Isabella Leong Gives Birth to Twin Boys

In April 2009, Isabella Leong Lok Chi gave birth to tycoon, Richard Li’s, son in Canada . The couple distributed baby photos to the media to share their happiness.  Grandfather billionaire, Li Ka Sing, also revealed his happiness openly at the time.

Isabella and her eldest son, Cheung Chi, lived in Richard’s house in Hong Kong from December 2009 to February 2010. However, when Isabella was rumored to be carrying twins in February, the pair have kept a very low profile. To avoid the paparazzi, Isabella even moved to San Francisco to await the impending birth.

According to a reliable source, Isabella successfully gave birth to a pair of twin boys at the end June. Becoming a father for the second time, Richard Li recently returned to Hong Kong to share the good news with his close friends.

Patrick Tam Sends His Blessings
Isabella’s good friend, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, did not receive the twins’ birth news from Isabella yet. “Since the last time Isabella returned to Hong Kong , we have not stayed in touch. We have both been busy. Isabella has been busy with the child caring.” If Patrick receives the news directly from Isabella, he will send his congratulations.” Patrick does not mind sending double the amount of gifts for the baby twins.

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: Earlier, Isabella Leong was rumored to be carrying boy-girl twins. I guess they are boys after all! Wonder if Isabella and Richard will marry each other soon? He is obviously smitten by her. Hong Kong fortune tellers also predict that Isabella will bring good fortune to Richard Li with the birth of the three sons.

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  1. I think Richard Li loves Isabella deeply. The first son may have been an unplanned accident (on Richard’s part), but since he allowed the second pregnancy to happen, he must love her.

    Richard’s father, Li Ka Shing, may be the only reason opposing their marriage? The Li has a family fortune and may not approve of Isabella, who comes from humble beginnings.

  2. Li Ka Shing himself comes from humble beginnings. He won’t be so hypocritically gua.

  3. Yes, Li Ka Shing opposes the marriage because of her background which was rather complicated, not just by the word humble. Moreover Li Ka Shing is the richest and his son is not that bad either, so not approving her is only natural. But since he is so happy with 3 grandsons I believe he will approve the marriage. But I read Richard Li’s relationship with his father has been strained before he ever met her, so I wonder why now his father’s opinion of the mother of his child is so important? Maybe he himself is reluctant?

  4. Wow, her future is definitely set now. Three boys for the Li to continue their heritage will definitely get her foot in the door whether Grandpa Li approves or not. I think it’s just a matter of time before she becomes an official in the family.

  5. Funn, Isabella dropped out of school at age 12 to join EEG. Is that the controversial past you are referring to?

    Although Richard Li may not get along with his father, he must still respect him. The Li family allegedly gave Isabella 2 mansions in San Francisco and 50 million HKD (wikipedia source). Perhaps there is an understanding between all that despite the grandchildren, Isabella will not have to worry about money for the rest of her life, but she is not allowed to marry into the Li family?

    Perhaps Richard loves her, but does find her fit to be his wife? Just like some men date a certain type of girlfriends, but marry another type for a wife. Maybe she wanted to have his children (to keep those bonds), but love does not always have a fairy tale ending. Marriage can be a much more practical matter sometimes.

  6. Congrats to them and the birth of their twins! Twins are naturally rare in my family.

    Thanks for the extra info Jayne, but boy is their relationship complicated. I am surprised that they now have 3 sons together and are NOT married yet? Honestly, the traditional folks would really look down on that since they are having babies out of wedlock. If it were me, I question if I would want to be with a guy that will not marry me.

    I agree with you Jayne that a lot guys date a type of girl, but marry another type for a wife. Lots of times, people just date and are ok with it but when it comes to marriage, that is a different story…Marriage is not always just about love. Lots of people marry for convenience and other practical reasons which is sort of sad but true.

  7. I think she is as good as being married since the old man has celebrated the births. Yes that lack of education can be a complication. We must remember Li Ka Shing is not just another billionaire, he is super duper mega rich and with that a certain status. May seem hypocritical but imagine you are li ka shing, surely you want your probably harvard or whatever educated son to marry someone of similar background and status? Since she started work since 12, surely there must be some inappropriate things happen along the way.

    BUT since she already gave them 3 sons, surely Li Ka Shing doesn’t want his grandsons to be called bastards right?

    Come Richard Li, make a decent woman out of the mother of your children!!

    For all we know, they may have already registered the marriage or is planning to!

    And if Richard Li is like keeping her as a mistress or some baby making machine and marry another, let me just say I find that notion disgusting! Gold digger or not, condos or not, money or not, surely 3 sons is enough justification to marry her?

  8. What little info is available to the public, frankly disgusts me (especially the harsh objectification/use rich men have for “poor” women – when Li’s own behavior knocking up unwed mother is never questioned!)

    But of course this is way things are and always have been. I just hope for the sake of the three boys they are brought up in an environment of love from BOTH parents, and IL did not just prostitute her womb for some material things.

  9. Is Li Ka Shing against her just because of her educational background? I guess I can understand that to a certain extent, but it is his son that is going to marry Isabella, not him. I hope that she is a good person in spite of her background.

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