Ruco Chan’s New Single Delayed

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), who had quietly signed with a new record label in May, had plans to drop his new single this September to coincide with the release of his highly-anticipated TVB drama, Chinatown <唐人街>. According to reports, a music video for the single was already produced and shot.

However, Chinatown was pulled out of broadcast last minute to make room for the release of Go! Go! Go! Operation C9 <C9特工>. Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界II> was released soon after, just in time to celebrate TVB’s anniversary season. As for why the plug was pulled on Chinatown, TVB explained that they are waiting for the right time slot to accommodate a worldwide release.

“Chinatown” (2021)

Chinatown is produced by A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> and Line Walker <使徒行者> producer Jazz Boon (文偉鴻), and also stars Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Philip Ng (伍允龍), Grace Wong (王君馨), Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇), and Yuen Qiu (元秋).

Gossip mills speculate that TVB is attempting to push Vincent Wong (王浩信) to win TV King a second time—he had won Best Actor in 2017 for Legal Mavericks. Vincent’s biggest barrier to TV King would be Ruco if Chinatown had aired this year.

In a brief interview, Ruco confirmed the news that his new song has been indefinitely delayed due to the broadcast of Chinatown being in limbo. “The last time I sung a theme song for a drama was two years ago for War Succession <天命>,” said Ruco. As for why Chinatown was delayed, Ruco said, “I didn’t ask why. I was told it was pulled out last minute. [Jazz Boon] said there are some things that aren’t ready yet. I do hope viewers will get to see it next year.”

“Legal Mavericks 2020”

As for the rumor that TVB is trying to promote Vincent over Ruco, he said, “Then it’s not just Vincent Wong. Raymond Lam (林峯) is back too, and he hasn’t filmed a [TVB] drama in a while. I believe TVB is a fair company.”

Ruco reassured fans that more will be in store for them next year, as he plans to release two more singles under his new record label.


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  1. They delayed Chinatown because they were afraid Ruco would beat Vincent for best actor…..? Like how lol. Vincent is miles ahead of Ruco.

    1. @tt23 yeah clearly that is not the reason.. that is just dumb. I heard rumours about it being delayed because of them trying to accommodate a worldwide release. However they I also heard they pulled it out because of controversial topics that are revolved around that drama.. not 100% sure which is true

    2. @tt23 Jaynestars used to be filled with Ruco fans. Don’t let them hear you haha. But ya, I agree with you 😛

    3. @tt23
      i think ruco lost his charm more than a decade ago…he’s been uncle for a while in terms of looks.
      vincent on the other hand, is still hot and a good actor too.

  2. Wow at this rate Moses will age better than Ruco.
    I used to like Ruco (Brother’s Keeper era), and then tvb overpromoted him with Nancy and I started disliking him. And he keeps talking about his wife like she’s a child, it’s disgusting.

  3. I like both actors, Ruco and Vincent, but Vincent is the more well rounded and the stronger actor. Both are good with drama, but Vincent slightly better, although both can overact (AL Cappuccino and almost everything after Ruco won Best Actor except Succession war). Ruco is better with action, his movements are more fluid. Vincent is much better with comedy and romance (but romance has suffered in the last few series because storyline or lack of sparks). Curse of winning Best Actor.

    Ruco has had quite a few duds, but based on his great history of portraying grey characters and heartwarming family dramas, I have hope that he can be interesting again. Trite Chinatown wasn’t going to be it, though. Perhaps the one with Rosina since they are comfortable with each other or the super hero one because it’s a new theme and mood would help turn things around. He’s lost all momentum, but looks like TVB still placed him up front during the anniversary show.

    Eh, whatever, Raymond Lam is winning over the 2 of them anyways. After, in the hierarchy, Kenneth is the most promoted, which will always baffle me.

    1. Vincent is the most versatile actor after those senior, Wayne lai etc
      It’s obvious best actor award is reserve for Raymond Lam, pretty sure this is one of the condition to film TVB drama

      1. @bennyjr it definitely was, I’d be shocked if anyone but Raymond won best actor but also the story writing for Vincent’s characters this year weren’t the best.

        Tbh, the impossible 3 is a terrible show and plot lol waste of talent but Vincent’s character was intriguing which he has more screen time. It made me even more excited to watch him in DID next year as it’s a similar character.

  4. It’s a bit of a shame that Ruco has been typecasted into such roles.

    Admittedly, as others have said above, Vincent is the better actor though I feel that Ruco excels in morally grey characters e.g. Brother’s Keeper or even imo Eye in the Sky. The issue is that since AFWFW, he’s been typecasted into these slightly cheesy, action dramas and other factors haven’t helped his position in TVB. Maybe he has really lost his charm?

    It’s a shame again, I remember when we all wanted him to be in more dramas in the early 2010’s hahahaha

    Anyway, as everyone has said, there is absolutely no way Raymond Lam doesn’t win best actor this year- if not I wouldn’t expect a LW4 xD

  5. I dont feel like Ruco is typecasted. The only typecast is probably AFWFW & Chinatown. Regardless if Raymond wins BA or not, there will still be a LW4.

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