Philip Ng Will Have Many Topless Fighting Scenes in “Chinatown”

Currently busily filming for TVB drama Chinatown <唐人街>, Philip Ng (伍允龍) will have many chances to show off his martial arts skills and sculpted body in his topless scenes.

Unlike a lot of previous action dramas done in the past, Philip said Chinatown will feature the use of Hung Kuen, a southern Shaolin style of martial arts. He expressed, “Since I was hoping to use a type of martial arts that I’m more familiar with, I’ve talked to the producers and we’ve agreed upon using Hung Kuen. There’s a certain flavor when fighting with the more traditional forms of martial arts.”

With Hong Kuen, Philip will be predominantly fighting with his fists with less use of kicks. While they are not eliminating the use of their legs entirely, Philip said viewers will definitely not be seeing an overabundance of roundhouse kicks.

Required to be shirtless in a lot of the scenes, Philip talked about having to work extra hard and monitor his diet for his role in Chinatown. The actor shockingly revealed that he doesn’t drink or eat the night before filming to keep a toned physique. He also had to prepare a week in advance in order to film his shirtless fight scenes.

Source: Yahoo HK

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