Angelababy, Cathy Chui, and Hannah Quinlivan: The Modern-Day Cinderella

Many girls dream to live in a Cinderella story, but how often can fairytale love stories come true?  It’s not very common, but celebrities like Angelababy, Cathy Chui (徐子淇), and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) are one of the few that have found their own fairy tale.

With Angelababy and Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming’s (黃曉明) extravagant Shanghai wedding making headlines all over the world, Hong Kong netizens have come together to discuss about other celebrity fairy tale weddings that are just as magical.

Like princesses getting married to their princes, Angelababy, Cathy Chui, and Hannah Quinlivan are dubbed by netizens as modern day Cinderella’s. Their weddings are all described by the media as “fairy tale-like,” and are considered as some of the most expensive wedding ceremonies that the industry has seen in decades.

Former actress Cathy Chui married Martin Lee (李家誠), son of real estate tycoon Lee Shau Kee (李兆基), in 2006. Cathy met Martin when she was only 17 years old, but the couple reportedly did not begin their relationship until she was 22 years old. At the time, Cathy was still a B-list actress, while Martin, the heir of a property development empire. After two years of dating, the then 24-year-old Cathy married the 36-year-old Martin at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, surrounded by greenery and life. Cathy and Martin are now the parents of two girls and two boys.

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s wedding reception at the Shanghai Exhibition Center also raised glasses. The couple tied the knot against a castle backdrop earlier this month, and exchanged their vows in front of 600 guests. A large amount of money was spent on creating the royal ballroom setting, making it, without a doubt, the wedding of the year. Xiaoming also said that his reason for choosing the castle theme was because he wanted to fulfill Angelababy’s childhood dream of becoming a princess.

Our youngest “Cinderella,” 22-year-old Hannah Quinlivan, married Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou (周杰倫) last year in Northern England. The couple held their historical wedding reception inside the Selby Abbey, an Anglican parish church. Hannah met Jay, who is 14 years her senior, while she worked part-time at Jay’s fashion store. When she was 17 years old, she starred in Jay’s MV “How Are You? <你好嗎?>, which started their relationship. Hannah gave birth to their first daughter this year.


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  1. I guess HXM will have to work more harder after the wedding to earn back when he spent.

  2. This is a very poorly written article. How can Cathy Tsui be characterised as modern day Cinderella? Did she hold a fairytale wedding? The article does not mention anything at all to clarify this point. Her wedding back in 2006 was dubbed by the media as ” Wedding of the Century” simply because of how lavish it was. Its the most expensive Asian wedding ever. Is she a modern Cinderella? How so? She married into a rich family. You can say all 3 of these women married a rich husband. One is Property tycoon – Martin Lee (Hong Kong) , another is a Singer/Song writer/producer – Jay Chou (Taiwan) and the other is Actor/Model – Huang Xiao Ming ( China). Out of all 3 men who is the most richest?? Wouldnt that be an article worth writing about?

    What is worth comparing is that all 3 of them were young brides. Cathy married at 24yo, Hannah 21yo, Angelababy 26yo.

    Hannah’s wedding gown was designed by Mikael Derderian. Crown & Necklace worth NT$311.48 million courtesy of French jewellery house Chaumet. Hannah’s wedding reception was at Castle Howard (18th century castle), North Yorkshire, UK.
    Total wedding cost: NT$23 million (S$1 million)

    Cathy’s necklace was custom-designed, which her husband Martin paid for. Cathy admitted that she copied it from a princess that wore a similar design. The wedding reception was held in The State Theatre, Sydney. Wedding ring is a 5 carat diamond ring. Total wedding jewellery costed $3.5 million (nothing was borrowed compared to Hannah & Angelababy who’s wedding jewellery were from the same French brand – Chaumet). One of her 3 wedding gowns is my famous HK bridal designer Vivian Luk (who worked for Vera Wang for 7 years in New York). Martin flew his family in private jets from HK to Sydney.
    Total wedding cost: US $90m

    Angelababy’s wedding reception was at Shanghai Exhibition Centre. It’s not a historial landmark compared to Cathy and Hannah’s wedding reception venues. They used a modern venue and transformed it to a fairytale set up. Her wedding dress was custom-made by Dior in Paris (cost unknown). Jewellery she wore were all courtesy of Chaumet:
    1) Chaumet Curvilinear Tiara in white gold, diamonds and natural baroque pearls
    2) Chaumet Bowknot Brooch in platinum, diamonds and natural baroque pearls (on front of her wedding gown)
    3) Chaumet Curls Tiara in platinum

    She wore a 6 carat diamond engagement ring. Her wedding ring cost is unknown.

    Write a more interesting article please.

    1. the one who is really a tai tai is cathy tsui.
      she really married into 豪门…the rest like jay chou and HXM are just celebrities. Hannah and Angela still have to work after their fairy tale wedding. cathy gets rewarded with luxury gifts with the birth of every child. what’s the big deal about sponsored weddings? the bling bling have to be returned after the big day.

  3. You can’t compare Cathy Chui and the other 2. In terms of status, Cathy Chui is a cut above them all because her husband has social standing, is a billionaire and is not mere entertainer. So basically amongst the 3 you can say she married the best if you talk about social standing. No one ever equate celebrities with tycoons on the same level, not even wives or children.

    1. @funnlim precisely. marrying into a rich family is so much better than marrying celebrities…will HXM and JC be popular and rich for life? they have to work their butts off, including wong cho lam.
      marrying truly rich men means a life of luxury.

      1. @janet72
        Not necessarily because when you marry into a rich family,you will have other problems. Plus if you do not work yourself and one day the guy divorces or leaves you,what will you do? Good question you raised will HXM and JC be rich and popular for life? The same can be said about Martin as well.Will he forever be a billionaire or be this rich for life? Who truly knows? Life is truly filled with a lot of the unexpected. You can be rich and famous one moment but poor and unknown the next. I think that is when you will know if these couples are truly in love with each other and whether they will be together through thick and thin or not.

      2. @janet72
        On the surface, marrying into a super rich family seems glamorous and prestigious, but the trade-offs are subservience to the patriarch and matriarch of the clan.
        In my opinion, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

  4. Here are some facts which I hope they would clarify something in this debate:

    Net worth according to Forbes Magazine:

    The Lee Family US$25 Billion
    Jay Chou US$185 Million
    Huang Xiao Ming US$ 70 Million

    So, Cathy Chui does have an edge over the other two in terms of money; however social standing is quite something else because it is totally subjective depending on the circle in which this is judged.

    If you talk about social standing within tiny HK, yes, the Lee family obviously enjoy top-dog status. Beyond that, it is not as clear. For example, Jay Chou was invited by Bill Gate and Warren Buffet to their gathering of “Gyzillionaires” on global philanthropic strategy whereras they probably did not know wtf the Lee’s were.

  5. getting back to the topic – who was the modern day Cinderella?
    And why Cinderella? Was she an ugly duckling previously??

    The world knows that Angelababy has had extensive plastic surgery.
    What about Hannah? Has she had any surgery done to her eyes and nose? It maybe questionable?

    Cathy Chui, her eyes and nose definitely.

  6. i wouldn’t call ABB cinderalla. she did pretty well even before meeting his husband. she probably wouldn’t be as well off as she is today but i think she will do pretty well even w/o him.

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