Sire Ma Stars in Ann Hui’s New Movie

The beginning of 2014 was not a good year for Sire Ma (馬賽). After her disastrous breakup with lesbian lover, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), a video showing a provocatively dressed Sire surfaced in July. TVB eventually put the actress on hiatus after her image was tarnished. After quietly leaving for England in August to enroll in an acting course, Sire secretly flew back to Hong Kong this month to take part in Ann Hui’s (許鞍華) new movie, Eight and a Half Steps <8步半> (tentative title).

Although Eight and a Half Steps is Sire’s first major acting job since the mini hiatus, Ann personally requested that Sire become the lead actress. Set in the 1950s to 1960s, Eight and a Half Steps feature eight separate storylines. Deemed a fairly big production, the other seven mini-stories within the film will be directed by some of the industry’s biggest players including, Johnnie To (杜琪峯), Ringo Lam (林嶺東), Tsui Hark (徐克), John Woo (吳宇森), Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo Ping (袁和平), and Patrick Tam (譚家明).

Sire in Uplifted Mood

Arriving at the production set at 6:00 p.m., Sire was dressed in a classic blue school uniform with minimal makeup. Unlike her poor spirits when she was dealing with her post-breakup rumors surrounding Wang Ziqi, Sire appeared to be in a lighter mood. Taking a break before the cameras started rolling, Sire ate a box of fried noodles in one sitting. Even when the locals spotted her, Sire happily greeted and took many photos with them.


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    1. If an award winning veteran like Ann Hui thinks she can, it means she can.

      You are not anywhere near Ann Hui’s material, so you aren’t able to spot a talent when you see one.

  1. ann hui really is champion for women rights.. she has helped sire ma not only by offering her an acting role but as lead actress… no wonder sire ma looks so happy….hope sire can overcome her depression and come out stronger facing her detractors

  2. Sire you have to be strong for your own rights and your life. Do not allow anyone to run or ruin your life.

  3. TBH she cause all this drama on herself i dont feel pity for her at all and plus why is she back on the screen her actinn sucks !!!

  4. I wonder how she got the role.

    Her good girl image is ruined, her acting is mediocre.

    1. Her acting aside, how “is her girl image is ruined”?

      So do you think Jennifer Lawrence, and Scarlett Johansson’s image/career is ruined also? I don’t think so.

      It is sad to see how closed mind and ultra-conservative part of Hong Kong’s population are that TVB felt it needed to punish her for such triviality which most of the developed world would just gave a shrug.

      1. i don’t think she had a good girl image since the lesbian rumor leaked. as regards to the american actresses. can’t compare sire to them. they are already established starts but sire is just starting out. plus, it’s a different society and culture.

      2. It is in some ways trivial and yet in more ways cant be dismissed as trivial. She is a public personality and her actions have repercussins whether she likes it or not. I think the damage is on the fact that in public she is one type, in privte another. Its the hypocrisy that gets to people as well as all those lurid details about her behaviour. Is it too soon for her to return to public eye? I think so. She should take s long break and when dusts settle, return with a vengeance. Problem is she is at best a c list actress and so no one really cares if her career is gone or still around. For me she hasnt got any huge impact on the industry except to sell gossip magazines.

    2. She’s got the role because she’s a little fish that got caught by a shark lol. Hey, maybe Ann liked her acting. Who knows, time will tell if she’s got what it takes in the big league. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  5. maybe ann hui likes her A LOT, if you know what i mean, haha and there seem to be some kind of a joke among the guys: ringo lam, johnny to, tsui hark, john woo, sammo hung, yuen woo ping and patrick tam, they must have seen exposed her photos and videos and decided to have some fun or they REALLY DON’T LIKE her ex, wang ziqi

    1. I know “what” you mean. Ann Hui definitely “likes” her a lot

  6. i am not Sire’s fans…I don’t even like her acting to begin with….but I encourage people to stand up where he/she fail…yes…she might make some mistake before…but stand up…work hard…to prove to other that you have changed…give her a chance!

  7. I am looking forward to carpet munch scenes in this new movie

  8. Sire Ma’s acting is not bad. In a movie she will be able to do better because the filming won’t be so rush and she will have more time to prepare.

    Ann Hui most probably chose her because she’s suitable for the role.

    I’m happy that she got a chance to pick herself up.

  9. Sire WHO??

    Seriously, another hypocrite in the entertainment industry… Hopefully we’ll see more ‘provocative’ leaks by ‘herself’because she has a nice figure and that will lead to more publicity for her! Ooooh poooor girl…. seriously??

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