Philip Ng Extends Stay in Chicago due to Travel Restrictions

Hong Kong actor Philip Ng (伍允龍) had an extremely busy, but lucrative and exciting year in 2019. In addition to all the filming projects he took part in, the action star was also busy with behind-the-scenes action choreography. After a year of focusing on work, Philp finally took a breather in January this year to visit his family in Chicago. In addition to spending time with his family in general, Philip also flew back especially to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

However, the unforeseen global pandemic has changed Philip’s travel and work plans. Traveling to Chicago right before the Covid-19 outbreak and met with the travel restrictions, Philip had to extend his stay in Chicago and canceled several lucrative commercial jobs and promotional event attendances.

Several Hong Kong artistes, such as Anita Chui (崔碧珈), expressed having experienced racism in the United States due to the coronavirus outbreak. Philip, however, said that although he has not experienced any outward racism, he and his mother received some unpleasant looks from strangers when they were at the post office and were wearing face masks. Angered by the judgmental glares, Philip took to social media to express his annoyance, “Wearing a face mask as a preventative measure is something everyone should do. Also, I don’t think people should be going out and hoarding all the supplies!”

With social distancing, supply shortage, and overall fear, there is an anticipated potential in increased crime rates in the United States. On this, Philip assured that his family are well-equipped with defensive measures. “My father has always been infatuated with guns, so we have a few at home. He also knows a shooting coach. When Andy On (安志杰) visits to Chicago, he would also invite my dad out to the shooting range.”


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