Raymond Lam Praises Michelle Reis’ Timeless Beauty

To commence the grand opening of a luxury brand mall in Guangzhou, Raymond Lam amd Michelle Reis were invited as special event guests. Aside from handing out free gifts, Michelle participated in the lighting ceremony while Raymond sang for the audience.

Raymond revealed that in order to match the elegant Michelle Reis, he especially wore a black velvet jacket. Raymond also wore a purple turtleneck as well. Purple is one of Raymond’s favorite colors!

Raymond’s birthday just passed and he received a lot of gifts this year. How will Raymond celebrate Christmas this year? “I will be be staying in Hong Kong and celebrating with friends.”

When reporters mentioned Raymond’s rumored girlfriend, Linda Chung Ka Yan, he adeptly changed the topic to Michelle Reis. It turns out that their meeting at the Guangzhou mall is the first time Raymond has met with Michelle! “I have watched Michelle act since I was young. I really want to find out how she has managed to stay so youthful for so long!”

Raymond commented that Michelle still looks extremely beautiful and is a timeless beauty. He will be asking her for beauty and health tips! Does Raymond want to find a girlfriend as beautiful as Michelle? He joked, “I will not have a lot of time to spend with her, so it will be a risky relationship!”

Due to her current romance with wealthy tycoon Hui Chun Hung, Michelle was the center focus of the media yesterday, thereby stealing the public’s attention away from Raymond. He waited patiently until after reporters have taken photos of Michelle and then went on stage to perform. While singing, Raymond’s voice cracked a bit, but he remained calm and finished his song.

Raymond was very easygoing when responding to reporters’ questions. He hopes to act in roles he has never played before, such as a schizophrenic. What type of characters does Raymond thinks he excels at? Raymond expressed that he still hasn’t established a firm trademark yet.

There has been rumors that the Hui family is opposed to Mr. Hui dating Michelle, thereby shattering her chances of marrying into the rich family.

Responding to these rumors, Michelle was very calm. Michelle remarked that her relationship with Mr. Hui is still not very stable yet. A wedding is only a moment in time, but a marriage is for a lifetime, so it needs to be thought out carefully.

“However Cathy Tsui Tsi Kei appears to be very happy in her recent marriage to Martin Lee.” Michelle hopes to have a more stable relationship first.

Source: Sohu.com, Sina.com, Orientaldaily

Jayne: Ah Raymond overshadowed by Michelle Reis? I guess it’s the recent splashy wedding of Cathy Tsui and Martin Lee that has peaked the audience’s interest in other actresses dating rich men and their potential marriage into a rich family?

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  1. i’m jealous of michelle reis! she looked so good in fallen angels!

  2. of course, because michelle more beauty than other artist.

  3. Is it me or is she looking less and less Chinese since her marriage? Her features seem to be losing some kind of camouflage.

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