Sire Ma Slept with Ron Ng?

Although Sire Ma (馬賽) tried to put behind her breakup with Mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) and steamy lingerie video, Sire’s scandalous past continued to trouble her. Last week, a netizen exposed a text exchange in which Sire discussed her sexual encounters with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Wang Ziqi.

Wang Ziqi Was a Fierce Lover

Weibo user Chris_lee72 uploaded a private text exchange in which Sire spilled her promiscuous behavior to a trusted confidante. Chris_lee72’s intention was to force Sire to leave the entertainment industry.

Through private Weibo messages with a close friend who is a TVB actress, Sire apparently had confided her sexual experiences. On her relationship with Wang Ziqi, Sire hinted that it was her first time making love to a woman. They checked into a hotel room together and Ziqi seduced her with a bottle of red wine, claiming that she was unhappy with her partner, Laura Lee.

Sire also mentioned that Ziqi was a fierce and demanding lover, “Before we slept together, she was very good towards me. After we became intimate, she treated me like a sex slave and wanted to do it every day! She was like a starving wolf!”

Although Ziqi badmouthed Sire for being materialistic and cunning, Sire shared her personal outrage with her confidante, “She cheated my love. I thought I had found true love and a lover I can rely on, but that wasn’t the case! She betrayed her wife and said I was the third wheel instead!”

Ron Ng Was Sire’s Lover?

Sire stated that she “had slept with various men from different backgrounds” and admitted that she has an open attitude in sex. In the text message, Sire wrote, “I like how ‘Cheuk Hei Gor’ [alluding to Ron Ng 吳卓羲] makes love. He is very big and tall, so there is more sensation during [love-making].”

Sire Has Backup from Powerful Party

After the scandalous private text messages were revealed on Sire’s Weibo blog, she quickly deleted them and claimed they were fabricated. TVB management fully backed up Sire’s claims and supported her actions in letting the police handle the matter.

TVB has demoted many of its artistes over lesser issues, and for Sire to be given a second chance despite her severely tarnished image, it is rumored that the actress has a powerful politician in Malaysia backing her up. An inside source spilled, “Because the party is prominent in the Southeast Asian market, [TVB] has no choice but to honor the plea.”


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  1. this is getting completely out of hand and so ridiculous….can she just leave and disappear already? so sick of hearing about her scandals all the time.

  2. Oh wow…this is getting a little r rated?
    Wonder which part is real?

  3. It’s so weird to to publish this article, when the article mentioning Sire alerting the police was already published here a few days ago?

  4. She must HV a powerful back up with her scandal she would long be gone. Especially for TVB standard.

    1. Exactly what I was gonna say. Just when everyone starts noticing Ron’s good acting skills in Lady Sour, he is involved in a scandal again. He’s definitely goin to have to not renew his contract before TVB freezes him cause Sire has powerful backing, but he doesn’t.

      1. What scandal? I thought what Sire said complimented Ron. And this is not his first Scandal. HE had much worse.

    2. Hope Ron reputation doesn’t get effected from what Sire Ma said. But it also kinda sounds like a compliment cause she says he’s big and tall and good in bed lol. She better not have any sex photos.

  5. Ron is already suffering a bad reputation…must this woman rub it in further? Can’t she just disappear for good?

  6. It is rumored that the actress has a powerful politician in Malaysia backing her up.

    Wow, Malaysia politician??? Which politician so POWERFUL????? TVB also afraid of them??

  7. I don’t like Ron’s acting but this is his personal life and we shouldn’t be too judgemental. After all, he is single and Sire was a willing lover. So he didn’t do anything wrong. So why should it be scandalous for him?

    1. I think it’s Sire’s reputation that makes Ron the bad guy for sleeping with a women like her.

    1. Yeah, with this kind of commotion, you’d think these are underage kids. Two adults had sex. So what?

  8. there are conflicting claims in her messages. in one, she declares she was a virgin before she was taken by wang ziqi, and then in another, she says she’s slept with men of different backgrounds. i don’t really believe she wrote them.

  9. Im curious of who is backing her. That person must be very powerful as her reputation is all damaged.

  10. Ok, why can’t she just disappear? This girl is really disgusting me. Not that I discriminate her being gay, but really that’s extremely disgusting of her to talk about sex and those she has slept with. I’m not a fan of Ron Ng, but feel sorry for his being dragged into this messy sex scandal.

    1. It’s just sex. Your parents had sex. Get over it. She was telling a close friend, not televising it for everyone to see. I think it’s harsh to want her to lose her livelihood for something so minor and stupid.

    2. Also obviously she also likes men so she is at least bi. Not gay. Don’t erase bi people.

      1. Ok, let’s just say she’s bi. But you’re saying that she was talking to a friend and not to televise it and now it’s on the news and everyone knows it. Sorry but I just don’t understand why implying Ron Ng into this after her infamous breakup with the lesbian girlfriend, the threats and the inappropriate photos scandals

    3. It’s not even her fault that it got leaked? It was not her intention for it to become news? In fact, it’s the fault of people like us who hang out on sites like this and read these gossips. What she does or doesn’t discuss with her friend IN PRIVATE is her business alone. I’m sorry you don’t have any friends close enough you can tell everything to but some girls do.

  11. OMYGOD…….this is getting over board here!!! They gotta stop linking her w/TVB artist so what if it stated Cheuk Hei Gor it could other ppl it dont have to be ROn!!! alot ppl has the same name why does the papzzi why do all fingers have to be pointed a Ron for!!!

  12. So she likes to kiss and tell…and this woman has no shame. Being bisexual is bad enough, worse still she likes to sleep around. Yuck!!

      1. I agree with Tess…bisexual is sick…you cannot even know if you like a guy or a girl that’s pathetic!

    1. I think bad because her life is kind of mess not because she is bisexual. She is bisexual but she knew how to love (love single person at one and serious about it), then it would not be an issue.

    2. The only thing that’s pathetic is judging other people’s sexuality when you obviously know nothing about it.

    3. Just because bisexuals happen to be attracted to both guys AND girls doesn’t mean they sleep around (not that sleeping around should be seen as bad if it doesn’t hurt anyone) or that we can’t be monogamous. Calling bisexuals ‘sick’ is truly horrible and you are a terrible human being.

      1. Go tell your parents you like both girls and boys are how they would react to it and say that out loud to your bf or gf too if you have one and dare to admit you are bi!

  13. Actually the text messages kinda show her in a better light. It shows she was with a demanding woman and she was not happy, etc etc and that she is actually maybe experimental but is in truth a heterosexual. It stops being funny or entertaining. Leave Sire alone. She has had enough.

    1. just because she slept with a guy doesn’t make her hetero. also being hetero doesn’t automatically make someone better than being gay or bi or otherwise.

  14. Not really newsworthy at all – people would not even bat an eye if it was the other way around or if (single) male artist shared some sexacapade details. People will still consider the female partner to be promiscuous.

  15. WOW, they are just digging more and more into her scandalous life huh? LOL…Ron Ng – another one? hahah LOL…oh well, he’s single and if the women are willingly hopping to him, can he resist? hhaha LOL…But this SIRE woman, never judge a book by it’s cover is right. Who knew, she looks like another sweet TVB girl or NOT? ahhaha LOL…

  16. I am waiting to hear that Lau Dan has also made her list…..after all, video is just not gratifying enough. LOL!!

  17. Even if Ron was Myolie’s secret Mr.R, he will be rejected after this news.

    1. Myolie still has Johnson Lee who openly admire and flirt with her in front of millions audience in LIVE television although I like Ron better.

  18. “Chris_lee72’s intention was to force Sire to leave the entertainment industry.”

    Wow. Such great enmity towards Sire. What has Sire done to this person to cause such hatred?

  19. she said “ah ron ney ho gain ah die let dee ahh. ney ho chok ahh.”

  20. Mess. At least she complimented Ron tho. That was information I really needed to know.

  21. I feel for Sire. Made a stupid mistake once and had paid the price for it-the public humiliation. This is just getting ridiculous to constantly put her in a bad light. Get over it already. I mean how spiteful can you be?

  22. Lol the msgs are so contradicting. If you read the ihktv link provided ^ In one of the convo, she mentioned that she was a virgin before meeting her lesbian lover and she gave her first time to her. In another convo she said that she had sex countless times.

    1. Yoooooew,
      The “virgin” messages likely refer to the fact that she had sex with a woman for the first time with Wang Ziqi.

      Sire is likely more experienced with men.

  23. Sire again?

    Poor Ron he can’t seem to escape being involved in dirty scandals!

  24. OMG poor girl 🙁 Feel so much sorry for her… It was her private message to her friend, so she did nothing wrong. I can’t believe that someone just upload that. That person is so evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sire must have done something to tick off that “friend” or the “friend” got a lot of money for selling her out!

  26. She is dumb to send that kind of text messages to friends. I don’t understand why some guys just want to sleep with her and that’s it? No commitment in both?

    1. It’s called one night stand. It’s universal. Loads of peeps do it around the world lol.

      1. One night stands are the best way to catch STDs. 🙂

        One night stands are also the best way men get sex without commitment (to “dumb” women).

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