Andy Lau and Deanie Ip’s “A Simple Life” Premieres at Venice Film Festival to Standing Ovation

Director Ann Hui’s (许鞍华) A Simple Life <桃姐>, starring Andy Lau (刘德华) and Deanie Ip (叶德娴), centers around a  master-servant relationship between a son and a mother. A Simple Life premiered at the 68th Annual Venice Film Festival on September 5th.  Director Ann Hui, the film’s producer, Andy Lau, Deanie Ip, Qin Hailu (秦海璐), and other veterans walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival earlier this week.

A Simple Life was one of the four short-listed Chinese language films competing for the coveted Golden Lion Award and the second Chinese language film to make its appearance at the Venice Film Festival, following the lukewarm media reception of Seedig Bale <赛德克-巴莱>. Based on the published score thus far, Seedig Bale came in the last place among the screened films.

Based on the media and audience reaction at the premiere, A Simple Life was more successful. When the film ended, the entire audience rose to a standing ovation.  The reporter reflected on some of the film’s transitions, coupled with the slow pace of the subject matter, which led to the early departure of certain members of the media. However, it was understood that the domestic release of the mainland China version of A Simple Life will run at 117 minutes in length, which was slightly shorter than the version shown at the Venice Film Festival.

Deanie Ip’s performance in the film won the appreciation of many media outlets. Deanie was considered to be the strongest contender for the Best Actress Award to-date.



Jayne: Many stars at the Venice Film Festival right now. Actually, I am interested in watching A Simple Life. Will wait for the DVD release.

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  1. Can’t wait till it arrives in Msia cinemas. My eyes watered just by watching the trailer.

      1. Thanks! Had to watch without sound. Looks good. Ann Hui makes good movies. But Andy does looked like he aged a lot.

  2. I agree and thinks that Andy seems to have aged alot, however Deannie seems to be the same. I think she may be slightly older than him but she looks pretty good for her age.

    1. Andy’s facial structure is the type that ages quickly. I remember how my mom and I would judge beauty. She would also judge how long the beauty would last based on the facial structure. She was saying how Andy’s facial structure looks good when he is young, but will age really fast down the road… Another face that ages fast is Vivian Chow and Fala Chen. They look nice when look but not so great when they are older…

      1. Yep. I agree. When the facial structure is more angular or sharp

  3. Oh I didn’t know that; so its another thing I’ve learned. I think people who were born with not so nice skin probably age better. Look at Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor. I am a great fan of hers and thinks she’s wonderful in her acting and as a person. However, in the looks department, I never thought that she was ever that “young” and even in “The Turbulent Decade” made in the mid 1980s she didn’t seem that young although she was probably around 22 or 23 at the time. In “Looking Back in Anger” she seemed older than Derec Wan but in real life she was younger. Maybe it was her hair style or the clothes she wore in that drama but she certainly didn’t look like a young girl to me. Quite matronly in fact.

    1. I don’t understand what you just said. Do you mean that people that are born with nice skin probably age better?? It would not make sense if people with not so nice skin can age better than people with nice skin…

  4. With regards to Fala and Vivian. I think it could be that they are both quite skinny – hence will not age well. Poor Vivian definitely has aged quite a bit and not as pretty as she used to be.

    1. Well, who doesn’t age and who doesn’t get old?? THe thing is, do you age “well” or not. I like Vivian Chow a lot and always thought that she was really pretty back then but my mom didn’t think so since she said that her beauty will not last. Her facial structure is really bony even at a young age. At a young age, bony sturctured faces look nicer than ones with fuller faces, however, the big downside to that is that you age a lot faster down the road.

      Angie Chiu is over 50 and looks great for her age. Idy Chan, for example, looked great when young but did not age as well as Angie did.

      1. Oh yea, I forgot to mention Michelle Yim as well. But then she has an edge over Angie since she has not had any kids while Angie has had 3 sons.

      2. I disagree. I feel that round full face does not age well because when you became old, your flesh will drop.

        Angie and Idy both have similar face structure. So, why one look old and old does not? It depends on how much a person put in to maintain her look.

        I also notice that some women who already looks mature when she was young does not age very much when they were older. Still looks good.

      3. Well from what I have seen, bonier faces age more in general. It is true that IF your face is big and round then it will sag more, but at least you still have the meat to cushion your face while with bony faces, your face would just sink in… I think faces that are more full(not too full or big or round) and somewhat narrow age the least. However, it also depends on the person as well.. It is true that how much you put in it part of it but a part of it is genetics as well..

  5. I have to agree with you HeTieShou. Also Angie Chiu and Michelle Yim have aged considerably well (especially Michelle).Poor Iddy Chan has not. Its sad really as I am rewatching the Condor series where she played Siu Long Liu with Andy Lau as Yeung Gor. She was absolutely beautiful back then – one of the most beautiful faces on TVB. I find its quite rare to find faces like that nowadays. Not many of you would remember Barbara Yung who died at a very young age (suicide) but to me she was also one of the rare beauties on TVB.

  6. I do believe that some women also tend to look better because they invest so much money in beauty products.

    Doesn’t Michelle Yim eat a lot of bird’s nest and go and gets facials like every week?

    If I could afford all that, I think I would look that great in 20 years too

    1. Michelle Yim has

      1, good genes (but then he sister looks old for her age…)

      2. maintains herself very well

      3. she has never given birth

      4. never married

      5. she seems like a very happy go lucky person, this is the most important factor

      So is Kara Hui who now looks really good and Susanna Kwan (who divorced yes, but she left an unhappy marriage for a happier relationship)

      Bird’s nest, facials all help but at the end of the day is happiness. Dalai Lama looks good for his age and he is happy, despite all the crisis, he maintains a positive outlook in life.

      1. Even though she never married she did have a life partner, she might as well have been married….and I don’t really see how being married has anything to do with how you age?

      2. Might as well is not the same as being married. It may be only a certificate but it makes a huge difference.

        Some flourish with marriage, so they look better, some is miserable, so yes marriage can age you for some.

        Seen a few male stars who looks utterly happy and they’re unmarried. BUT some looks utterly happy and they’re married.

        Point is, it depends.

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