Sire Ma Returns to Work After Receiving Threats

After receiving threatening messages online demanding her to quit the entertainment industry, Sire Ma (馬賽) was fortunate to receive support from TVB’s upper management team and colleagues on the set of With or Without You <東坡家事>.

Without hesitation, Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) took Sire’s side and told the press, “Help me take care of her. If there’s anything – come find me instead.”

This year, Sire was plagued by negative gossip. After their nasty breakup, Mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) spilled that Sire was a materialistic schemer who possessed a daring sexuality. After taking a hiatus in England, Sire returned to work in Hong Kong. Last week, Sire was threatened by a mysterious Weibo user, who exposed Sire’s promiscuous behavior, including her alleged fling with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) , through private text messages.

Sire called the police after receiving the online threats. Suffering extreme emotional swings this year, Sire learned to accept herself and put the past behind her.

Feeling grateful for having a wonderful team at With or Without You who offered their encouragement after the incident, Sire was particularly touched by Bobby’s protective nature. Sire expressed, “I really want to thank him because he comforted me when I started working. He also told me to go to him if I ever need help. When I came back, a lot of colleagues gave me their encouragement – it was very touching. My first drama was with Bobby and I played his younger sister. Since then, I’ve always called him my brother.”


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  1. Strangely no scandal with bobby? Does bobby ever have negative news?

    1. Many. Especially in the past when he was said as king of soft rice. But as time gone by, they slowly let him go.

  2. This girl has more lives than a cat. How she is still at TVB is beyond me.

    1. She has a sponsor in Malaysia remember? Tvb won’t say no to money

      1. If you fall, find yourself another rich business woman to seduce your way back up.

      2. Who is her new sponsor? Could you give me more detail? So curios to know?

  3. Hard not to believe that she has a strong backer. With one scandal after another it’s a miracle she’s still given roles in tvb.

  4. That is so nice and sweet of Bobby. Sire is truly lucky to know him. I guess she is like a cat with nine lives.

  5. Yeah sure Tvb takes her back but how many producers and directors will ask her to film that is the question!!

  6. I think it’s very sweet of Bobby to look after her.

    I think Sire probably was a golddigger and a little vindictive when dating her ex, but was still nice to her coworkers and that’s why a lot of them are still willing to stand by her. Similarily, Joel’s ego got too big when dating his rich ex and lost a lot of friends, but now he seems to have changed as well. He still gets big roles and seem to be making new friends. If he can be “forgiven”, I don’t see why Sire can’t be too.

  7. Probably Bobby was protective of her because he has already slept with her.

  8. The difference between Asia and Europe when a scandals come out (the ones similar to Sire situation).. Europe supports their celebs and understands it’s their private life and they’ve done nothing wrong, in Asia instead of criticising the leaker for breach of privacy, the celebs get all the abusive comments.

  9. TVB fired Coffee Lam for her restroom incident. As it turned out the groans were from kissing. I felt sorry for her for having to take the brunt of the alleged scandal.

    On the other hand, Sire Ma is reportedly and repeatedly shown as a gold digger. AND she’s still with TVB. Doesn’t TVB worry she’d tarnish its image for keeping her around?

    Life is unfair!

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