Linda Chung and Philip Ng’s Secret Dating Photos Leaked!

Possessing a pure girl-next-door image, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) did not generate a lot of negative rumors in the past. She was only romantically linked to Raymond Lam (林峰) and martial arts star, Philip Ng (伍允龍). Frequently denying her rumors with Philip, it turned out that Linda may have lied all along! A netizen uploaded a secret dating photos of Linda and Philip online, which circulated rapidly yesterday!

Although Linda insisted that she was only friends with Philip, the pair were frequently photographed on dates together. In one of the photos, Linda and Philip went on a karaoke outing with Philip’s good friend, Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋). At the time, Nicholas had not divorced Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) yet. 2R (sisters Rosanne and Race) were also present. The body language of Linda and Philip resembled lovers, in which Philip draped his arm over Linda’s shoulders and she leaned towards him in the photo.

TVB Intent on Separating the Lovers

Allegedly, Linda and Philip have been dating since meeting on the set of Love All Around <十分爱> in 2007. Linda invited Philip to star in the music video of her song, Two People’s World <二人世界> in 2008, upon which Philip posted their joint photo on his blog. This gesture allegedly incited TVB’s wrath and the company froze Linda. TVB was intent on separating the lovers, even offering to boost Linda on becoming the next TV Queen. As a result, Linda could only conduct her romance underground.

Linda Chung Wishes to Maintain Privacy

Yesterday, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, and Cilla Lok filmed at Hong Kong Disneyland for their new TVB drama, Dangerous Protection <護花危情>. When the cameras were not rolling, the cast happily toured the Disneyland attractions and took many pictures. Regarding the leaked photos and allegations that she was dating Philip Ng secretly, Linda replied impatiently, “That is a very old picture! It is normal for people to put their arms around their shoulders when taking a group photo!” Asked about her personal relationship with Philip, Linda said that she did not wish to respond regarding personal matters, hoping to preserve her privacy!

Philip Ng stated that he did not wish to comment on his relationship with Linda, in order to retain privacy. He pointed out that the circulated photo was from a long time ago.

Compiled from and Oriental Daily

Linda Chung in “Two People World” Music Video, Starring Philip Ng’s Broad Chest!

[vsw id=”j64o9dCRfiI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Jayne: Judging from Linda and Philip’s insistence on wishing to maintain their privacy, the pair may be currently dating. Since Moonlight Resonance, I do feel that TVB has placed Linda in slightly lower profile series. She had shot to huge popularity levels after Moonlight Resonance and then focused on the music industry, however last year was relatively quite aside from her role as Ms. Koo, which was a surprise hit.

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  1. He looks like Stephen Fung in the first pic, where he had his arm around her. The dimples etc…

  2. Philip Ng has pretty good profile and background, what would be the problem if they did announce their dating? I don’t think it would tarnish Linda Chung’s image.

    1. B/c Linda’s image is jade girl so she is idolized by fangirls and fantasized by “home” boys. And Philip is not as famous as her so people will think he eats soft rice.

  3. My attention was on the beer bottles. It looked like they were in a karaoke room in the first pic.

    1. seems like nick and cecelia was drinking all that beer.

  4. i like linda and phillip together. a hot guy with a pretty girl. i did not see that ms. koo drama. i wish i would have more time to catch back on these hk dramas.

  5. Her performance in MR was bad and besides she did join the hyped up production CBML.

    1. wait TVB actually want to put Linda in Charmaine’s place in BTROC but Linda can’t make it due to time so they find Charmaine.

      1. Vivien,

        where did u get that info?
        I’m pretty sure charmaine was first choice for that role and they even added KC to build up the hype since their rumors were off the charts back then.

      2. i heard about this linda btroc casting too from the scriptwriter’s weibo. Yes like Vivien said the original cast are Linda and Tavia but somehow Linda can’t make it. The original actor for Kevin’s role was Bosco but in the end he can’t make it too. Ao the btroc team has to find replacement for the the two and they pick Charmaine and Kevin because of their rumour is hot at that time.

      3. the scriptwriter tell all this after he left TVB and he also mention about producers way of working

      4. I will trust the director more. Mui sui Cheng have always stated that. She find Charm to be the first lead for BTROC. Even the promotion clip was filmed with Charmaine as the lead. So about the thing it should have been Linda is just *hahahahaha* Not true at all.

      5. Jupi: Don’t know if you can read Chinese or not but BTROC scriptwriter,賈偉南, reposted this portion of his print interview on his own weibo whereby he said Linda Chung was originally chosen for LSH’s role. He should know, right? And there is no reason for him to lie about in his interview for a magazine, and which he later reposted on his weibo. So, there you go.

        “Linda Chung was originally chosen to be Lau Sam Ho but because she was physically exhausted from filming too many series last year she needed a break to recuperate. So thought of letting Tavia be LSH instead and find someone else to be Gam Ling….then the executives suddenly asked us if we wanted Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh, we were happy and said of course.”


  6. Well Linda and Phillip do look good together TBH =)
    But with that said just because he has his arm around her doesnt mean their dating lol Arent they both western born this type of “skinship” amoung friends.

    If the tabloid likes blowing things up well Linda has her arm around Race so they might as well say Race and Linda are dating.

  7. More shocking Photos plz. This is nothing comparing to previous scandals.

  8. Time will tell and it does not pay to lie through your teeth(unless you had good reasons to depending on the situation)because the truth will come out sooner or later…

  9. Philip is def. better than plastic player LF. Perhaps 620 wanted to split the couple due to the fact that LF lost “face” when Linda rejected him and he talked to her about it.

    Now LF is doing the same thing again to Kevin trying to influence 620 not to let Kevin sign with EEG!

    1. Well, 1 mountain cannot hold 2 tigers, especially since they target the same type of prey (fangirls).

      Ms. Lok must really have a headache trying to appease both her babies.

    2. Actually LF doesn’t need to be scared of Kevin and I dont believe this rumour at all. LF already has high reputation in the music field and he has just newly crowned one of the best asia male artist. Even LF’s singing is better to listened than Kevin.

      Kevin should remain in the acting field since his popular as actor than singer, imo.

  10. Wasn’t Linda dating some fat guy from Canada or whatever?

  11. Lol. I don’t see how they’re lovers by their body language. They just look like they’re friends.

  12. Race looks like a ghost in the pic even she’s a pretty girl in person, probably a bad pic of her.

    Really dun understand why papparazi has to mention about linda’s relationship with Philip if both are still single and available? What’s the point of it? Its understandable why Linda has to lied about her relationship when certain rules prohibited these artists to admit their relationship in public.

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