Michelle Reis Lives in Hotel While Expecting Baby Girl

Since Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan became pregnant, husband, Hui Jun Hung deliberately made arrangements to move into a Kowloon Hotel in an attempt to avoid the paparazzi’s harassment. Reporters spotted Michelle and Mr. Hui dining at the Peninsula Hotel this past Sunday.

Currently four months pregnant, Michelle’s belly was protruding significantly. Sonogram results confirmed that Michelle was carrying a girl. Michelle and Mr. Hui have decided to remain in Hong Kong while expecting the arrival of their daughter. The entire Hui family was eager to meet the new “little bunny girl.”

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Allegedly, Michelle did not receive fertilization treatments and conceived the baby naturally. Mr. Hui is so fabulously rich that they can afford to move into a hotel to live temporarily. The Peninsula Hotel probably charges $500 (US) per night for their nicer suites….

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  1. Michelle Reis is very beautiful, her Eurasian (I think she is half Portugal) features make her undeniably pretty. Generally Michelle and Jun look like a beautiful couple, tightly holding each other’s hands… I hope their little family will be blessed and full of joy.

  2. Despite her portruding belly, she is still so freaking skinny all around. They are a good looking couple, so I think the baby girl will be a beautiful one. Congrats to the both of them. It is true that it is harder for older women to conceive naturally, but defintely not impossible. I have actually seen many women have babies in their thirties, early forties. With the population trending towards “late marriage” now, I think that is has become even more common to have a child in late thirties.

  3. Yes, Michelle is half or at least 1/4 Portuguese because her dad is. But I heard that her dad is either full Portuguese or just half not sure.

    I am glad to see that Michelle and her husband seem to love each other so much. They are hand in hand which is something that I don’t see with Gigi Lai and her husband. But of course you can’t deny Michelle partially married her husband because he is rich too.

  4. Congratulations to Michelle and her husband. If her daughter posseses her beauty, she will be be a heart-breaker.

  5. “They are hand in hand which is something that I don’t see with Gigi Lai and her husband.”,

    Well, different couples act differently. Some couples don’t show affection in public (especially older couples) but are very loving in private.

  6. That is true Kidd, especially with older couples or couples that have been married for a long time. However, Gigi and her husband are pretty recently married. Plus, her husband has a disability too so I thought that she should be more caring towards him IF she did love him to start with. But it is true that different couples do act differently in public.

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