Andy Lau Hopes to Reunite the Four Heavenly Kings

The Four Heavenly Kings, which comprised of the four biggest male superstars of the 90s: Andy Lau (劉德華), Jacky Cheung (張學友), Aaron Kwok (郭富城), and Leon Lai (黎明), are the golden standard for many singers. Many fans hope they will be able to see them reunited on stage once more in their lifetime.

Recently, Andy Lau appeared on popular Chinese talk show, A Date with Luyu <魯豫有約一日行>. Singing competitions having been taking China by storm and he was asked if there was a chance that he would take on the role as a mentor in a show. Andy disclosed that he has been approached by producers, but humbly declined as he feels that he is not qualified to be a mentor and will continue to work hard as a singer.

Andy mentioned that he actually has a dream where The Four Heavenly Kings could participate in one season as mentors and promote Cantonese songs as well. He had actually shared this idea with the other three Heavenly Kings. Host Luyu speculated that Aaron Kwok would be willing to participate as he currently is a mentor on Produce Camp 2019 <創造營2019>. Unfortunately Andy disclosed that Jacky Cheung was not too keen on the idea. At this point, it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer for a reunion.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. LOL…sorry Andy, but that’s wishful thinking that’s never going to happen…for one, Jacky pretty much doesn’t even like being called Heavenly King anymore (nor does he like being called God of Songs either but that’s a whole different story) so he’s not going to do a reunion just because of that, and certainly not for a singing contest….besides, it’s not like others haven’t tried – Jacky’s buddy / BFF Harlem Yu (whom he is closer to than Andy) tried to persuade him to do a guest spot with him on Voice of China previously and the show organizers even offered to pay him 7 figures just to appear, yet he still turned it down. Jacky has already said (numerous times in fact) that he refuses to do these types of shows because he himself came from a singing contest and so he understands the pressure the contestants face as well as how harsh that environment can be — he doesn’t have the heart to criticize the contestants yet he doesn’t want to lie to them either by saying they are doing well when they aren’t, so the best option is to not put himself in that situation period. To be honest, I think Andy is the only one who is still hung up on this Heavenly King thing….the other 3 stopped mentioning it like over a decade ago.

    1. @llwy12
      I thought everyone had moved on to bigger things and do not want to be associated with a meagre previously promotional heavenly king title. Aaron focused on personal serious acting developments, Leon in music business and Jacky into continuing to showcase his godly singing ability. Only Andy is still all bent out in remaining young and popular in the eyes of ‘fans’ and not seeking improvement into bigger and better things..

  2. I will certainly watch if Andy becomes a mentor for a singing contest, regardless who are the other mentors.

    1. @prettysup1
      I will watch it too if Andy becomes a mentor for a singing contest.
      I also want to see the 4 Heavenly Kings reunite in a show. It is a very rare thing and it is something I will cherish to see again. I don’t see much charms in younger celebrities.

  3. I totally agreed with @llwy12 & @jimmyszeto. I used to admire Andy Lau so much especially after watching the “return of the condor heroes”. But as the years passed and he kept denying the existence of his wife, denying her status for so many years, I lose my respect and admiration for him. I feel he is so hung up about his idol status and he forgot the facts that his fans are already grown up.

    Artistes with real substance will always try to move on to improve themselves, developing their passion & talents. But I couldn’t see that in Andy Lau. His acting still sucks and his singing is meh. Aaron Kwok was quite bad in acting but now he has surpassed Andy Lau so much more. And nonetheless, Jacky Cheung always the most humble and yet the most talented one, he never consider himself “heavenly king”.

    1. @cristachew79 @jimmyszeto I will always remember what Jacky has said in numerous interviews whenever he is asked about why he never acknowledges the “God of songs” title for himself: he said that to acknowledge himself as God of Songs would be to acknowledge that he has reached his peak (aka perfection) and no longer needs to improve — the minute you believe you don’t need to improve, your career is essentially over. Even now, Jacky still maintains that there is room for improvement with his singing and so for that reason, he feels uncomfortable with the God of Songs title. He said that in his mind, there is only one true God of Songs: Sam Hui.

  4. Among those 4 Heavenly Kings (Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai), Jacky Cheung is the only one who can sing. The other three can only do shows, but are not good singers (not of the same class of singers as Jacky Cheung).

  5. What is there to reunite?? They were never a band nor did any song collaborations. They’re not even close nor barely friends in real life, unlike Dicky, William, Andy, and the one I can’t rmemeber his name atm. These “4 kings” would just be on stage singing their own songs, in their own corners??? Lol, silly Andy.

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