Sire Ma Gives Birth to Daughter Camellia

31-year-old former TVB actress Sire Ma (馬賽) made a surprise marriage announcement in January this year, with news of her pregnancy emerging the same month.

Sire has also been actively sharing pregnancy-related updates through social media regularly. On June 30, she posted her newborn’s footprints and shared the news of her firstborn Camellia’s arrival, adding that both mother and daughter are safe.

“Thank you for coming into my world as planned, for making my life more fulfilled. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. Mommy has too much to learn and I will surely work hard! Love you forever!”

The post was geo-tagged in Los Angeles, where Sire is most likely having her post-partum recovery. Her post was greeted with blessings from netizens and artistes including Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) and Chinese author Zheng Zhi (鄭執). Seemingly eager to meet up with her good friends, Sire replied Zheng Zhi, “Can meet up in Beijing after I’ve ‘unloaded’!”

Speaking with the press, Sire said, “Baby is very healthy and the entire labor process was very smooth. I am thankful.” When asked if she would like more children, she said that she has reached a consensus with her husband, who is believed to be a rich second generation from outside the entertainment circle.


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  1. If neither parent has American citizenship I hope they didn’t deliberately travel to the States to give birth so the child can have citizenship by birthright. There’s a huge birth tourism problem where I live in Canada (Richmond, BC, over the bridge from Vancouver ) where mansions are turned into hotels to cater to chinese pregnant women who travel here to give birth. They pay the local hospital to deliver their babies. The babies are born on Canadian soil and the parents go back to Asia soon afterwards. Disgusting !
    From my local newspaper

    1. @babycakes I am 100% agree with you. Pregnant women from a lot of other countries would come to the US to give birth. Shame on them for doing that!!!! You are thieves ladies!!!!! We are as citizen fully employed, work hard, pay taxes. And now have to pay for your children in the future??? And even pay for you guys since you guys don’t work and pay tax in the US? Isn’t Ziyi Zhang doing the same thing? I am just asking.I know she is rich but if neither her nor her partner a US citizen then they have no business giving birth in the US. Now back to the other pregnant ladies!!! You and your partners welcome your child into the world by stealing from other people without contributing anything. Your first lesson that you teach your children is stealing is the way to get ahead!! You should be proud of yourself!!!! Shameful!!!

      1. @daisy2019 disgusting! They have no shame because they think money can buy anything. They are purely buying the citizenship. They will never move there or integrate into the society or contribute to the economy by way of income taxes

      2. @babycakes exactly! She is so rich already. Why did she do that? She is even more disgusting than the other greedy women. Giving birth abroad is not buying citizenship . It is stealing citizenship. Anchor baby is shameful and all these governments need to put a stop to it. It was cracking down in Irvine, California. Let me look it up.

      3. @daisy2019 Yep, I live in Irvine and one of our neighbors across the street actually runs a “maternity hotel” aka birth tourism business. They’ve been raided/reported on several occasions, but somehow always find a way to come back.

        For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why there was such a huge influx of Chinese people moving into Irvine over the last decade, but now I know. Lol Apparently, it’s a more well known city in China than it is here in the US.

        Anyway, I agree that it’s shameful and unethical, but I don’t see how the government could effectively put a stop to it, considering there’s no law against expectant mothers traveling to the US. Only solution I could think of is that they start requiring for babies to spend the first 5+ years of their lives in the US before offering citizenship, but I don’t exactly know how the logistics of that would play out.

      4. @oystergirl they are talking about one of the parents would need to be a US citizen in order for the baby to become a citizen when he or she was born in the US. A ton of countries have been doing that for years. The States needs to do that as well.

      5. @daisy2019 it will never change in the United States. It will require a constitutional amendment, and the majority of anchor babies are Hispanics. The Democrats will never agree to it.

      6. @potatochip True, but context is important. Native Americans weren’t exactly thrilled by all the foreign intruders either, except they lost the war. So what can they do?

        The problem with anchor babies is that they provide benefits to the parents and the children without ever contributing back to the economy. It’s all take and no give. If they did it through legal means, no one can fault them for that. But they rather cut in line.

      7. @coralie I agree with you on a lot of things (especially what you posted below on asylum policy). I also agree that it is about context. Native Americans were invaded, conquered, and wiped out. Genocide happened and is still happening. To a Native American, anyone who came after (except those who came by force, ie slaves) is a hypocrite for talking about legal vs illegal, anchor baby vs ? (what’s the opposite of an anchor baby?).

        And I think it is a falsehood that immigrants don’t contribute to the economy or taxes. They do. Also, they aren’t cutting in line. Becoming documented will still take years if not decades.

      8. @potatochip okay i dug into research on this topic a bit more and you’re right in some ways. legal immigrants do contribute to the economy…i didn’t know that as US citizens, we get taxed worldwide regardless if we live here or not. that means anchor babies and legal immigrants have to pay once they start earning money themselves to keep citizenship.

        but i find there is a loophole. the biggest deciding factor in whether immigrants will be productive contributors of american economy is based on how old they are when they become one. this is one thing i take issue with. if illegal immigrants produces an anchor baby, they can move back to their home country, wait until the child is 21 years old, then petition for US citizen. by the time their child is 21+, they are usually in their 40s-50s, which means they haven’t had to pay taxes for 21 years, don’t contribute to american economy and can within a few years, start taking advantage of american benefits because of their child. there’s no way to justify what these folks are doing, unless you know there’s more research on this?

      9. @coralie Undocumented immigrants also contribute to the economy. They have to buy food, clothing, housing, etc. They can’t use Medicaid or get food stamps because they are undocumented.

        As for the loophole you mentioned, sure, I guess that is possible. But how many people do you think actually wait decades for US “benefits”? They have their own prosperous lives in their home countries. Do you think rich Chinese, Saudis, and Russians are drooling over the couple hundred dollard of social security a month and the inadequate coverage of Medicare (which doesn’t start til 65 yo) ? I am trying to think about other US benefits, but can’t at the moment.

        I think these rich people want their children to have US citizenship because it opens educational doors and business opportunities. It’s not ethical, but it is hard to say which country wins or loses because they will invest in their children in the US.

        As for poor undocumented immigrants, even if they have an “anchor” baby, it does not protect them from being deported. “Anchor” is quite a misnomer in that sense. If deported, the underage children likely will go with the parents. Even if they return to the US, their parents will have a tough time or be outright ineligible for citizenship because they were deported. So, it is hard for me to imagine that the poor immigrant is has children as a calculated move. Quite the opposite, being pregnant and having children would put them more at risk to be discovered and deported. Not to mention the increased cost of supporting a child.

      10. @potatochip

        If the undocumented immigrants are staying in the U.S., they do contribute to everything you mentioned. However, they are still siphoning money from the economy *if* they’re getting paid under the table, which isn’t taxed. I will say most migrants probably aren’t getting paid much to make that too big of an issue, but still.

        We don’t know how far some unscrupulous families will go to earn and save a buck. Like the discussion with m0m0, plenty of families find loopholes to qualify as low income without actually being low-income. Imagine if the parents suddenly have a life-long disease; I think they’ll be plenty happy to be here in the ‘states when they suddenly qualify for American citizenship.

        Another thing, too, is that not all illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. to have anchor babies are that wealthy. Some of them just want their kids to have citizenship here and then have someone they know sponsor the kids so they can get free education, healthcare, etc. That stresses our resources without contributing anything back until the child’s old enough to support him/herself. I mean, that might mean they’ll have to be separated from their kids while they go back to their own country, but it’s not unheard of.

        However, I’m starting to come around to what you mean, especially after more research on my end. Documented migrants, in this case, might be worse than the undocumented ones lol. Because at least the undocumented ones won’t ever really benefit from our welfare system.

      11. @potatochip there is genuine anchor and just leeches. Those celebrities are leeches, those parents who move there, work hard and hope to get their children citizenship are genuine anchor or whatever you want to call them. Parents want what’s best for their children, but celebrities can do that without a free passport, and that’s why they are leeches. And they don’t really contribute to US, in the case of ZYZ, she promoting China in any film she’s in, not america.

      12. @littlefish Eh, I agree that it is difficult to sympathize with the plights of celebrities and their babies. I dislike that they use their privilege to cast doubt on those that are truly suffering and in need of help.

      13. @terrycrews19 Democrats will never pass something like this. They want the votes by promising free health care and money to illegals. If these is no such promise then there wouldn’t be wave of wave of illegals trying to come across the border! So the death and cage issue are on them if you ask me!!!! Especially when some people are not even traveling with their own children but is using the child to come in! These rich people are just as bad!!! Disgusting!

      14. @happybi what’s especially sad is all the parents who send their young daughters fully knowing they will get raped by the coyotes who bring them to the states. Some of them even get sold into prostitution.

      15. @happybi the U.S. has always had an asylum policy as part of our humanitarian duty and international pact with UN/human rights groups. that isn’t anything new and not related to what democrats want. democrats want universal healthcare for U.S. citizens, which i think isn’t absurd considering how ridiculous healthcare has gotten since pharmaceutical profits took over. while the benefits of “free” healthcare sounds nice, it’s not the primary reason why these healthy migrants are swarming the U.S. borders. they’re coming over because of drought (global warming), poverty and high crime. at least in the U.S. they can be safe, protected and have a better opportunity at life. if things went to hell in the U.S., we will be swarming Canada’s borders, too. the problem isn’t democrats; it’s the gov’t, part greed and part desperation of these refugees.

        trump has a lot to do with these humanitarian disasters, but I can’t say I blame him. ever since he took office, he’s been cutting down the allowance for asylum seekers and organizations willing to help. for example, under obama, asylum seekers went from 100k+ refugee allowance to 45k under trump. to curb folks from coming, he implemented family separation policies, removed personnel to help and he’s also throwing people back into mexico. there are also loopholes in our law that allowed migrants with kids to come into the U.S. before, which migrants have exploited. where it used to be single lone asylum seekers, now there are families – guaranteeing them passage into the U.S. if they come in big groups. another reason why he’s separated families from kids. on paper, what he’s doing is actually reasonable ideas, but in practice, well…a huge fail. I personally blame mexico for encouraging this and U.S. policies for allowing us to be taken advantage of.

        lots of countries has had humanitarian crisis before; just that it’s rarely often happened to our own neighbors. during the vietnam war, millions of refugees traveled to other countries to seek asylum and hundreds of thousands died making the trek. other countries all had to eventually close their borders because of the havoc. this caused a huge backlog of asylum seekers, which was eventually somewhat resolved when the U.S. and other nations created a pact to take them in. but that’s vietnam and it was war-torn. mexico isn’t there yet, but it’s undergoing its own drug issues, which I feel the U.S. is partially responsible for. scary to think such a dangerous country is right next to us and that there’s only going to be more migrants to come.

      16. @coralie Completely agree! Living in California is the worst because ever since Trump took office, our Democratic local government over here has been hell-bent on opposing everything he does, at the expense of us citizens. Our 2 most recent governors have said outright that they are going to protect / support / welcome every single illegal who comes to California (regardless of whether our economy can sustain it) out of defiance against Trump…it doesn’t matter if the illegals commit crimes or whatnot, because for every illegal they support, they view it as getting a one-up over Trump….paying for illegals, being victims of any crimes that illegals may commit, etc, that just “comes with the territory” of living in California nowadays.

      17. @llwy12 Undocumented immigrants do not commit more crimes than citizens or documented immigrants. I respect California for taking a strong stand against Trump’s fear tactics because it does not want its residents (both undocumented and citizens) to live in perpetual fear of being profiled and harrassed by CBP. This causes toxic stress on children and has lifelong consequences.

        I saw a statistics that there are 600 k undocumented Canadian and European immigrants. But they are not being targeted. I wonder why?

    2. @babycakes This has been happening in the Los Angeles area here in the U.S. for at least a decade already. The police busted a bunch of these birth tourism sites in the San Gabriel area (where a lot of Chinese people love) several years ago, but they continue to crop up. In fact, it’s become such a common occurrence over here now that the police just ignore it because there’s nothing they can do to stop it. There are numerous instances of groups of pregnant Chinese women taking walks together outside the area where they live, some even flaunting the fact that they come here just to give birth so their children can be American citizens and get all he perks that come along with it. One of the media outlets over here did an inside report on one of the facilities and even though the conditions are bad, many Chinese people still do it because they see living in horrible conditions for a few months is a worthy sacrifice in exchange for American citizenship for their children. I also find it disgusting, but at the same time, there’s nothing that can be done about it anymore.

    1. @daisy2019 yes! Exact same thing happening in my city. It’s worse when you hear celebrities doing it. Why else would they give birth here? Ugh. So despicable and shameful, indeed!

  2. I heard on YouTube that the rich do that to smuggle money out easier. A majority of them do get sneaky and apply for benefits for the poor esp medical because all assets would be under their child or someone else’s name. It’s sickening to hear that and u hope that the us would pass law to stop people like this to get benefits but then u keep hearing about stories about the border children, which gets a lot more attention and thus preventing law to get passed.

    1. @m0m0 The rich people cheating the system are very different from the children in internment camps on the border. People demanding that children aren’t put in cages and have access to basic sanitation should get more attention and is definitely more urgent. I would argue that they aren’t getting enough attention because they are still in separated from their parents and still not getting basic care.

      1. @potatochip
        of course it is not the same about rich people abusing the system and border children not getting basic human needs. the children need to get the attention and deserve every single bit of the care which is obviously lacking because the us is managing it so poorly. what i am saying is that both groups are foreign aliens trying to get into this country. while one group is outright using illegal methods and in the meanwhile, the other group is taking advantage of the loopholes in the us immigration system trying to get in. there ought to be more attention and reporting on this but it is not because when people talk about illegal immigration, they think about the children only but it’s far beyond the children.

      2. @m0m0 Yup, totally different w/legal immigrants who actually worked their azzes off so they have a right to the benefits of what they offered. These actresses/tourists just came timing their moments just so they can pop those babies out just to have citizenship is totally different. I was once renewing my passport directly in the court instead of mailing in not sure why now lol…I did see 2 Asian female not sure if chinese or other asian country holding babies getting their legal citizenship and I am pretty sure they are also tourists and not legal immigrants as they had this social work who was a translator to help them. Quite obvious it’s a tourist having a kid here and then ditch back to her country. I can never understand why there is no law against any of that but USA free country right? Lol…haha . Yes, majority of them is probably still Spanish people as it is the 2nd language of the US and Chinese is the 3rd.

    2. @m0m0 it’s not just the rich who are doing it (although it makes them a lot more despicable.) a lot of middle class folks are doing exactly that. they pass their wealth and properties onto their children or relatives’ names, so that they can then apply for welfare and benefits from the country. i don’t know if i blame them. usually older folks do this so that they can lessen the financial burden that comes from much higher medical costs associated with aging. even if you start out as a millionaire, assuming you get a debilitating disease like cancer, your money disappears in a poof. why would they do that when they can just give that money to their descendants and apply for the gov’t to take care of them?

      the problem is that there are too many economic loopholes that are driving the poor, poorer and the rich, richer. i really do blame our capitalistic economy with no gov’t oversight. money that’s profited by companies gets given back to the economy & higher mgmt in the form of stock market dividends. but not everyone invest in the stock market. the poor certainly doesn’t and highest dividends goes to those who invest heavily and have the currency to invest. meanwhile, in order to keep the stock market and stakeholders happy, companies keep employees earning low and pass on even less savings for consumers to drive higher profits. it’s a never-ending cycle of benefiting the rich while taking advantage of the poor. it’s what we’re seeing with corporations all over the world. wages have stagnated and cost of living going higher. this is not sustainable.

      1. @coralie
        well for me, what’s infuriating is that people come to this country reaping benefits while stacking cash somewhere. know more than a few legal immigrants here doing that. getting paid thousands of $$ under the table, getting low house income, benefits, child-care supplements and priority in school lottery and programs b/c of the low-income status. the disappearing middle-class is real. i just don’t know why the government hasn’t closed the loophole on people coming to this country just for the sake of soaking this country up like a sponge.

      2. @m0m0 honestly, it’s everyone. the rich, the poor. the ones who take advantage of the system and leave the middle class in the lurch.

        interesting thing about the priority in school lottery & programs, though. we don’t have that where I live. all the kids are placed in schools depending on where they’re living closest. there’s an option to be drawn in a lottery, but they don’t get priority because of their income situation. it’s another thing that’s biased in the U.S. because most schools here are funded by taxpayer money, so if the parent’s zip code is wealthy, the schools get more resources and hence, better students.

      3. @coralie
        the city adopted a lottery based system b/c they found that schools where the low income students tend to gather did poorly while the schools where mostly the non-low income attended fared well. so they came up with this lottery system where they give 50% of the seat to low income families. so looking at the lottery data, low income get to go which ever school they want b/c they always get preference. after school programs, they give low income priority too. also for preschools, they would leave a spot open for voucher kids rather than filling it .
        same thing if you want to switch schools, if you are low income, you can switch just by filling out an application and you can switch in the next school year but if you are not, you get on a waitlist for years. i live in a very liberal state and it’s not california.

      4. @m0m0 okay, yeah, then i would upset too if i was in that situation. but, on the other hand, this means more fluidity between people of all classes (primarily the poor) so that they have a chance at equitable school resources. but that’s assuming they’re actually poor and not exploitative poor.

      5. @coralie
        yes, it provides mobility for low-income folks but at the expense of other folks. so if you can’t afford to get a spot in preschool, be prepared to dish out 4000 a month for your toddler or keep or school-aged kid home after school. so again, contributing to the disappearing middle-class, not wanting kids b/c you just can’t afford them or stop work simply to take care of your child.

  3. I think Sire Ma purposely flew to Los Angeles to give birth. She went there when her tummy was pretty big and spent a month or so there before giving birth to her baby girl.

  4. That’s right why travel to another country to give birth if you’re not even belong to this country and I wonder does that means the baby will have a full citizenship? So how can she give birth in the United States? Didn’t Donald trump try to stop those illegal people from coming to the USA? Especially those Mexican people? It is a shame for sure and if they love USA so much why not trying to get all the paperwork and live legally or something instead ruined your own child life. Isn’t it Shirley Yeung daughter born in Los Angeles also? Just like getting married why so many people like to register marriage in another country instead in their own country?

    1. @cutie777 Sire Ma must have travelled to Los Angeles on a tourist visa when she was 7 to 8 months pregnant, and a tourist visa does allow a tourist to stay there for about 3 months. She then gave birth to her baby girl before her visa expired.

    2. @cutie777 too many snowflakes here. Won’t happen. And all the people who is trying to come in legally have an even longer wait time than before!! Its awful. The system need to be fix but the house are absolutely useless!

  5. It’s similar when rich people send their children abroad to study for the sake of prestige or when Chinese give birth in HK. However much they pretend they are ‘proud’ of their country, they would give their right arm to have connections with the West hence all this cheating the system abroad to give birth for the kids passport, getting degrees abroad to show off or simply trying to move to the West permanently (a lot of the time by overstaying visas). ‘I love my country, my a**’

  6. People that blame birth tourism are the same people that complain about the Chinese driving up the cost of real estate in Vancouver and elsewhere.

    Go complain to your local/state/federal government representative to make the necessary changes instead of blaming on those who take advantage of these loopholes.

    It’s not their fault that such weak loopholes exist. They see an opportunity and they cease it. That has always been the Chinese way.

    Personally, I don’t agree with what they are doing is right, but they should not be the brunt of criticism. It’s your ineffective federal/state/local laws that allow this issue to continue.

    1. @anon your saying is like this example: there is a rubbish bin for people to put rubbish in. Uneducated Chinese people will litter, but it’s the fault of the city council for not having a guard at every bin to make sure rubbish has been put in there correctly. Every system has some holes in it, no system is perfect, to know about the hole and continue abuse it should be at the brunt of criticism 🙂 basically blame goes both way, not one or another. Changing a law isn’t easy, so that’s why the people who abuse the system will always be at the brunt of criticism

      1. @littlefish

        That’s not even a fair comparison. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

        First of all, in most municipal cities, LITTERING is a municipal by-law that constitutes an automatic fine, regardless of whether there is a bylaw enforcement officer standing next to a garbage bin to enforce the law or not. It carries an automatic fine, so there is a law put in place for littering.

        The argument IS NOT about whether there is enforcement or not (that’s your argument), but whether there is any legal ramification at all (my argument).

        There is NO LAW that prohibits foreigners from giving birth in Canada and that baby becoming a Canadian citizen at birth.

        You’re arguing on the basis of an existing law (littering) vs. a “law” that DOES NOT EXIST (foreigners having anchor babies in Canada). So how can you possibly put the blame on foreigners that wants anchor babies when there is nothing wrong with it to begin?

        Having anchor babies may be unethical or morally wrong, but from a legality standpoint, there is NO LEGALITY issues in Canada (or even the USA as far as I know), so you can’t put the blame on the parents that want anchor babies because there is no law in place to tell them not to, while there are LITTERING LAWS in every city of the world.

        So if you want all this to stop, tell your government officials to put the right laws in place to stop it.

        Stop shaming anchor parents!

        I am not an anchor parent, nor do I have any kids of my own. Just giving my 2 cents from the point of objectivity.

      2. @anon everyone can have his or her own opinion. So do you. So are we. You are the only one who does not have negative opinion about the anchor baby issue. No big deal. And I am strongly against it. To each of their own. Don’t tell others what to think.

      3. @daisy2019

        We are having a discussion. I am not here trying to change her mind.

        What’s lacking here is objectivity. Most are speaking on the side of ethics. I am speaking on the part of legality… Where no laws are broken.. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

      4. @anon
        Legally, you are right. There is no law broken. However, if you are a local citizen (American or Canadian), you, your spouse, and your descendants will have to pick up the extra taxes to allow those “so-called” citizens to enjoy all the health care, schooling, and welfare benefits in future in the country.

      5. @orchid123

        Yes I understand, but shaming the couples that want anchor babies is unproductive and does NOTHING to help the situation for you, your spouse, and your descendants. They will still come in droves regardless of your approval.

        If you want to make a real change then voice your opinion to your local member of parliament. That’s where the real changes are made.

      6. @anon I see your point and you are definitely correct about the legal part. But at the same time, it’s hard to blame people for criticizing those who take advantage of the loopholes because there is very little actual recourse to fix the problem….yes, people should be criticizing and complaining to the federal/state/local government instead, but realistically, what is that going to do? Doesn’t matter how much we complain here, the U.S. government is never going to fix the anchor baby / immigration issue because it’s not fixable – it doesn’t matter who is president technically (though Trump does make things worse merely by being in his position because majority of the politicians here hate him to the point that they are willing to sacrifice their constituency’s well-being just to oppose him). Rather than complain repeatedly to the government and hold out hope that they are going to fix a problem that can’t be fixed, it’s easier for ordinary citizens to criticize those who knowingly take advantage of the loopholes (especially those citizens who are directly affected by these people’s actions). I honestly don’t blame the people for shaming those who do this — true it won’t help the situation but voicing your opinion to the government isn’t going to help it either.

      7. @anon your argument is about legality of thing, my argument is something as simple as littering is hard to control, let’s alone something as big as anchor baby lol. The point of my example is there is the law, and there is the implementation. You see people litter, you don’t jump out and quote: “by law, you should put your rubbish into the bin!” Or “how should we change the law so people will put rubbish into the bin!”, in your head, you will just think “geez, uneducated people” lol. Same thing here, people don’t go: the law sucks, must change the law, they go: “bad people who abuse the system!”. And that’s why people are having a good go at these celebrities who abusing the system

      8. @littlefish

        I am having difficulty wrapping my head around your argument, as you have no right to speak for others aka. “the people”. You sure as hell can’t speak for me as I don’t think like what you described.

        Even if what you say is correct, complaining about the situation is impractical and does nothing to solve the problem at hand.

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