Adia Chan: “My Husband Gives Me Wings”

Adia’s husband, who is six years her junior, stood by her fully when she faced a health crisis and fell into depression.

Forty-eight-year-old Adia Chan (陳松伶) switched her focus to the Mainland Chinese market in 2000. Besides career opportunities and wealth, she also met and married her co-star, Zhang Duo (張鐸), from the 2006 Chinese drama Blood is not Cold <血未冷>. Although he is six years her junior, Adia praises her husband for being mature and a very responsible person.

At the start of their dating relationship, Zhang Duo had already created a 10-year plan for their future. “I remember seeing a document on his writing desk then, and realized it was all yearly figures and financial investments. Afterward, I questioned him but he was very mysterious about it. Turns out it was a plan for the next 10 years and beyond. For my career, I would at most set a one-year target, but he had been planning and preparing for more than 10 years ahead into the future. That was really touching,” shared the actress.

Took Care of Her Wholeheartedly

When she met Zhang Duo, Adia was experiencing low points in her family, career and health. At that time she was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor and could not even afford surgical fees, prompting her to fall into depression. Luckily, Zhang Duo stayed by her side unconditionally and supported throughout the ordeal.

During a performance last year, Adia dedicated a song called “That Man” <那個男人> to her husband. “He gave me the support to carry on when I was at my most painful, working hard every day so I could rest at home peacefully for four to five years. At that time I didn’t know if I would become uglier, but he never once gave up on me, giving me the reassurance and peace-of-mind I needed to recover. I will journey together with him hand-in-hand for the rest of my life,” she declared.

Binded by Trust

Entering their 13th year of marriage, the two are often separated long distance due to their work. But Zhang Duo is as caring as ever, and the couple made a pact not to be apart for longer than two weeks.

“It has been twelve years since we first knew each other, there is a lot of trust between us. We have no secrets at all, whether it’s (what’s on) our mobile phones or when it comes to our friends. At the very least, we would not second-guess each other. Honesty is the best connection. In terms of both age and mentality, he is more mature and logical. I especially dislike men who nag. We seldom bicker and discuss big and small matters at home, with me having the final say,” shared the actress.

“Like I Was Being Taken Care of by My Parents”

Adia said, “He would take care of every aspect very well, making me feel as if it were my parents caring for me. He would always ask me if I’ve had my meal, and encourage me to go exercise every day because he loves exercising.”

As her husband loves golf, he would buy a set of golf accessories for her, hoping she would join him. However, Adia would make excuses not to go along, suggesting that she hates the glaring sun, which she has to put up with during outdoor filming.

Despite this, Zhang Duo would join Adia for yoga and ignore the stares from their class of female participants. “There are words which I don’t want to say for fear of him becoming complacent, but he is really my (pair of) wings!” shared the actress.

Zhang Duo: “Adia is a Fantastic Wife”

When interviewed, Zhang Duo praised Adia for being a good wife, sharing that their relationship is not restricted by their work commitments although the couple is often apart. To him, personalities and interests, and trust and respect are key to good communication. “In my heart, Adia is a very, very good wife. She has an upright temperament, while other areas such as literary accomplishment and performing talent are skills that can be nurtured, a person’s moral compass and temperament are hard to alter. These are (what’s most) important to me.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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      1. @wm2017

        According to wikipedia, their birthdates are as follow

        Adia – 21 Jan 1971
        Zhang Duo – 6 Nov 1979

        So, the difference should be 8 years.

    1. @cutie777
      I originally heard 11 or even 12 years but now 9. But the main point is she is a lot older and can’t have kids and he still loves her unconditionally. She is a very lucky person to find such a good husband. Hope she treats him right.

      1. @hetieshou well I guess as long they’re happy without having a kid or they might go adopt who knows. You see that’s the problem don’t know why mens are into an older woman if he’s thinking wants to have a kid with them but at the end the woman couldn’t have a kid because of their age? Same problem with Christy Chung I heard she’s trying for another baby? At her age 48? If her husband wants a children that bad I think he should have found someone who’s a little younger than her or even a few years older than him? Sometimes not sure what mens are thinking if they want a kid that bad.

      2. @cutie777
        No with having kids in her case, it was not age but her health problems. She told him from the beginning that she couldn’t have kids due to her health which is a big issue besides age. Age is a factor but not the only one. My aunt had my cousin at 46 and she was her last kid and my cousin is fine. My aunt is still alive and well to this day too.Her case is unusual but it proves that it is possible to have healthy children at on older age but Yes is more risky. I agree that a man wants biological children that bad but yet choose a way older woman as a wife is so contradictory. They should consider that if they want a biological child that badly. In this case, Adia’s husband did not mind and they did think of adopting which was what Irene Wan did. But they are loving regardless. I had an argument with others on here regarding this issue. Age is a factor when having kids but not the only one.

        I agree that you do not necessarily need to have kids in order to be happy. Adoption is a good option if you cannot have your own. Being happy and blissful is important too. Having kids is not necessarily what makes you happy.

      3. @hetieshou yes that’s right as long they’re happy that’s all matter. I didn’t notice she’s got a health problem so that’s why she couldn’t have any kid? What about Irene Wan? I never knew her son is adopted but I did knew Angie Cheung did adopt a son too. So how come Irene adopt a son? Same problem as Adia? Health issue? I know she still looks really good as for her age.

      4. @hetieshou I think my issue with older parents having kids (esp if they’re Asian), is that I don’t think their intentions are pure. those that deliberately choose to have kids at an older age, in my opinion, are doing it for impure motives and aren’t considering the child’s welfare from the start. will the child have optimal life from middle aged parents? who will take care of their kids when they become decrepit (if the kids are still young?). do they have a backup plan for themselves when their kids are grown? sure, some older parents take very good care of themselves and can still be relatively active maybe 20-30 years into their kids’ lives, but what about after? then of course they expect their kids to take care of them. most Asian parents do. It’s the return on investment that they get, without pausing to think of the implications of their actions on their kids’ lives. Or in the case of Christy, she’s doing it to keep a man and solidify the relationship between them. It’s not because she loves children and wants the best for them.

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