the life experience to help her make the right decisions and learn who she should have trusted. i am glad that she pulled through though.

  2. Everytime I hear such a story, it gives me the impression that Hong Kong has insufficient law to protect people from being cheated and that the media has no bones in chasing down the culprit. If this happens in the UK, the ex-manager’s face will be on the press for public shaming. That is what media or tabloid is for. Not to go around reporting if celebrities are cheating on their other half. This is the type of cheating that we should be chasing down!

    1. @modernwoman Yeah, i totally agree with you. So many stories of their own manager mismanaged or cheating the artist’s income. The media should have done better to help expose who the culprits are.

      1. @starstar idk, is the west that much better? I still remembered Backstreet Boys was cheated pretty bad by their managers too? In the end, I’m glad these guys and Adia managed to pull through. She’s lucky to have such a husband.

  3. Sad to hear that. The culprit is very bad. Yes,… should expose more about the culprit.

  4. Nothing can escape the UK media, rightly or wrongly. As long as there is public interest, they have the freedom to investigate and report. Many societal issues were discovered, investigated and resolved by them like the wide-spread abuses in the care homes. HK media should use their platform to make society better, not just selling news about who is the father of Cecilia Cheung’s son!

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