Vivian Chow is 3 Months Pregnant?

When Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe Ngai Chun got married last year, they vowed that they were not interested in having children. However, Joe’s father, Ngai Hong wanted the couple to have children. As a result, Vivian and Joe may have changed their minds about becoming parents. Recent rumors claim that forty-three year-old Vivian may be three months pregnant!

Vivian was spotted with a minor belly bump and wearing flat shoes while attending church with Joe. On October 24th, the couple had dinner with their friends and may have announced Vivian’s pregnancy news. Vivian laughed throughout dinner and appeared to be highly excited.

Next year will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary since Vivian joined the entertainment circle. Due to her age and a possible high-risk pregnancy, Vivian turned down a guest-star opportunity at Chris Wong Hoi Kan ’s concert earlier.


Jayne: Due to Vivian’s features, it’s easy to forget she’s a forty-something. I still have to get used to the idea that many popular 1990s actresses and actors are now hitting their forties! In my mind, they will always remain youthful and ageless though! This pregnancy news could turn out to be true or false, as the photos were blurry and her belly did not bulge significantly.

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  1. She doesn’t look in her 40s until she talks. Somehow you can see her being jaded or rather look at the lips or the neck, those will indicate somewhat her age. But she does look good for her age.

    As for whether she is pregnant or not, well, she is either fat or pregnant. We shall know…

  2. I use to love her, but now I have no respect for her. Even if it’s for love, I just don’t understand how she can take back, let alone marry such a jerk. I mean it’s not like it’s rumored that he cheated on her. He was caught red-handed. Plus, he seems like such a loser who supposedly lives off her. If she is really pregnant, then she’s a hypocrite. She’s always talking about not wanting kids, etc. in her interviews. She did say that if it happens, then fine, but still it still seems very hypocritical of her to get pregnant now and to such a loser no less. He’s been rumored to have cheated many times, but never caught as openly as the last time, so I don’t know, I sure wouldn’t trust him to stay faithful to her. How can he even think to cheat on her? Of course, I don’t know how she actually she in her personal life, but based on what I’ve seen and read about her, she seems like such a nice lady plus she’s beautiful on top of that. However, she’s an idiot for accepting him back and putting up w/his crap, so let’s see how all this plays out. Like they say, once a cheater always a cheater.

    1. I agree, if I were Vivian, I would never take back such a jerk. I don’t forgive easily either.

      However, I’m not Vivian. We aren’t Vivian. She has the right to her choices. She could be someone who is very forgiving. Some people would say she is stupid or blind for doing so, but we are not looking through her eyes. We don’t know how she feels.

      As for vowing never to get pregnant and yet becoming pregnant – one, we really don’t know IF she is pregnant. And two, even if she is, we do not know her exact circumstances which lead to her decision (or even a conception accident). We have no right to judge, really. As a person, I wouldn’t want people whom I don’t even know judging me based on what little things they are ‘assuming’ of me, either.

    2. She is such a good person. Did that really happen to her? OMG, how sad. she is such a good person too. Did it really happen or just a rumour by some idiot who is in love with her and can’t get her? I don’t know, I just can’t believe anything in the media these days. Most are all lies, they make you think a certain way. I think the world is afraid that if Vivian gets married, then she might end her career and we may never see her again that’s why these rumours start. I think Vivian is a better judge of character than that, I really do not believe he cheated. I googled it up and I have not seen a photo of him being caught red handed. Please show me if you see one and please no fake photo shops, I have an distinctive eye for fakes. Anyway, I was her biggest fan when I was 15, I can’t believe she is in her 40s and still looking so damn good. Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is it even possible for her to get pregnant naturally at this age?

    Well, I would not call her a hypocrite because you can’t really control it if you do get pregnant. That explains all of the unwanted pregnancies that result in abortion and all… ABout her taking Joe back, I have to say that I surprised as well. I do admire her for being able to forgive him because not everyone is able to do so. I also admit that she can do better but it is her life and she chose him… Lets see what happens…

  4. Vivian was my idol back in the 90’s and she is still very elegant and pretty. I’ve always thought she can do better than Joe, too. I’m not going to comment on his cheating and her taking him back, but I don’t think she means to be a hypocrite, but rather fate has just brought to where she is today. She also mentioned in the past that she did not want to get married and was happy the way they were for the longest time, and yet they finally got married. Then she says that she does not want children, and yet she might be pregnant afterall. Only time will show us the truth. Many people I know that gotten married at a relatively late age have mentioned that they do not want children but they end up getting pregnant. I think it is mainly because they are not sure if they can conceive at an older age, and therefore say that so it gets the pressure off of them in case they really can’t. If they do become pregnant, I think that it is meant to be and they should take it responsibly and feel blessed to be able to become parents.

  5. hope she’s not pregnant. i like vivian a lot but i think she made a bad choice by sticking with a player. once a player, always a player.

    her kids and her will be miserable … praying for a false alarm on this one!

  6. agreed with the rest. i do think she made a bad choice..

    or maybe she changed her mind coz she thought tat hving a child might tied joe down..

  7. My jaw dropped when she took him back and they ended up getting married in a small ceremoeny…she originally wanted kids… but after she met Joe, she changed her tune about having kids…. the reason? He didn’t want any…Joe, who singlehandely cheated on her time after time… But what can you said? love is blind!!

  8. @ Sandy

    Wow. She really really love Joe then, to change herself so much to suit his outlook.

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