Cathy Tsui Receives $135 Million Yacht as Birthday Gift

Former Hong Kong actress, Cathy Tsui (徐子淇), has been living in luxury after marrying into one of Hong Kong’s wealthiest families. Husband Martin Lee (李家誠) is the second son of Lee Shau Kee (李兆基), founder of Henderson Land Development. Adored by her husband and in-laws, Cathy will be receiving a $135 million HKD yacht for her 31st birthday.

Although she came from a good family background, Cathy was often depicted as a real-life Cinderella when she married Martin in a “Wedding of the Century” ceremony in Australia in 2006. Their parents were friends, and Martin had loved Cathy since she was a teenager and patiently waited for her to grow up before asking her out. Their wedding was romantic and lavish, and Cathy wore a stunning 5-carat diamond wedding ring.

The couple has two daughters, 6-year-old Leanna (李晞彤) and 4-year-old Hayley (李晞兒), as well as a 2-year-old son named Triston (李俊熹). After Cathy gave birth to their son, Martin spared no expenses and spent 110 million on the Sunseeker Predator 115 yacht as a gift for the family, naming the boat after Triston.

Since Cathy loves the outdoors, Martin decided to splurge on another luxury yacht especially for his wife’s birthday and upcoming seventh wedding anniversary. On November 5, Martin and Cathy drove their Mercedes Benz to the Marina Cove Yacht Club and tried out their new water toy, the Sunseeker Predator 130. With bigger space, the yacht can accommodate ten guests and has balconies in the living room as well as suites which allow for breathtaking views. The ship will also be named after Cathy, and the couple intend to use this yacht for their getaways.

Ever since becoming Mrs. Lee, Cathy has been focused on expanding the family. Within five years, she gave birth to three children. Since her father-in-law loves a big family, Cathy hopes to have two more children.

Gifting their wives with luxury yachts appears to be a favored practice among the Hong Kong elite. Former actress, Gigi Lai ((黎姿), also received a $150 million Sunseeker Predator 62 from her husband, Patrick Ma (馬廷強), after she gave birth to a pair of twin girls in 2010.

Sunseeker Predator 130 c  Sunseeker Predator 130  Sunseeker Predator 130 a

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  1. So she just sits at home and takes care of the babies? She can hardly be called an actress. The only “show” i remembered her starring is was the hearts of fencing show.

    1. The only thing I saw her in was in those older super trio shows where she sounded pretty dump and acted too cute for her age even thou she probably was young at the time. Actress? haha…pls…

  2. What better way to show you are rich? Well, buy a yacht! Sounds like she is one lucky girl; her husband adores her and is in love with her since so many years ago. Sometimes you just can’t compare lives.

    1. Funn,
      A yacht is a great gift. If we can’t afford to buy one, we can always rent a small boat for an enjoyable day outing.

      1. It is not the same. Nowadays the super rich shows their wealth not by houses or islands or diamonds or paintings but super yacht which is something Will Power highlighted in Episode 1 which I agree.

      2. Doesn’t she already maintain a FB page documenting all her limited edition Hermes and other designer etc, and high tea visits, complete with menus?

        This isn’t fun unless it’s a big high profile gift, enough to make the front pages of Mingpao.

        Veronica Yip isn’t in their circles (she’s based in NY), or else they will all be competing to buy private jets next.

    2. That’s very true. Some actresses’ probably wanted this life and just in TV shows all their life? ahha…However, I do remember she is somewhat educated compares to Isabella Leong, really this one is lucky and she did pop out kids the traditional way i/o out of wedlock? haha…LOL..That’s more than you say for alot of actresses these days you know.

    3. ‘Gift’ alone, it also has the dual purpose of keeping up the one-upmanship.

      If Gigi Lai got one (and her husband isn’t as rich) … then Cathy Tsui had better make sure she gets one too.

      Ostentatious show of competitive one-upmanship, which always exists in those circles, despite how ‘friend’ everyone is.

      Whether the husband springs/plans this … or she outright asked for it for her bday = it’s not surprisingly.

      What would be surprisingly would be if she asked for him to cook her a meal or do something simple and lovingly sweet like that.

      Or go to a charity event together and actually get their hands dirty digging in the dirt, enjoying their time together. Not merely be seen in the latest limited edition designer outfit and bag, to donate $$$$$$$ in support.

      Cathy Tsui is exploring a new look? Circle lens et all?

  3. She has the facial structure of someone who will marry rich and have a good life (obviously she wore too much makeup here…) I didn’t know she came from a good family background. I always thought she was that one lucky girl who managed to snatch a good husband :P.

  4. 100 million plus. Indeed, sometimes we really can’t compare lives. Their family is probably worth billions.

  5. Is Cathy Tsui’s fashion style inspired by Angelababy? Cathy’s hair, eye makeup, and circle lenses remind me of Angelababy.

    There are subtle changes to Cathy’s look, not sure if aging made her facial features more defined or if there is minor cosmetic work done.

    1. Or the other way around? Or this is the usual popular Taiwanese look?

      1. Funn,
        Angelababy has sported this look for years. Cathy Tsui has always been a natural beauty until her weight loss and sharper features this year. The circle lenses are a bit too much of a teen touch, which clashes with Cathy’s image as a wealthy socialite.

      2. But these sort of look is everywhere in Taiwan. Did Angelababy started this trend?

    2. Cathy’s at that stage where she has to keep up, and keep the maintenance-regime going. Even if it requires cosmetic enhancement, so be it.

      Protect her turf, esp in the 30s ~ 50s. Bec that’s when the husbands often stray, or take on multiple models on trips. (60s era beauty queen Lili Hwa had to contend with model Balia who was her husband’s longtime hug until he got multiple strokes).

      Cathay Tsui was very young and dewy looking when she got married, and started popping the babies out. Very early 20s.

      After 3 kids … there’s the danger of some young vulture getting her claws on her husband.
      Plus competing with elder Lee brother (who has no wife, but went for the IV MALE triplets) for the eventual family assets.

      These folk have a lot going being the scenes normally, despite playing happy families in front of the camera. Very brittle type society (where ‘friends’ are sometimes enemies in private) and lives.

  6. “Martin had loved Cathy since she was a teenager and patiently waited for her to grow up before asking her out.”

    lol…so how much was Martin when he asked her to marry him? 40? and she’s 18?

    1. He’s only 11 years older than her, which is not a lot at all. I read somewhere that they met when she was a little girl, but they did not have romantic sparks until she was at least 18. I forgot the exact age.

  7. She’s one lucky gal, but there’s a price to pay. She gotta expand the fam to please the in-laws. At least her husband really loves her.

  8. Just browse through her pictures, she looks happy and contented in most of her pictures. And also looks like her husband really loves her. Their age gap is not that big, around 10 or 9 years old.

  9. Was she ever famous? never heard of her before this. Nice yacht.

    1. She was never famous cause college was her priority. TV, movie, modeling was only side job when schools out. I like her cause she smart enough to get herself a good education. Lots of girls in the position will just try to catch a rich man n wouldn’t think about finishing college.

      1. Yes ! I admire her , Cathy is a smart girl when she is younger she prefers to finish her degree in UK rather than getting fame and famous in the ent circle somehow even fortune came along her way marrying a rich husband and that’s her life though. I like the way she answered questions when reporters asked her questions she speaks politely in a very
        well manner and never show off herself even though she is wealthy.

    2. Neither do I. Sad, I may have missed many pretty hk actresses.

      Anyway, wish the couple and family happy always.

  10. Wow! At the age of 31 already has 3 kids what a lucky gal…still look glowing and beautiful. In fact she stills can produce another 3 to 4 kids at this age.

    1. a baby-making machine at age 31 doesn’t sound so lucky, especially in this day and age.

      1. Why not only 31 yrs not like others 47 yrs old still trying hard to have more kids.

      2. Perhaps she loves kids? Some of my friends would love to have more (than 2) kids if not for the fact that raising kids are very expensive these days.

      3. For wealthy family they have no problem of raising more kids for them it just a drop of water in the ocean.

      4. I have three kids and I am 29………………….I guess I am unlucky too……

  11. she looks soooo old in this pic… i thought it was irene wan at first glance. i know she is naturally very pretty though. must be the heavy makeup.

      1. I also couldn’t recognize her either with her heavy makeup. She is a very lucky girl though.

  12. I hope she don’t do any comestic changes in future.

    Some women look so beautiful yet they are not satisfied.

    There is this socialite Jamie Chua in Singapore.

    She was pretty before but looks weird now after trying to look like angelababy.

    1. She obviously has some work done…
      I do not understand the flaunting of their goods and purchases over the Internet, or any social media. I don’t see gigi lai posting her bags, shoes or outfit for everyone to see. I like that she is low-profile.

      Jamie Chua is over the top imo, with so much wealth, she could encourage donations in Instagram instead of posting all her branded stuff.

  13. How was she when she was dating Timmy Hung??? Surely he had waited until her and Timmy broke up and not when she was of ‘age’

  14. How old was she when she was dating Timmy Hung??? Surely he had waited until her and Timmy broke up and not when she was of ‘age’

  15. I’ve watched her interview on entertainment news and was quite surprised that she’s quite a bimbo. Was imagining her to be a demure beauty but instead she sounded rather empty :p

    1. That’s why I said she sounds dump when she talks so i was a bit surprised by her college education.

  16. She graduated from the UK. She married Martin after that. I think she comes from a well to do family too. But not as rich as her husband. She’s a lucky girl indeed. But I never liked the way she talks. Her voice is annoying. I think she has a short tongue if I’m not wrong. I’ve only watched her in TVBs Green Hope with Joey Yung & Stephen Fung.

  17. Cathy made be heavy on the makeup here due to the event but normally, she looks pretty decent…looks sophisticated though she seems a bit materialistic…

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