Kelly Cheung Accused of Plastic Surgery

After winning Miss Chinese International in 2012, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) swiftly entered the entertainment industry. Kelly initially actually started her career with TVB as a program host and was also a successful model. She has been given many opportunities, and has starred in several memorable roles in dramas such as Life on the Line <跳躍生命線> and Big White Duel <白色強人>. Most recently, Kelly is again making headlines for her supporting role in Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>.

Rather than her acting, some viewers are instead focused on Kelly’s changing appearance over the years. Many went on to post older photos to compare with more recent pictures, accusing the 29-year-old actress of plastic surgery. In some photos, Kelly’s face evidently appeared plumper and had more baby fat. Some even went as far as to say that Kelly’s “new face” resembles Dodo Cheng (鄭裕玲).

Posting photos of her younger self and comparing it to more recent photos, Kelly emphasized that she has not received any plastic surgery. In the pictures, it is evident that weight plays a part in changing a person’s overall face shape. Kelly once shared that she used to weigh 147 pounds. Since returning to Hong Kong and joining the entertainment industry, she has successfully dropped to 120 pounds. While her features look relatively the same before and after, the weight loss likely contributed to her overall face shape, which is pointed and slimmer now.

Source: HK01

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  1. I don’t get why people accuse celebrities of plastic surgery. Isn’t is common knowledge that most of them have something done? Besides, when celebrities are “ugly”, they call her porkchop and when she is beautiful they suspect she has had something done.

    1. @dreamer

      I think it is the fact that many have had it done and then lie through their teeth about it is what people hate. If they have the courage to do it then why not have the courage to admit it? Sadly many still have such thick skin to lie about it even though it is so obvious.

  2. The only thing I’ve noticed is that she had a nose job. It’s much slimmer with a higher bridge.

    1. @afan202
      Yes and it is soooo obvious but I bet she will flat out lie about it if asked. People do not care if they get plastic surgery but the fact that they lie about it is annoying.

      1. @hetieshou Yup, well said. She will flat out lie about it like they all do. If the celebrities want to get PS, that is their business, and if it is a good job, they should be proud of it. Instead they lie and threaten to sue. Some even make idiots of themselves, namely one in particular, on national TV.

  3. Goodness me! If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known that was Kelly. Her eyes have obviously gone under the knife. They were hooded before. Her nose has also been shaved smaller. Anyways she has never looked attractive to me cos I always think she looks like a transgender.

  4. She looks like two different person I think she did something to her eyes too not just her nose. I’m sure many celebrities got to have some plastic surgery work done that’s why you don’t really see them with cricket teeth, pimples or moles. The bottom picture from left next to the one she’s holding the phone dress up as flight attendant she either looks Thai or looks like Anne Heung or even Mandy Lam? If I don’t know her age I really thought she’s around 30 something years old because she looks very mature even Zoie Tam looks younger than her even though she’s older than Kelly.

    1. @cutie777 “she looks like two different person” your quote, and my thoughts exactly. Definitely PS was done, and it was more than the nose.

  5. I always thought her face is somewhat unnatural looking. Her nose in particular definitely looks odd. I can see what someone here meant when he/she said Kelly looks like Do Do Cheng! (Just my thoughts…the last time I posted comments on someone’s nose, the internet police came along and said that I should look in the mirror first before making comments about someone else!)

    1. @summerdale I did comment about Jacqueline Wong is prettier than Kelly but nobody agree with me I think because of Jacqueline scandal that’s why people hate her so much I mean to be honest she is pretty it’s just that she messed up her life that’s all.

      1. @cutie777 – Jacqueline Wong has a pretty natural looking face compared to Kelly. I am not a big fan of Jacqueline; I think she tries too hard to be cute. Or maybe she’s like that in person….I don’t know….

  6. her younger pic looks like she is now. the one when she’s a teen. as for the nose, could be lighting and make up. i am not a face or ps expert but my face didn’t look like that different even when i gained 30+ pounds.

    1. @m0m0 – Kelly has an Avatar-looking nose. (“Avatar” as in the Disney animation with the blue human-like creatures with a nose like Kelly’s…..)

      1. @summerdale
        you’re right about the avatar nose. she looks like she had it when she was a kid. i wonder why she looks so different later.

  7. Eyes, cheeks and nose, especially the nose. Those are the areas that had PS done.

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