Leon Lai’s Girlfriend is 6 Months Pregnant

Since his divorce with model Gaile Lok (樂基兒) in 2012, Leon Lai (黎明) has closely guarded his dating life. Leon managed to keep his romance with his assistant, Wing, a secret for two years. The couple will be taking a big step in their relationship, as Wing is reportedly six months pregnant.

Special Work Arrangements with the Boss

Wing has been a gossip magnet since she started working as an assistant at Leon’s company, Paciwood. At the time, Wing worked as an assistant for Aarif Rahman (李治廷), one of Leon’s managed artistes. Wing’s marriage reportedly ended because of her involvement with Aarif in 2012.

Attracted by Wing’s cheerful and forward attitude, Leon invited Wing to work at his music company, AMusic. As long as her work was done, Wing did not always have to show up at the office. Wing did not have to report to a manager, and often went straight to Leon’s home for business meetings at odd hours.

Although Wing’s special work arrangements with the boss attracted gossip, Leon’s staff was unaware of how quickly their relationship had progressed. Reportedly six months pregnant, Wing was spotted shopping for baby supplies recently.

Leon has not responded to news over being an expectant father. He is scheduled to make an appearance at a film expo on March 19 and will likely speak with the press then.

When reached for comment, Leon’s ex-wife Gaile Lok offered her congratulations. Gaile, who married organic food entrepreneur Ian Chu last year, is happy Leon has found happiness.

Source: On.cc, HK01.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yes, Wing was showing up for business meetings alright. They were getting down to business, and made a nine months business merger, lol.
    I hope Wing does not leave Leon for the next celeb she works with. Seems like she falls for all the men she is working with.

      1. @cutie777 Maybe that’s why Leon and Gaile were not compatible— he probably wanted to settle down and start a family while she didn’t want to be tied down at such a young age. To be honest, I never really believed that Leon and his ex Gaile would last, as their personalities and lifestyles were so completely opposite…

  2. I have no respect for her. Clearly she’s chasing fame and fortune by trying to hook up with famous stars. She knows how to work her way into his home that’s for sures. No idea what Leon see’s in her and he better do a pre-nup if he plans to marry her.

      1. @janet72 hahha! Would be scandalous if she was two-timing! Yeah Leon probably feel’s left out that out of the 4 Heavenly King’s, he’s the last to become a father.

      2. @shimmerstars So true! That would be horrible if she actually two-timed him (though I wouldn’t be surprised given her track record).

        If the news of Leon becoming a father is true, then he will indeed be the last of the 4 Heavenly Kings to have children, though I find it interesting that 3 of the 4 of them either married or had children amidst much hoopla and/or controversy from the press. Jacky was the only one who managed to do it without much fanfare or controversy, though a lot of that had to do with him revealing his relationship already way early so for us fans (as well as for the press), him getting married and having kids was a natural and expected progression. Sure, every celebrity’s situation is different, but a lot of times, the more they try to intentionally “hide” stuff or try to sweep stuff under the rug, the worse it might be. Jacky is known for being low key and private so he usually won’t volunteer info on his own, but he openly acknowledges/addresses things if he’s asked about them, which is one reason why he’s been able to maintain such a good relationship with the press over the years.

      3. @llwy12 very great points and very well put. Yes, Leon is the last of the group of four to become a father. Jackie’s journey of becoming a husband and father was very normal because he was forthcoming with sharing it with the public and media. What is amazing is the fact that he shared the news, he was not hounded by the press, he was not abandoned by his fans, who were happy for him, and the media gave him space as they knew he is a private man. I think so mms e poo f these celebs delude themselves that they are bigger than the universe and have to keep this and keep that private for the safety of their partner. Funny thing is, since the partners have been brought to light, all they get is support from the fans and the paps don’t even attempt to harass said partners. My beef with such idols is if you have a wonderful m.p.h. an in your life, don’t say anything at all if you don’t want to admit the relationship. If you are married oily rd, don’t bellow that you are not, and don’t t bully and threaten others with lawsuits when you are indeed a married man, or woman. Just keep quiet. At least Leon will not have to hide anything . Jackie has always struck me as an honest, honorable man.

  3. Sounds like uncle Leon got trapped by the oldest trick in the book. Never heard of using protection huh Leon? Men like him shld always be extra careful to use protection otherwise they shld just abstain and control their urge or DIY.

  4. I don’t understand why women flock to men who are so much older than them…o.O. I really don’t.

    Any reason to date these men when there’s a significant age gap still gives me goosebumps. You know most of them are not in it for the feels.

    1. @coralie Why should age be a matter for a couple to be together, as long as both are legal and not homewreckers?

      Speaking from experience, I have always been attracted to older men. It is not intentional but I tend to get along better with people older than me. I find that we are more on the same page in terms of intelligence and maturity. People have set me up with men around my own age but they tend to be more self-centred and not as accommodating.

      And I find some men really mature much later than women of the same age, and it can get frustrating when they are still trapped in their teenage party mentality and I just want to settle down.

      Financially, I am pretty independent with my own career and assets, so I am not attracted to specific men for money. Though having a partner who is financially stable makes less stress in life.

      So goosebumps or not, some people do prefer older partners because they just feel more at ease. Not all of them are golddiggers.

      But that issue aside, whether Wing is truly with Leon for him or his money, only time will tell. Good luck to them both.

      1. @elizabeth I said “most,” not all. I want to clarify and emphasize that point.

        And it also depends on how much of an age gap there is. Over a decade is too much for my personal taste; yours may be entirely different. And maturity and age aren’t always positively correlated, so younger men can definitely still be as mature if not more mature than some men that are even older. So in that case, why date someone so much older? Of course, everyone has their prerogatives in dating preferences; just because I’m not attracted to older men doesn’t mean some women aren’t. I just don’t think majority of the ones that do like men significantly older than them are in it for the right reasons.

        And you (not ‘you’ personally, but in general) have to also think of the repercussions of finding someone much older than yourself. In 30 years time, will both of you be at the same stage in life? Especially these women that are marrying men two decades older than themselves. When they’re 50, their husbands will be in their 70s and much more incapable of enjoying their lives at a 50s level.

      2. @elizabeth I agreed with you. I also find older man more attractive especially when I was in my 20’s. Maybe I was younger then and with less experience so I get overwhelmed by someone older who seems so much wiser than myself

    2. @coralie it could be the money matter? It reminds me of Leo Ku he also married his assistant who’s older than him not sure by how many years.

  5. “As long as her work was done, Wing did not always have to show up at the office. Wing did not have to report to a manager, and often went straight to Leon’s home for business meetings at odd hours.”

    Sounds like the definition of her “work” is at odds with the kind of work other ordinary employees are hired to do. Well, regardless of the kind of “work” she was supposed to do, it definitely gave him pleasure and lowered his company taxes. Killed two birds with one stone.

    1. @rika
      It’s fair to say that she has done her job very well. Definitely going to get an ‘exceeding’ in her appraisal at the end of year review.

  6. Wow, don’t know her actual age but she looks like she could be his daughter in that pic! Also surprised that she is very plain looking as opposed to his ex’s.

    Leon will be the last of the 4 heavenly kings to become a father!

    1. @1piscesish it is this kind of mentality that makes me so fed up with the Asian society. What does Wing’s looks have to do with Gaile Lok and how Leon feels about her. He fell in love with the woman, and not her ‘plain’ face. Love is not about looks. I so wish the Asian culture would wake up from their delusional bubble.

  7. he has admitted he will be a father.
    his ex is a model…but present gf is his assistant with lots of perks.
    aaron had a shot gun marriage and a father now. leon must have felt very miserable after his marriage and not a father at a ripe old age.

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