Andy Lau: Next Daddy to be in HK

After several attempts, Andy Lau’s forty-four year-old wife, Carol Choo, is  rumoured to be three months pregnant. Hong Kong media are reporting that more than a month ago, Carol Choo was spotted visiting a  gynecologist’s in St Paul’s Hospital, while accompanied by her assistant and bodyguards. Moreover, she was recently seen shopping around in Causeway Bay along with a female friend, dressed in a loose shirt and appearing fuller in her face and belly.

Andy Lau’s management company has yet to confirm the rumours. When Andy was questioned about the pregnancy at the movie premiere ofDetective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame <狄仁傑之通天帝國>, he neither confrimed or denied the rumous and merely smiled and said, “Be good now and don’t ask.” Andy Lau’s family and friends have not said anything regarding the rumours. Some time ago, Carol Choo was seen praying at Snake Temple in Malaysia, apparently wishing for a child. Andy had previously revealed that he and his wife have been trying for a child for quite some time. He even bought a new house to let his wife relax and rest out of the limelight, as well as a car for her.

Miss China: Having a child is one of the most joyous experiences in human beings’ lives. I wish that these rumous are true. Andy Lau seems to be really wanting a child. As an Andy Lau fan myself, I want the rumours to be true. I think that the rumours might be true due to the body changes of Carol Choo as well as the fact that she visited a gynecologist (although she could just merely checking her health in general).

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  1. If this is true, congrats to Andy! I am a long time Andy fan myself and it is about time that Andy becomes a father. I actually liked how he did not admit nor deny the rumours instead of lie about them.Time will tell and I have a feeling that the rumours are true. Hopefully, he will share the good news with everyone when the time is right. Having a child is a happy occasion so I feel there is no need to hide it.

  2. I love andy. He is a very genuine person and a hard worker. Oh yea, he a devoted buddhist. I saw him in this video when he was a rising star and attended a ceremony a newly constructed temple in Taiwan. Can you spot him? hehe

  3. andy looks the most aged compared to the other sky kings

  4. @Michelle,
    Where did you hear that Andy already had 2 daughters???

  5. Michelle, I thought I read something like that awhile back as well, but not sure if it was just gossip. If this pregnancy is true, I am most definitely happy for him. I hope he has more kids in the future and pass-on his good looks and talents to them.

  6. @jayzemine,
    I think I know what you are referring to. ANdy already cleared that up with the public if I remember correctly. He said that they were his or Carol’s nephews and neices, NOT his kids!!

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