How the Rich Housewives of Hong Kong Celebrated the Lunar New Year

In the eyes of the commoners, the rich housewives of Hong Kong probably have the tradition of celebrating every holiday with large-scale parties or lavish family dinners. In truth, many of these “rich housewives” actually have their own traditions and styles of celebration, and it’s impossible to see them all in one unit.

Take Michelle Reis (李嘉欣), for example. The former beauty queen is married to Julian Hui (許晉亨), who is part of the billionaire Hui family. Rather than choosing to spend her Lunar New Year hosting a lavish dinner party, Michelle and her family took an overseas trip to go skiing. An avid fan of the winter sport, Michelle has gone skiing at least three times last year. 


Cathy Chui (徐子淇), actress-turned-rich housewife, also had an atypical Lunar New Year celebration. Married to Hong Kong property developer Martin Lee (李家誠), Cathy sits on at least a billion dollars of assets. However, on the day before the new lunar year, Kathy shared with her fans that she had brought the kids to Paris for a quiet new year’s celebration. Nevertheless, Cathy probably also brought along her assistant, nanny, makeup artist, stylist, and cameraman in tow. It was a low-key, fairytale-like vacation.

On the other hand, Hong Kong’s sweetheart Gigi Lai (黎姿) had a much more humble celebration. The actress-turned-businesswoman celebrated the new year at home with her husband and three children, without the glitz and glamor. Despite being married to businessman Patrick Ma (馬廷強), Gigi owns an entirely separate cosmetics business, which she picked up from her brother Stephen. On New Year’s day, Gigi shared a picture of a glass of green tea, and wrote, “A cup of tea in the morning gives you the feeling of starting anew.”

Which New Year’s celebration do you prefer? Michelle’s exciting skiing trip, Cathy’s relaxing but luxurious Paris trip, or Gigi’s chill day at home?


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  2. Not to be crude, but it seems like a very unflattering picture of Michelle, as it appears like she is biting on a piece of cat turd..

  3. If i could jet off to a skiing trip or to Paris instead of spending the lunar new year hosting boring parties and making small talk with relatives or friends who i don’t really care for, i would too lol.

  4. Wow! the photo of michelle sitting next to her husband, shows her real age without makeup. I guess the power of makeup will make any woman looks 10 years younger. Look at the bright side, at least she doesn’t have botox injections and plastic surgeries yet.

  5. Out of the three ladies above, only gigi’s husband is the only one that is a self-made multi millionaire. The other two have to depend on their daddies in order to make it in the real world,nothing to brag about really. Michelle’s husband is the worst of all, his own daddy didn’t let the dude inherits all his money after his death. Instead he was given a monthly allowance. That tells you a lot of the dude not being trust worthy that his own father has to control his spending. Simply pathetic, I guess michelle thought she got a winner, NOT! Look at the bright side, a useless son and a gold digger, the perfect match!

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