Sire Ma Hopes to Change Career Luck with Name Change

After her scandalous relationship with Mainland Chinese businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), Sire Ma (馬賽) faced more setbacks after a racy video of her dancing in her lingerie went viral last year. Staying clear from the media for a year, Sire is finally planning to make a comeback as a variety show host. Changing back to her birth name, Sima Choi Yi (司馬賽兒), Sire hopes to turn her luck for the better.

After her long absence, Sire made an appearance at newcomer Kaka Chen’s (陳志嘉) new album signing. Since they were former classmates, they have known each other for over a decade.

Although nervous to face the public and heading on stage for the first time in a year, Sire wowed the audience with her singing in the duet. Kaka also praised Sire’s sweet voice and expressed that she has potential in a singing career. Surprised at Kaka’s compliment, Sire laughed, “He’s exaggerating – I know my abilities.”

While Sire has been missing on television screens for months, she had a cameo role in Johnnie To’s (杜琪峯) new movie Three <三人行> and filmed TVB’s With Or Without You <東坡家事>. Unfortunately, it was speculated that Johnnie was extremely unhappy with Sire’s poor acting abilities during the production. Denying the rumors, Sire simply said, “Right now, I’m just trying to do my best. Live in the moment – there’s hope for tomorrow.”

In response to her recent name change to Sire Sima, the actress revealed that her real family name is Sima. Wanting to pick up her acting career again, Sire hopes to make a fresh new start by resorting to her original full name.


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