Cathy Chui was Born to Be a Socialite

There are girls who dream to marry the elite, and there are girls who are born to become successful.

Cathy Chui (徐子淇) was not born a socialite, but her middle class parents made sure she was well taken care of and successful. Born in Hong Kong, Cathy’s parents saved enough money to send Cathy to the University College London to major in Eastern European studies and economies. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she became a model and was later scouted by director Gordon Chan (陳嘉上) to take part in his film.

Her mother cultivated her to be successful. With her good looks and educated background, Cathy captured the hearts of many rich businessman and 2G heirs, and finally won the heart of Martin Lee (李家誠), the younger son of real estate tycoon Lee Shau-kee (李兆基), in 2006. She was only 24, and Martin was 37.

Eight months after their marriage, Cathy gave birth their first child, daughter Leanne. In 2009, less than two years after Leanne’s birth, Cathy and Martin welcomed their second daughter Hayley. In 2011, their first son Triston was born. In 2015, their fourth child, son Preston, was born in October.

Within an eight year time span, Cathy gave birth to four Lee children. To outsiders, it appeared as if Cathy wanted to secure her position within the Lee household by having more children. But when Martin’s older brother Peter Lee (李家傑), who had been single, surprised his father with three sons, it appeared as if Martin and Cathy’s position in the family was being threatened.

Last week, Lee Shau-kee anounced that he is retiring and stepped down as chairman of Henderson Land Development. His two sons will split over the responsibilities of his business


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  1. Omg, like bearing heirs is like a competition to see who gets the most inheritance….

    1. @m0m0 of course it is. Otherwise how to justify why the 4th wife of Stanley Ho would marry him and bore him 4 kids. The last kid he fathered with her when he was 78. Can you imagine that? And the 4th wife was 40 years his junior. Stanley’s daughter Pansy is only a year older than her 4th stepmun. Within a span of 10 years or less they had 4 kids else how could she compete for the inheritance. Similarly to Cathy. After the bil has triplet boys, she has to compete to get boys coz her earlier were girls.

      1. @nigel the Lee’s former driver said the traditional old man said it was fine not having a grandson, but obviously he does mind. when the BIL had triplet boys through a surrogate, she was desperately trying for a boy. some time back, it was mentioned she was trying for a 5th one. when one marries into the ‘traditional rich’ family, having a son is very important.

      2. @janet72 definitely having a boy is important but then again anyone wouldn’t mind being a baby popping machine in her position with all the money to look good after giving birth. Anyway, she should know or the parents should know that if you eat salted fish, you have to be able to withstand the thirst (Cantonese saying). So if she wants to marry into “hole moon”, she has to be ready to pop sons out as per the in laws’ wishes. She is very lucky to be able to pop 2 out right after the 2 girls. Imagine if no 3 & 4 are not boys but girls

      3. @nigel if #3 is still not a boy, she would be panicking. her brother in law has triplets through a surrogate. if she doesn’t have a son, her hubby would be upset.

  2. I think a better title would be that Kathy Tsui was born to be a Gold-digger, and she succeeded because her mother trained her well…….Other than a successful gold-digger, highly doubt that she was capable at anything else, cause her acting sure was the pits.

    1. @yuaida should give her credits lo. Not everyone can be a successful gold-digger lol. And her hubby is not an ugly old fart some more. It takes skills and her looks to fish such a great fish. Both Cathy’s & Catherine’s (Prince William’s wife) parents invested in their daughters’ education to fish their princes.

      1. @nigel yeah, Kate’s parents also groomed her from young to climb the social ladder. These 2 are the lucky ones who married well to young eligible bachelors and not some old fart looking for young grass to eat.

  3. kate’s parents sent her to the university where she would meet William. kate herself also found her way to attract him wearing that sexy see through dress. now she is the future queen. as for cathy, she is one lucky woman to have billions of dollars and living a life of luxury.

    1. @janet72 that sounds a bit…far-fetched? kate’s parents weren’t poor by any means. they were well-off. so they send their daughter to rich schools to get good education. they also had royal connections all along, cuz kate’s dad is from some line of aristocrats. and kate wore sexy see-thru clothes for a charity fashion show…her case sounds more coincidental than engineered.

      as for cathy…i do think she has gold-digging tendencies, but not her own doing. her mom seems to encourage her to pick out rich men to date and marry. she used to date timmy hung, who wasn’t wealthy enough for her mom to accept. so i can see her being choosier as a result. based off her dating track record, she hasn’t really given any poor dudes a chance since timmy, so that makes me think she’s an opportunist. but with her current husband, i thought they were acquainted with each other when they were younger and he’s always liked her. just that at the time she wanted to pursue ebiz, so he let it drop. if that’s true, then she didn’t gold-dig. but if that’s not true, then she certainly fits the profile of a gold-digger.

      1. @coralie not far-fetched at all what @janet72 mentioned except for the see-through dress part. Carole Goldsmith (her maiden name before marriage) was a former flight attendant met her hubby Michael Middleton, a flight dispatcher met while she was working as a flight attendant. They made some money after Carole founded some party supply company and Michael did have some distance ties to some aristocratic family but still Carole groomed her kids from young by sending them to schools where they will meet princes intentionally coz her business though successful cannot be compared to eventually getting her daughter to marry a prince.

      2. @nigel what are you basing this off of – that kate’s mother groomed her children to be social-climbers? i’m just curious. there has to be more to this just sending her kids into rich boarding schools, right?

    2. @janet72 yup Kate is one lucky future Queen and Cathy is helluva lucky woman to have fished such a gold mine who is young, rich and good-looking. Maybe they have done some very good karma in their past lives.

  4. She might be a gold digger but at least she’s one that some might still respect a little or it doesn’t matter? lol…I mean she at least have education and not some 19 yo who popped those kids out of wedlock? Or I guess it doesn’t matter as all they see is she’s a GD? lol…

    1. @wm2017 I presumed the 19yo you mentioned is Isabelle? Though I do not condone her doing but I do pity her upbringing hence, I would reserve my comments on why she did what she did. Similarly to Mandy Lieu. Guess we wouldn’t know what they have been through in their childhood to make them take such routes from the outside.

  5. I wonder if her father are rich since her mother wants her married into a rich family? I don’t understand why they think having a girl can’t take over the business? Is girl that weak? I am also wonder does Martin still have mom? Because I never seen a picture of his mom before even a family photo only the dad are in the picture for some reason.

    1. @cutie777 martin’s father is a traditional old man. it was mentioned he didn’t even show up for cathy’s 2nd daughter’s 100 day celebration. with the birth of the son, she received a yacht named after him.

      1. @janet72 I see. But do you have any idea why Martin mom haven’t been mentioned? Like why she’s not in the picture?

  6. Gold digger or not, she paid her dues. You aren’t exactly the same after child birth esp if she continues just for the sake of money

  7. if cathy didn’t manage to get a son, I think her hubby might be tempted to get one through other means.

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