Isabella Leong Does Not Regret Splitting with Richard Li

Isabella Leong (梁洛施) holds no regrets in her decision to separate from billionaire boyfriend, Richard Li (李澤楷). Although the two were never married during their four-year relationship, they still share an amicable parenting bond over their three sons. The 25-year-old actress has set aside her love life to focus on her children and career life.

When Isabella gave birth to her first son in Canada, Richard accompanied her in the delivery room and cut the umbilical cord. It was the happiest moment in her entire life. Within three years of dating Richard, Isabella gave birth to three sons, including a set of twin boys in her second pregnancy. She shared happily, “Our eldest child was planned, but the twins were a course of nature. I didn’t expect to be pregnant again so soon.”

Afraid that her sons would feel superior since their grandfather Li Ka Shing (李嘉誠) is namely the richest person in Asia, Isabella proves to be a very strict mother. She recalled, “I’m not fond of wasting food. Once, our eldest son had his plate full of food, and I was persistent in having him finish all of it. In the end, he threw up. Richard was surprised I had been so harsh.” In contrast to Isabella, Richard plays the loving role and pampers his sons.

Taking a hiatus after meeting Richard and giving birth, Isabella has now returned to the entertainment industry to advance her career. Last September, she agreed to star in Nian Nian <念念>, a film by Taiwanese director Sylvia Chang (張艾嘉). Soon after, Isabella received the opportunity to star alongside theater actor Jim Chim (詹瑞文) in the stage play, Signs of Happiness <快樂勿語>. Busy with work, there is barely time to ponder over her love life. She has returned to Hong Kong to pursue these projects, while her sons remain in Canada.

Touching on her past relationship with Richard, Isabella expressed, “When I’m in love, I love truly and deeply. When it’s time to move on, I move on. We both tried to maintain our relationship, but there was no way to continue. Things cannot be forced if we were not meant to be. I don’t regret my decision, because now our relationship as parents is better than before.” She praised Richard for being a mature, cautious, and talented individual.


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  1. it’s business, not love. she made babies for him, she got paid.

    1. Exactly, like it’s LOVE for a 19 pretty girl hooking up w/a much older homely looking billionaire?? Please haha LOL…
      25 and set for life, of course there are no regrets. Wouldn’t be it be even more hypocritical if she says she does? Sigh…gold digging celebs, you gotta hang it to them.

      1. I believe she once love Richard Li very much. If money was her main objective why would she let go? She has 3 sons to tie down this man if she wants. Obviously she knows what she wants. Hopefully she’ll meet someone to grow old with since she’s still very young.

      2. She can’t tie him down because she can’t tie the father of the man she loves. She hardly have a choice. So she was smrt to move on quietly with the money.

  2. I believe she was in love or thought she was in love and did not pursue this with ulterior motives. Think about her situation. Her family sold her to EEG to be the cash cow of the family and she never got a chance to experience a true childhood. Then a guy sweeps her off her feet and gives her all the support she’s yearned for. It’s like all her nightmares suddenly got wiped away.

    She never came off as a gold digger in my eyes. I think the relationship fell apart when her expectation of having a true family was never fulfilled by the Li family. She probably thought love conquered all but to realize Richard could not risk losing it all against his own father.

    I might be brainwashed by Korean and TVB dramas as well.

    1. Richard Li never comes off as a person who would listen to his father.

  3. Richard Li is a playboy so how can a young lady tolerate for the rest of her life?? I don’t think she is a gold digger.
    If she is then she should have stay on.
    She make a right move.

  4. Obviously grandpa wanted children but not the mother and daddy got too tired to fight for his love. What more can she say now? She is paid too much to write a tell all book.

  5. Of course. She has guaranteed money flowing into her account and can openly start relationships with younger more suitable looking men

  6. To me she doesn’t seem to be someone very vain, fake, gold digger… Is she not?

    1. Of course Isbella Leong is a gold-digger. Which 19-yo girl “plans” parenthood?

      “now our relationship as parents is better than before”

      Maybe caring after three (3) young babies “without marriage in sight” over-stressed/taxed the relationship?

  7. Put yourself in Richard’s shoes. 90% of the men would do the same.

  8. What a fool for a woman to give birth to the children of a man who does not want to commit in a marriage with her.

    1. Not really she has 3 loving children, she’s rich now & she’s still young! I’m sure she will able to find someone else who also loves her dearly!

      1. hell, i’d do that in a flash…. u r talking abt the richest in asia, not 2nd not 3rd…

      2. I doubt it. If i was a man, i wouldn’t want someone who’s had 3 children through a ‘business transaction’ with some rich guy. If i was a male gold digger, then that would be okay. But true love? Highly unlikely.

    2. Agreed, and to give the illegitimate children the father’s family name is dumb-dumb-dumb.

  9. She said the first child was planned. So she was 19, dated Richard briefly, gave up her career, and decided to have a child out of wedlock???

    Hmmmmm….makes one wonder….sounds more like a business transaction than love.

  10. If not mistaken, i thought i read up that Michelle Yeoh was the broker who intro Issabella to Richard.. i think she is the god-mother or mamasan for Isabella… she is well too experience to advise what Isa should do..

    1. Didn’t Michelle Yeoh also broker Zhang Zhi Yi and her billionaire western ex bf?

  11. Richard Lee is gay. According to my friend in HK. That’s why he is not married. Isabella was a cover up and an instrument to have his children because his dad wanted an heir. Sheesh….what love true and deep comes and go in just 4 years? Who are you fooling?

    1. Makes absolutely no sense. Richard Lee is the second son, if LKS wants a heir so bad he would persuade the older son. Second of all, there’s tones of women in the world that is willing to bear Richard’s, why would he pick Isabella from such a ‘complicated’ background? Third, if RL really is gay there would be lots of article about him being gay. But all you see from RL is who is his newest playmate or which model he’s sleeping with.

  12. Yeah, true love…sure. I mean just LOOK at him -___-

    1. Are you suggesting that human beings that aren’t attractive in your eyes aren’t capable of experiencing true love?

    2. He’s not bad looking. That’s just a bad picture.

      Plus, there are more to a person than looks.

      1. No, there are the only qualities but when you are barely legal at 19 and attracted to an ULGY billionaire, come on you are SURE $$$$$$$$$$$$$ is not in her top priority?? haha LOL…come on…seriously

    3. hahahah LOL…OMG You cracked me up….
      I know right, LOOK at him ppl, TRUE LOVE?
      haha LOL>..

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