Four Months Pregnant Gaile Lok Harassed by Netizen

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Four Months Pregnant Gaile Lok Harassed by Netizen

Gaile Lok (樂基兒), who married organic food tycoon Ian Chu in August of last year, announced her four months pregnancy in an Instagram post a few days ago. Not long after she revealed the good news, she allegedly received over 100 messages from a netizen who has been harassing her for nearly three years.

After the news broke out, Gaile admitted to being the target of online harassment. The netizen began pestering the 38-year-old ever since she disclosed her and Ian’s relationship in early 2016. In the past, the netizen even went as far as harassing Ian’s parents. Gaile expressed the social media user has a total of seven accounts and uses a different name to leave her a message each time. The person even asked Gaile for hush money of $200,000 HKD previously.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the netizen, who claims to be the actress and model’s lover, recently bombarded her with trash talk. One message allegedly claims Gaile said Ian is gay. Another reads, “My emotions were toyed with this year, you don’t think the baby in your stomach will have karma?”

While Gaile admitted she had thought about filing a police report, she never took action against the netizen because she didn’t want to make the other party mad, and hopes the matter will end peacefully. Also, Gaile doesn’t understand Chinese, so the messages neither intimidated her nor affected her mood. Since the matter is made public now, she wishes the netizen would stop. “[Ian and I] have more important things to do,” she said. “But we still hope that everyone can stop harassing others.”

In the meantime, the first time mother is going to concentrate on her pregnancy and enrolled in a yoga class for pregnant women. She revealed she hopes to have a water birth.

Source: Ettoday

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    1. coralie says:

      hahaha how pointless. the netizen harasses gaile constantly but she doesn’t have a clue what they’re saying loololol.

      honestly if i was her, i’d agree to wire 200K to this bored netizen, grab their account details & then report them to the police. that last comment about karma at her baby is over the line and deserves punishment. at the very least, she should announce on her blog publicly that if the harasser keeps making up lies and wishing harm on her, she’ll take legal action. that should scare them off.

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