Has Ma Sichun Secretly Tied the Knot?

Above: Ma Sichun (right) once candidly revealed on a variety program that she is ill.

33-year-old actress Sandra Ma Sichun (馬思純) is rumored to have secretly married 29-year-old Zhang Zhexuan (張哲軒), lead singer of Chinese rock band Penicillin!

Friend: “She is doing fine”

According to reports, her good friend Lun Si-bo had responded to fan comments online about the actress. Updating that Ma Sichun has been “doing well recently”, and called on fans to wait for the actress to recuperate, ” [please] wait for Ma Sichun, it’s not a rush, life is a long journey.” Adding that she has taken a mere three-month break, the friend explained that the actress is now taking the time to “lose weight healthily” through exercise. As she needs to make adjustments to her diet, she would most likely resume work only next year, Lun added.

Career Went Downhill After Golden Horse Win
After winning Best Actress at the 2016 Golden Horse Awards along with actress Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨), Ma Sichun’s career failed to take off.  In her recent film Love After Love <第一炉香> by famed director Ann Hui (許鞍華), Ma Sichun was roundly criticized for her plump figure, while the film was both a critical and commercial flop. This came after a string of films and dramas she starred in after her Best Actress win, which had fared poorly or achieved lackluster viewership at best. With a history of emotional illness – the actress had once shared about her struggle with anxiety after being bullied in school – she fell into depression as her career took a downward turn, and supposedly put on weight from the medication she took.

In her career doldrums, she was snapped by paparazzi dating singer Zhang Zhexuan.

Spotted dating singer Zhang Zhexuan at the lowest point in her career, the couple’s marriage rumors soon surfaced on Weibo. However, most of Ma Sichun’s fans overwhelmingly objected to the romance due to Zhang’s infamous reputation, with many comments calling on their idol to “hurry get away”, “Is Ma Sichun mad” and “This guy is a jerk”.

Zhang’s unsavory reputation stemmed from talk that he was a serial dater, and had unprotected sex with his sex partners without their consent, on top of having once revealed that he was living off a rich 2G girlfriend whose father was a court official.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Looks like she fell for him while she was vulnerable, that’s sad. Hope she’s doing well on the depression side of things.

    On a side note, idk how women would find this guy attractive enough to date. Like, I get it if he was a really solid dude, but apparently he’s not. So what’s he got going for him? His overconfidence?

    1. lol…He does not look 29 either. Well, I remember the media calls her having an ‘in love brain’. That love is more important to her when she’s involved. On the other hand, she seems to like younger guys. If I remember correctly, she was dating another guy not sure when that was but that dude although not that popular but he seems cute and quite ok looking compares to this one.

      1. uhuh, he doesn’t look 29. And yeah, I read about those comments. I think you mean Ou Hao? Yeah, he looked cute. Although I can see how things didn’t work out for them, I feel like their vibes don’t match that well. I just hope nothing too bad comes out of this relationship. And I don’t really care about her choices, after a certain amount of advising ppl should just leave them alone.

      2. @Alexis I thought it said he was caught (cheating?) by paparazzi going out with another woman, while Ma Sichun was waiting for him or that only she went to the event they supposed to go together. I remember the article said something like that and then they later broke up.

  2. Oh dear, ppl are being so cruel. Depression tablets do tend to make you gain weight :/ it’s really sad. About her love life, I just hope it doesn’t add on to her depression, and/or it isn’t because of her depression that she needs a guy like that to feel validated :/

  3. Only time will tell if the guy deserves her blind devotion to his questionable reputation. And if their relationship does not end up well, she is strong enough not to fall into another depression or worse.

  4. she was bullied in school and continues to be bullied by fans. This poor woman doesn’t deserve such ****** treatment.

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