Michelle Reis Ready to Give Birth

Allegedly, Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan has been admitted to the hospital, ready to give birth via Caesarean section. Michelle and her husband, Julian Hui Chun Hung, picked an auspicious date for the baby to be delivered. On her blog earlier, Michelle asked her friends to pay special attention to today’s date, hinting that the baby’s birth will be announced anytime!

Since yesterday, a large group of reporters have waited outside Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. However, Michelle and Julian were not spotted by the reporters. Allegedly, the couple may have entered the hospital via a private passageway at 3 AM. Michelle checked into a luxury delivery suite on the 29th floor of the hospital. The suite includes a delivery room, a dining room, a large high-definition television, and offers broadband Internet access, which suits Michelle’s love for blogging.

Earlier, Michelle wrote on her blog, “Each person is trying hard to be a better person and take risks for these changes. Change is always good!” It appears that Michelle will quickly become a mother and enter a new chapter in her life. While chatting with a fan last night, Michelle said “Try hard tomorrow,” not forgetting to give herself a mental boost!

Michelle’s manager was unable to confirm whether Michelle was having a baby today. “I’m not sure. When I asked her when I can visit her for Lunar New Year, she did not reply back yet.”

Excerpt from Orientaldaily

Jayne: It’s most likely that Michelle Reis indeed had her baby today! She’s already in her 9th month but looked absolutely amazing for her entire pregnancy.

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  1. Congrats to her and I think she had a boy right?? I honestly did not think she looked that great and looked like her typical self. She was skinny all over and only her stomach region purged out…I don’t consider that attractive…

  2. And as HeTieShou said… I think it’ll probably look better if she wasn’t that slim with the whole tummy bulging out and stuff.. but dammm she kepted in pretty good shape considering that she was pregnant.

    1. lol it’s true. Perhaps this is also genetics? If you want to know how you will fair during pregnancy and after, look at your MoM. However, Michelle is also a popular celebrity who’s husband is very wealthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has personal chefs and dietitians at her disposal.

  3. The photo above could easily pass off as a commercial for maternity wear or some healthcare product. Either the photographer’s amazing or she actually spent some effort choreographing the whole photoshoot.

    1. Moonriver, the camera angle is nice. It’s a beautiful photo, emphasizing the maternal bond with baby with Michelle hugging her belly. Much more tasteful than the topless photos Claire Yiu took while pregnant. I have no problems with a pregnant woman showing skin, but Claire’s pregnant photos were all about sex appeal (and therefore centered around herself) while Michelle’s are more artistic and emphasize the mother-baby bond more.

    2. That is a professionally taken photo so of course it should look nice. It is a good photo to show the bond between mother and child.

  4. Or maybe she is, as always, simply exquisite.

    This from her blog via wikipedia: “Reis gave birth to a baby boy, Jayden Max Hui, on 8 February 2011 via Caesarean section at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. At birth, Jadyen weighed 2.93 kilograms and measured 49 cm long.”

    1. Timothy, thanks for the update. Jayden is such a trendy name. If he looks like Michelle, he will be very beautiful.

    2. wow congrats to Michelle? I’m not feeling the name Jayden..perhaps because I’m a fan of old fashioned names rather than trendy ones. When I think of “Jayden”, I automatically think of Jayden James Spears, but I’m in the States, in Asia it might be different.

      1. I meant “congrats to Michelle!” no question mark. Forget to edit = fail in this respect. >.<

    3. Thanks so much for the news update Timothy! Did she give her son a Chinese name?? Or is it just Jayden Max Hui?? Did she pick that date? I think that people should try to give birth naturally rather than try to “pick” these dates to have C sections just so their kids can be born at a certain time and date. I wonder how true all of that stuff is??

      I am glad that she chose to stay in HK instead of be like some people who go all the way to the US just to give birth and claim US citizenship. THen they run all the way back to where they were.. What is the point of trying to claim US citizenship??

      Anyways,congrats to Michele and her husband! I hope she will share pix of her son.

      1. US citizenship give them more freedom. With CCP ruling China, you really don’t know what will happen. Today, HK still have autonomy. But, what about when the 50 years 1 country 2 system agreement ends?

        I think that’s why they obtain a US citizenship. For security’s sake.

  5. Congrats to Michelle! Jayden will be a heart breaker for sure as Michelle and her husband are quite beautiful people. Wonder how motherhood will change her.:)

    1. Good looking people don’t always yield good looking kids and vice versa….

  6. She has the money ( Perhaps her husband), I’m sure Botox and the right clothes/makeup will help enhance her beauty and conceal those aging skin.

    1. Or perhaps she has good genes. Some older ladies, no matter how much work she’s had done or how much makeup she has on, just doesn’t make them look younger. To me, Michelle Reis looks like a natural beauty.

  7. Would anyone wonder if she REALLY was pregnant? Didn’t she talk about having a surrogate mother before being getting pregnant? In-laws were upset about talk so is it possible the fake tummy was a way to save their face? Is that possibly why Michelle is able to be skinny throughout pregnancy and especially after pregnancy soooo quickly! Do you wonder if there is more to the story of her pregnancy?

    Michelle, I’m happy for you. Yet until you show a real photo of you with a naked belly or right after delivery…it’s easy for one to be suspicious. Of course, special effects and technology is way toooo advance these days so it must be a pretty candid shot for it to be believable. I don’t intend to question you…you must admit that is definitely a possibility though, right? I’m open-minded and not here to judge either…just wondering out loud.

    Regardless, congrats on your new bundle of joy!

    1. I don’t think she needs to justify her pregnancy. And there are plenty of celebrity moms who hardly gain weight during pregnancy. I won’t doubt her.

    2. M, that sounds a little too far fetched 🙂 You must be watching too many science fic.

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