Pregnant Cathy Tsui Receives Beverly Hills Mansion from Husband

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Pregnant Cathy Tsui Receives Beverly Hills Mansion from Husband


Married to billionaire Martin Lee (李家誠), former actress Cathy Tsui (徐子淇) is allegedly pregnant with a fourth child, after having previously given birth to two girls and a boy.

Delighted by the upcoming fourth child, and as a gesture of appreciation for Cathy, Martin has purportedly gifted her with a multi-million-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, USA. This new residence for Cathy is expected to provide her with a high degree of privacy, so she can prepare for her labor in comfort and at ease.

Meanwhile, Cathy has been sharing snippets of her life on social media, with a particular focus on healthy eating. Cathy has been drinking homemade lemonade to combat the summer heat, and also snacking on kale chips – a particular favorite of Hollywood celebrities. These healthy eating efforts seem to have paid off as Cathy has maintained her slim physique and looks great despite being pregnant for nearly six or seven months.

Cathy’s father-in-law, tycoon Lee Shau Kee (李兆基) who officially announced his retirement from his position as Chairman of Henderson Land Development last month, is also joyfully anticipating the birth of Martin and Cathy’s fourth child. Lee Shau Kee is known to love children and would hold a lavish celebration as well as give out employee bonuses whenever he has a grandchild. When Cathy gave birth to her son in 2011, Lee had allegedly given every employee a hefty bonus of about $1200 USD. Shau Kee is expected to repeat his generosity when Cathy gives birth to her fourth child.


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