Michelle Reis Shares The First Picture Of Her Newborn Son

February 8, 2011 was indeed a special day for one of the most beautiful Hong Kong celebrity Michelle Reis, who gave birth to a six and a half pounds baby boy named Jayden Max Hui. Michelle has released the first picture of her beloved newborn through a PR company. The title of the picture was named ” When Little Prince encounters JM”. The picture showed a side view of lovely Jayden lying in a crib with his little cousin (Michelle’s nephew) greeting Jayden for the first time! Jayden Max is such a lovely name made up of his parents’ initial “J” for Julian and “M” for Michelle. Michelle who is currently still recovering at the hospital knows that she has just commenced a new chapter of her life as a mom and is more than ready to devote all her love to this new bundle of joy in their family!

Source Sina.com

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  1. Congrats to Michelle! I can’t really see how the baby looks like based on the picture posted since it’s only side view, but I know most newborns look almost the same, lol! We’ll have a better look at him when he’s a few months older. I’m sure he’ll be a beautiful baby since both parents have great features. I’m just so envious of Michelle that she looks just as good during and post pregnancy! I wish I could do that when I get pregnant in the future!

    1. She is pretty, but I don’t think her husband is that good-looking.

  2. LoL she does look good, but when does she ever look bad? Her baby has a lot of hair!

  3. The baby’s gonna be gorgeous, but i don’t think that’s the picture of her son. I think it’s her nephew because I follow her on sina weibo and i think she posted this picture a while ago since she loves her nephew so much too haha. The updated pictures I saw on her blog most recently:


    She still looks radiant without makeup but you can tell she looks a little big “bloated” compared to her usual stage


    ^ and this is when her nephew meets her song :]

    1. @Lily; uhm.. I don’t think that’s her nephew that’s shes holding. I looked at the picture of her nephew and he’s quite big, the one she is holding in her arms is alot smaller, and looks like the second picture of that newborn baby.

    2. I don’t think she is wearing absolutely no make up. She is wearing way less then she usually does, but is still wearing something. She is wearing something on her lips for sure. If not, then her lips would probably be pale and gray…

  4. Do we really care about her kid? I mean really? Yes, she was a past beauty queen/gold-digger and mistress to many of HK tycoons and finally found a rich middle-age guy who didn’t care about her horrendous past and was stupid enough to take her in – of course after lots of prenuptial agreements. Now she finally has a kid at 40 years old and this is news? Come on, give us a break……….Who gives a hoot

    1. I’m not a Michelle fan, so, I didn’t follow her news much. But, how did you know for sure that she’s a mistress of many HK tycoons? Tabloid stories aren’t all true.

      1. Kidd, I believe this as true. Whilst I don’t believe every Miss HK or its participants were at one point “bau” by some rich tycoon, but looking at her lifestyle and her career, I find it hard to believe her income would support her lavish lifestyle. It is of no shame to be a mistress since the men themselves did just the same. Michelle has quite a past and I used to think she is pure elegance until I found out her foul mouth rant. Heard the audio, sounded like her, and it is a known fact her public persona does not correspond with her personal persona. I was shocked. But everyone should have a chance of redemption and her wait finally ended when she married this man and now solidified her position in his family with the birth of a son. Basically she has made it to the ranks of socialites. It may seem we are bad mouthing her etc, but whatever her past was, she certainly made good for herself. I think of all those Miss HK, she’s not the most successful in this sense but certainly one of the most successful. One person who actually turned her life around from her past is Ada Choi. Is her mom still alive? Are they now on talking terms?

      2. @ Funn

        Ada Choi’s mother is still alive and still gambling. There’s a recent news report of her mom gambling in Macao casino with her friend. But, it seems she doesn’t play very big. The report said ‘only a few thousands in 3 hours’ (I guess the reporter consider that a small amount, so, he/she put ‘only’).

        Ada Choi has mended her relationship with her mom after she became a Christian. When a gossip mag published a picture of the mom gambling in horse race last year, Ada even wrote in her weibo “Why did you still want to hurt an old lady? Don’t you also have a past? Can you please think of others feelings some time?”.

      3. I suppose her mother never really mended her ways, but Ada just accepted her for who she is. I feel the magazine was right to print that. Surely Ada would appreciate knowing her mother is still addicted to gambling. Some people never change. Whilst I am happy she mended her relationship with her mother, embraced her weaknesses and etc, this old lady has a problem. If goes uncheck, it will come back to haunt Ada and her husband and her child. The magazine is not her enemy, her mother’s addiction is.

    2. Jayne and her contributors, such as Gossip Godiva, who wrote this article, take out a lot of their personal time to translate these news for us. If you don’t care or appreciate this, or don’t think this is newsworthy, then why even comment on it? Many of the celebrities have had their past-Carina Lau, Ada Choi, Anita Yuen and I’m sure there are many others that have been linked to rich men in the past, have all found a man who accepts their past and are happily married, some with kids. Just because they didn’t have such an “innocent” past, it doesn’t mean they can’t find their happiness, especially if it will help them become a better person. Even Cecilia Cheung and Nic Tse, who were famous for their rebellious natures and have both had their shares of controversial scandals, have become more mature and responsible individuals after becoming parents.

  5. Yuaaida, so very well said!!! I was thinking the exact same thing. Honestly, Michele knew when she hit her late 30’s it wasn’t going to be easy finding a tycoon to sleep with for $$$. She lucked out and found a rich guy who didn’t mind her super slut status. And of course she’s gonna pump out a kid or two… she HAS to in order to get some extra $$ based on the prenups.

    Just looking at her makes me feel dirty. Have you heard about the things she had to do before to score some $$? OMG. Gross.

    1. sounds like you ladies are over 40 single with no kids and no rich boyfriend in sight.

    2. Thanks Maggie. I fully agree with you and glad you found my comments hits the point. You’re right about the fact that if she didn’t pump out a kid or two, she wasn’t going to last long with her tycoon man Julian. Funny thing is, I never really understood why a tycoon like her husband would have to settle for a “recycled” woman like Michelle when he can find himself a woman of decent background. Do we really believe “Love is Blind”?

  6. Although I’m not fond out her past(Stealing other women’s husbands),but hopefully this baby will bring her a new meaning to life. She’s very fortunate to have found a decent rich guy to settle with 🙂
    Hopefully KARMAN doesnt run it’s course and her husband will stay loyal 🙂

    1. Yea, what goes around comes around… I don’t think that just because she has a baby boy that everything is 100% secured for her… You never know what can happen in the future…

  7. Why bring up someone’s past in this time of happiness for them? Frankly, in my opinion, now that this woman [and others] are happily married with children, it’s really nobody’s business to stir up old drama. Granted, they may be celebrities, so their personal lives are fodder for tabloid gossip, but to actively contribute to such behavior speaks more about your own character than the celebrity in question.

    I say this because everyone gets a second chance in life. Leave the judging up to God.

    Congratulations to Michelle and her family!!

  8. Julian is a divorcee man and Michelle doesn’t mind about his past, this is the greatest things Michelle did.

    Congratulations to Michelle.

  9. Julian is a divorcee man and Michelle does not mind about his past, this is the greatest things Michelle did.

    Congratulations to Michelle.

    1. Being a descendant of one of HK big four tycoon families, I’m sure lots of women won’t mind Julian’s past. Furthermore, in Asian society, there might be stigma for divorced women, but, not divorced men. So, I don’t see what’s so great (let alone greatest) about Michelle not minding his divorced past.

      Not dissing Michelle or anything. But, him being divorced is really no big deal.

      1. Actually his being divorced or with 10 children isn’t any deal at all. Let’s just look at it this way; she got the better deal. I suppose there’s a pre-nup. Her situation is one dreamed by a lot of women of her standing; marrying a tycoon and having a son solidifying her position. It looks picture perfect but the picture isn’t always that perfect. I am not dissing Michelle too, everyone has a past, but her becoming a socialite by virtue of her connection with this man certainly didn’t hurt her, at all. I would say she certainly did good and made it!

        Please leave God out of this. It is as if we can’t diss her, but God will judge her and so eternal damnation is waiting for her. I think this is even worse than calling her a gold digger isn’t it?

      2. hmmm I don’t think “God” ever said anything [that we know of anyway] about Michelle being a gold digger and being eternally damned. How can we guess what judgment will be passed if we have not made them already in our hearts?

        PS I’m not using “God” in the literal sense, it’s more like Karma since I am not a follower of any specific religion.

    2. I don’t think Michelle is in any position to mind about his past. He’s a rich tycoon and can have any type of past without affecting his eligibility status. On the other hand, Michelle with her slutty past is the one that has things to be ashamed of and all gossip readers know what type of slutty past she has had as a mistress, lover etc. to all those sugar daddys in HK. It’s Julian that should mind and not her……….

  10. well, Julian married her & hv a baby with her..since Julian doesn’t mind her past, what’s for us to mind?

  11. Did they ever even hear of that name before Will Smith’s son emerged into the spotlight? It really takes all kinds to make up Hong Kong, I’m sure all of Hongkong will be tracing this lineage for eternity.

  12. It’s an undeniable fact that her in-laws’ peers are probably still laughing themselves yellow in the face and it will be interesting that their grandchildren will probably be his classmates. If Chinese people didn’t care about moral character as long as someone has money, there would be more drug dealers at society events. Everything matters – even one drop of the wrong element counts.

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